15 Things To Do in Curitiba: Brazil

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Curitiba Things
Source: Vitor Hirota

From beautiful parks to amazing winery, Curitiba does offer a lot of interesting activities for tourists. Here are some of our favorites.

1. Go to Botanical Garden

Source: Leandro Neumann Ciuffo

If you enjoy being under the sun, why not stroll around Jardim Botanico de Curitiba? It’s a beautiful botanical garden with so many flowers and trees. Also, it’s a nice place to catch the sunset. The locals even find sitting there on the grass is so relaxing. A nice place to spend your weekend. Just don’t forget to put your sunblock on.

2. Paço da Liberdade

Paço da Liberdade or Palace of Liberty used to be the seat of the former Mayor of Curitiba. Now it’s a tourist attraction with a nice cafe inside. People love the coffee and the desserts here. Maybe you should give it a try too!

3. Drink Wine at Vinicola Durigan

Source: Marinelson Almeida

It’s a beautiful winery in Santa Felicidade area. Some people come here just to take photos, but most people come here for the local wine. If you’re not sure which wine to order, you can ask for samples. And don’t worry if you don’t take wine, they do serve fresh juice and many other kinds of drink as well.

4. Have Italian Food at Bairro de Santa Felicidade

Santa Felicidade is an Italian neighborhood in Curitiba. There are a lot of great Italian restaurants here, so it’s kinda hard to pick just one. There are also wine shops, craft shops, souvenir shops, and even furniture stores. Most restaurants here do have wine-tasting. So if you like wine, this is the right place for you.

5. Sunday Market at Feirinha do Largo da Ordem

Source: Andrea Albert

It’s an old cobblestone street in Curitiba. You’ll love it for the old restored buildings that now serve as cafes, restaurants, pubs, and even art galleries. If you happen to be in the city on Sunday morning, head to Largo da Ordem as there’s a pop-up Sunday morning market being held. You’ll find people selling handicrafts, scarves, jewelry, and many other things. Arrive early if you want to avoid the crowds.

6. Metropolitan Cathedral

Source: Marinelson Almeida

If you enjoy visiting churches and cathedrals from all over the world, here’s another historical place in Curitiba for you. Metropolitan Cathedral is an old cathedral with South American style architecture. There are several shops beside the cathedral where you can find some souvenirs or ornaments. Pay a visit when you’re in the neighborhood!

7. Afternoon at Bosque do Alemao (German Wood)

Bosque do Alemão is actually a memorial park for the German immigrants. But now it also serves as a tourist attraction. There’s concert hall music, gazebo, parks, children’s library, and even freshwater springs. Strolling around the area in the afternoon is very relaxing.

8. Eat Churrasco


If you’re a meat lover, don’t miss this one. Churrasco is basically just a grilled meat, but it’s a popular dish in Curitiba. You’ll most likely find churrasco in a steakhouse. Here are some places that sell great churrasco.


  • Name: Churrascaria Arco Iris
  • Address: Rua Maestro Carlos Frank, 2287 bairro Boqueirao


9. Snacking over Pastel and Caldo de Cana

Yes, those are one of the most favorite street food snacks in Curitiba. Pastel is a deep fried pastry with savory fillings, while caldo-de-cana is actually sugar cane juice. They are a perfect match! If you happen to find a white van around the streets of Curitiba, make sure to buy those. It’s so refreshing, especially during summer.

10. Take the Serra Verde Express Ride

If you have time during the weekend, you might want to try this old train ride from Curitiba to the coastal town of Morretes. Take the Serra Verde Express and enjoy your 4 hours journey. It’s a slow pace ride so you can enjoy the stunning views better.

11. Saturday at Praça de Espanha

Source: Juan Ignacio Tapia

Praça da Espanha is a small surrounding but on Saturday, they hold an interesting flea market. Sometimes they also have concert and old car exhibition here. The restaurant and the bars also often have live music during the weekend. It’s a great place to hang around!

12. Zombie Walk Carnival

Source: Alan Franco

If you happen to be around in the city during the Psycho Carnival, you might be able to participate as a zombie yourself! Unlike many other carnivals in other Brazilian cities which take samba and other traditional Brazilian dancing to the open air, here in Curitiba, they decided to have Psycho Carnival instead. So people will play psycho and rock music, and then there is zombie walk. In the last carnival, thousands of people participate in the zombie walk, complete with the makeup and costumes. Who knows you’ll be one of the zombies next year?

13. Parque Tanguá

22451292180_dfda1cd813_kSource: Eiti Kimura

Parque Tanguá is a beautiful park in Pilarzinho area. It’s a pretty big park with beautiful surroundings. There are upper and lower side of the park and there’s a long walk between the two. It’s very well maintained, just like many other places in Curitiba. It’s also a nice place to spend an afternoon. You can even catch a sunset here.

14. Watch Teather

Source: Alan Kleina Mendes

If you enjoy watching drama, concerts, or musical event, you might want to check some of these teathers when you’re in Curitiba. Who knows they will be holding a special event when you’re around?


  • Name: Canal da Musica
  • Address: Rua Julio Perneta, 695 | Mercês, Curitiba


  • Name: Cena Hum Theater
  • Address: Rua Senador Xavier Da Silva, 166 | Proximo Ao Shopping Muller, Curitiba


  • Name: Teatro Paulo Autran
  • Address: Alameda Dom Pedro II, 255- Batel | Shopping Novo Batel, Curitiba

15. Dinner at Poco Tapas

A trip won’t be complete without a nice dinner at a nice restaurant. Here’s our recommendation. Head to Poco Tapas and have your dinner there. They serve molecular gastronomy food which not only looks unique but also tastes good! Here, you can drink Caipirinha, the local Brazilian drink, with a spoon. Worth a try. It’s a very good place to end your holiday.

Have a good trip and travel!

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