15 Ways to Enjoy Bar in Spain

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24502292953_93a0794db0_oSource: Nicolas Vigier

Spain is a wonderful country which is packed with tourists almost throughout the year. Among other features, such as amazing beaches and a great heritage, Spain has a very ‘dense’ nightlife which is primarily dominated by bars and nightclubs. So, how can you enjoy your visits to the numerous bars in Spain? The following ways might help you out!

1. Drink Something you have never tried before

3450187506_94fa8623f9_oSource: Ginny

What is the fun in drinking something you have had many times previously? Go for something new! Order the drink which has the weirdest name. You are on a trip and if you do not do new things, you are wasting your time. Be careful though you do not want to have something which is very strong for you.


  • Activity: Drinking something new.
  • Tip: Choose the item with the strangest name on the menu.
  • Precaution:Do ask the waiter or bartender regarding the drink’s strength.

2. Become Friends with the Bartender

6313101144_be76ccd62a_bSource: Kate Millet

Seems stupid? You need to change your thoughts a bit! If you befriend the bartender you can ask him to make a special drink for you- a unique blend that the bar does not offer. How good is that? Also, he will be able to give you an insight into the quality of the drinks provided by the bar.


  • Activity: Befriending the Bartender.
  • Benefits: Special drinks and helpful reviews about drinks.
  • Tips: Chat with him.

3. Go Alone- at least once

Going to a bar alone can be a great experience. Nobody is saying that you would not have fun with a friend or somebody else, but when you go alone, you can do simply anything. You are free! You can drink as much as you want, dance in a stupid way or even sing something (while you are drunk!).


  • Name: Lemonade or Limonada.
  • Availability: Freshly made is available at selected bars only.
  • Recommended Additives: Honey or Sugar.

4. Go to a ‘Tapas’ Bar

9702559574_75993eee0b_oSource: Salomé Chaussure

Tapas bars are quite common in Spain. Why should you visit one? Well, you must have Tapas. It’s a sort of traditional meal, consisting of a savory dish (any savory dish) and a drink. Also, Tapas bars are nearly always full, so you will have plenty of opportunities to socialize.


  • Name: Tapas Bars.
  • Description of Tapas: A meal consisting of a savory dish and a drink.
  • Reasons to Visit: Eating Tapas and Socializing.

5. Play Games

185125675_17e3000bfb_oSource: John

If you visit a bar which has games, like darts or card games, do not leave the place unless you have played all of them. Yes, all of them! Also, it may take a lot of time, but do not quit darts until you hit the bulls eye. Playing games with strangers can be a great experience.


  • Activity: Playing Games.
  • Availability: Available in some bars.
  • Must play games: Darts amd card games.

6. Attend a Concert in a Local Bar

Spain BarSource: Gonzalo Poblete

Are you a music lover? If so, Spanish bars are going to be like paradise for you! You can keep an eye out for any concerts that are about to happen (they take place quite frequently) and attend them to have a great, sensational and soothing experience. Many famous stars also perform in bars- surely you do not want to miss that!


  • Name: Concerts.
  • Recommended for: Music lovers.
  • Performers: Renowned local and international celebrities.

7. Read a Newspaper

8257612186_7c976a2cf3_hSource: Juanedc.com

Even if you find it dull, just do it for a change. In the atmosphere of a good Spanish bar, it would seem like a great activity. Also, do not take your own newspaper- the bars in Spain have several newspapers for visitors and you’d better read one of those.


  • Activity: Reading a newspaper.
  • Tip: Read one of the newspapers present in the bar.
  • Feels Best with: A cup of hot chocolate.

8. Socialize

7002991_2b937bcb3f_oSource: Russell James Smith

Socialize! Seriously, this is a great way of enjoying one’s visit to any bar. People come to the bar, have drinks and then sit together and chat. Such gatherings start from around 10 PM and last till at least 2 or 3 AM. Now you know why Spain’s nightlife is one of the best in the world!


  • Activity: Socializing.
  • Tips: Talk, chat and have fun with other visitors.
  • Timings: Such chat-parties usually last from 10 PM to 2 or 3 AM.

9. Party as much as you can

Bar_Mitzvah_PartySource: Markstarman

Yeah, this is true! You can start off with the normal bars which remain open till around two to three in the morning. Afterwards, you can move to one with a disco- such bars remain open till dawn and later you can move to one of those bars which open early in the morning. Non-stop partying!


  • Activity: Partying All the Time.
  • Tips: Move from bar to bar, according to their timings.

10. Don’t be Shy; Sing a Song!

You would not have proper fun in any bar until you stop being shy. Gather your confidence and display it if you really want to enjoy the time you spend in a bar. Singing a song (if the bar allows) is one of the best ways of showing off your confidence (even if your voice is not good) and having fun.


  • Activity: Singing a Song.
  • Tips: Do not be shy.
  • Conditions: If bar allows you to do so.

11. Don’t Hesitate in Getting to the Dance Floor

9372257595_bb3ffbe107_oSource: N i c o l a

Who does not love to dance after a drink in a bar? If you have not tried this before, you have been deprived of one of the best experiences available in any bar. The people in Spanish bars are quite friendly, so need to worry about any awkward moves!


  • Activity: Dancing.
  • Tips: Do not hesitate.

12. Become the DJ’s Friend

Befriending the Disco Jockey (DJ) can be a great way to turn your time in a bar to the best time of your life. Wondering why? Well, if you are friends with the DJ, he will not hesitate in playing your favorite songs! You will get to hear music you like with the drinks of your choice.


  • Activity: Befriending the DJ.
  • Tips: Talk to the DJ.
  • Benefits: Listen to your favourite music.

13. Order a ‘Complete’ Meal

Appetizing_FoodSource: Takopix Free Photo

If you want to visit a bar with your family, the best way of having a nice time is going early and having a complete meal. You can have some light or non-alcoholic drinks too. Return early before the main party starts as you are along with your family members.


  • Activity: Have a meal with your family.
  • Suitable Drinks: Cocktails and ‘Sin’ Beers.
  • Leaving Time: Early; by 11:00 PM.

14. Go to a Bar which has been recommended to you

2010-12-15_MeinSchiff1_TUI-Bar_(5)Source: Sir James

If you really want to enjoy in a bar, you need to visit a good bar. How do you know which one is good? The answer is simple- you ask someone who knows. Ask a relative who has been to Spain or some natives. Some great bars include BeCool and Macarena Club. However, many more awesome bars are present throughout the country.


  • Activity: Going to the best bars.
  • Tips: Ask some natives or relatives who have been to Spain before.
  • Benefits: You get to have a good experience.

15. Attend a Gay Pride Event

14467900623_1c042536b2_kSource: Ybridex AngeloDemon

Gay Pride Events are quite common in Spain. Bars also feature such events and some even have whole weeks dedicated fo this theme. Such events usually attract quite large crowds, ensuring that you would not feel lonely. Depending on your preferences, you may have a lot of fun in such events.


  • Activity: Gay Pride Events.
  • Description: Events, such as parades or parties held for freedom and respect for gay people.
  • Availability: Many bars arrange such events.

Spain has some of the best bars in the world. Once you visit them, there is a wide array of things that you can do to enjoy yourself. The above mentioned, drinks, meals and activities may allow you to have the best visits to bars you have ever had in your life.

Have a good trip and travel!

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