15 Things to Know about Marrakech Menara Airport

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Marrakech Menara airport
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The airport is the first structure that will welcome you whenever you visit a different place. When going on a trip to the country of Morocco, your flight might take you to the Marrakech Menara Airport. Here are 15 things that you have to know about such airport.

1. International Airport

The Marrakech Menara Airport is an international airport. This means that it caters to both domestic and international flights. This particular airport is the one that serves Marrakech which is considered as the capital city of the region of Marrakech – Tensift – El Haouz in Morocco. Most of the international flights that are being catered in this airport are European and Arab flights.


  • Phone Number : +21 252 444 7910
  • Address : Menara, Marrakech, 40000 Morocco
  • Website : http://marrakechairport.net/

2. Short History

The history of this airport goes back during the World War II. This was where the cargo, personnel, and aircraft are being transported from one place to another by the United States Army Air Forces Air Transport Command at that time. Aside from that, it also became a stopover for aircrafts with destinations to Agadir Airport or to Casablanca Airfield.

3. The Terminals

As of this time, there are two passenger terminals that are accommodating passengers every day. These two passenger terminals are strategically combined so that it can form one large terminal for the passengers. The airport authorities are currently in the process of building a third terminal in order to accommodate even more passengers. Since the Marrakech Menara Airport is an international airport, there will definitely be lots of passengers that they need to handle.


  • Passenger Capacity : 4.5 million every year
  • Total Area : 42,000 square meters
  • There is also a freight terminal and air terminal.

4. Facilities for Aircraft

The airport provides a huge amount of parking space for the aircrafts that will temporarily land in this particular place. Such parking space can accommodate four Boeing 747 aircrafts and 14 Boeing 737 planes all at the same time. The ILS Cat II landing systems are set up in this airport to aid the planes in their descent. The runway is also set at 10/28.


  • Aircraft parking space : 125,000 square meters
  • Runway measurements : 3,100 meters by 45 meters
  • Cargo Terminal : 340 square meters

5. Currency Exchange Booths

In order to make your purchases when you enter the country, it is essential that you exchange the money from your own currency, whether it is a dollar or a sterling or a pound, to dirham. This way, it will be easier for the locals to give you your change. You can find three currency exchange booths in the airport.

6. ATM Machines

There are a couple of ATM machines that dispense money for your use. These ATM machines are available in Passenger Terminal 2. Those with the Cirrus, Plus, and Maestro logos are the ones that accept foreign credit cards so you might want to check them out first. In case your card has been captured by one of the machines, you should immediately inform the airport security officers.

7. Transportation

There are different types of transportation that you can choose when you arrive in the Marrakech Menara Airport. First, you can opt to take a ride through a taxi which are often parked at the esplanade of such airport. Second, you can go with a bus ride if you still have enough energy for the travel. Third, you might want to consider hiring a car rental service, especially if you are with a group.


  • Location : at the esplanade
  • Shuttle bus availability : every 20 minutes
  • Car rental services : Avis, Budget, Hertz, and Shark Limousine.

8. Medical Assistance

An emergency may happen no matter where you may be and no matter what time of day or night it is. Since the airport can get crowded, certain medical emergencies might happen, such as nausea. For this matter, the airport has a professional team who is tasked to provide medical assistance to those passengers and airport employees who need such.


  • Operating Hours : 24/7
  • Ambulance : available for use.
  • Medical unit:  include a professional doctor and nurse

9. Shops

There are a lot of shops that you can find in the airport. These shops put up a wide variety of items for sale, whether they are for your souvenirs or for your gifts to loved ones. You will definitely have a good time shopping around the airport while you wait for your boarding. You also will find local handicrafts that are famous in the region or city that you are visiting.


  • Laila Mataich : selling flowers and cosmetic products
  • Location : Passenger Terminal 1
  • Top Money : selling silverware
  • Location : Passenger Terminal 1
  • Fantasia Leather : selling leather goods
  • Location : Passenger Terminal 1

10. Bakeshops and Candy Stores

If you are in love with pastries, confectioneries and breads, then, you will find a couple of bakeshops in the airport. There are different types of pastries, confectioneries and breads that you can choose from. You can find these bakeshops or candy stores either at the Passenger Terminal 1 or that area that is under the Customs Departure Terminal 1.


  • Faraji Mohamed : selling confectionery at Passenger Terminal 1
  • Tamazirt : selling Moroccan pastry at Passenger Terminal 1
  • Moulin Vert : selling premium chocolates at the Customs Departure Terminal 1

11. Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurants and cafes are also available in the Marrakech Menara Airport. Grabbing something to eat before your scheduled flight will definitely be easy. You do not have to go outside of the airport to get food. There are also some tables and chairs that you can use in order to eat your meals comfortably. Drinks are available, as well. You just have to remember, though, that the prices may be a bit expensive at airports.

12. Internet Connection

Nowadays, most individuals are already connected to the Internet. They would want to access the Internet wherever they go. The Marrakech Manera Airport offers wireles Internet service to its millions of passengers. With this, you will surely be able to access your favorite websites through your Internet-capable gadgets, such as phones, tablets, or laptops, while you are waiting at the lobby.

13. VIP Guest Lounge

If you want to feel as much comfort as possible, then, you can consider using the VIP Guest Lounge. This lounge will separate you from the other passengers who are waiting in the airport. You will be guaranteed with a comfortable foam chair or sofa as well as quick access to your airplane once it arrives and is ready for boarding. You will also receive assistance with your luggage during boarding.


  • Individuals : 18,000 dirhams
  • Couples : 24,000 dirhams
  • Companies or organizations : 60,000 dirhams plus 150 dirhams per individual included in the party.

14. Facilities for the Disabled

Certain facilities are also available for those passengers with disabilities. There are ramps for those who are accessing the airport complex through wheelchairs. There are also lifts that will help get the passengers from one floor to another. Basic facilities for the disabled individuals are indeed provided to those who need such facilities. Disabled individuals will definitely experience lesser hassles when moving through the terminal complex.

15. Parking Rates

There is a carpark that allows the families of the passengers to park their cars in case they are waiting for their arrival in the airport. The carpark is capable of accommodating about 200 vehicles. The parking is not free, though. Your family member, loved one, or driver will have to pay a certain amount, depending on what type of vehicle he is driving as well as how long will he be parking the car.


  • One hour parking for a car or motorcycle : 5 dirhams.
  • One hour parking for a mini-bus : 7 dirhams.
  • Lost ticket : 30 dirhams plus the appropriate parking fees.

You can see, do, and buy different things at this airport. The Marrakech Menara Airport is not just one where you have to wait for a long time just to get on your flight. The airport authorities are doing their best to make your wait as comfortable as possible.
Have a good trip and travel!