10 Things You Should Bring With You to Brazil

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Source: Garry Knight

Visiting the biggest country in South America and the 5th largest in the globe is the best opportunity one can get. You may know this country because of its Carnivals, Latin samba songs, and of cause the intriguing beaches that attract tourist each year. Let’s look at some of the things that need to be on your packing list.

1. Documents

Source: Schezar

To travel to any country, it is vital to obtain travel documents. You will need more than just a valid passport. You will need to have a Visa for you to gain entry into Brazil. This document allows you to cross borders and gain entry to any other country. You will also need to provide proof of vaccination against yellow fever. With that in mind, prepare yourself and don’t forget to carry your driving license.

2. Language Dictionary

Communication is very important, especially when traveling to a foreign country. Brazilians are normally excited to see a foreigner learn their language. Being able to speak Portuguese which is the Brazilian national Language will make you more of a local. It will also help you communicate in case you need any help, you may download the language app on your phone for easy portability. So, carrying a Portuguese to English dictionary will help you understand and learn Portuguese quickly.

3. Clothing

Keep in mind that Brazil is located in the southern Hemisphere. This tells you that the weather is hot especially during December to March. Although the other months are cooler, you need to carry clothing gear that fit the hot weather. What do you need to carry? Casual clothes are the best in Brazil, light fabrics that are cheap in price, shirts, tops, skirts. You may carry jeans and a long sleeve shirt just in case you are going out for a movie or drink and also keep you warm if you visit during the coolers season.

4. Outdoor Gear, Beach

Ladies Beach Wear
Source: Glenn

You cannot visit Brazil and not go to the beach. In fact, most of you will head there just after landing. Yeah, it is a place one cannot avoid and because of the hot and humid weather, the locals love to show some skin and am sure you are in for a challenge but don’t compete. A bikini for the ladies will do or you may call it a bathing suit if you like, for the men shorts will do but you may wear anything that feels comfortable. You don’t need a towel just buy a sarong to cover your chair or lay on the sand.

5. A Money Belt

As you may know, Brazil is a place for petty crime scenes like bag snatching or handbags for the ladies and even pickpocketing. A good way to keep your precious things and money is keeping them in a money belt others call it a body wallet. They come in different styles and can be worn beneath your clothes and nobody can notice.

6. A Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito Repellent
Source: Mike Mozart

Have you ever heard of the Dengue fever also known as the Break bone fever? It is a tropical disease that is spreading very fast worldwide and is a major problem in Brazil. This disease is caused by an Aedes Aegypti mosquito and one bite from it makes you a host for this disease. Ensure you carry a mosquito net for the areas that have mosquitoes and also buy a strong mosquito repellent together with DEET free to prevent mosquito bites.

7. Power Plug Adaptor

Power Adaptor
Source: Marco Barisione

Brazilians sockets are normally two round pins. For this reason, you are advised to carry and adaptor suit for such sockets. Some of them accept the two flat USA pins. Ensure your voltage is between 100 – 240V because the voltage in Brazil varies from 110 – 220V. Check for this fact to prevent you carrying an adapter that won’t be of help.

8. Security Gadgets

Carrying portable safe, personal alarms can come in handy when you travel to Brazil. These things will keep you and your property safe when the need arises. If you are on a tight budget and you check in into non-friendly accommodation place, an accessory like an instant door lock allows you to lock doors when they seem undependable. This allows you to have a nice peaceful night.

9. Travel Towels

Being a home to most of the attractive beaches in the globe you will need to have a compact towel. These are towels that are lightweight with microfiber material. You may also buy towels with antibacterial treatments which prevent bad odor and are always clean till they are washed. They also prevent the development of mold.

10. Miscellaneous

Source: Anne-Lise

You’ll also need to bring sunscreen lotion and use it every time. Sunglasses and a hat will also be of help. Carry a first aid kit with adequate medical supplies. You may carry toiletries but no need since you can acquire them at the supermarket. In most places tap water is safe, so carry a reusable plastic water bottle.

Have a good trip and travel!

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