10 Things To Do in Mohameddia: Morocco

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Source: Mustapha Ennaimi

Being a port city and the center for the oil refinery in Morocco, Mohammedia is playing a big role in the country’s economy. So does that mean there are no touristic options for travelers? You’d be surprised at the things that you can do in Mohammedia. Here are ten of them.

1. Indulge in oysters

Port cities and those with seafronts are best known for seafood dining. Luckily, Mohammedia is home to the finest Oualidia oysters, which you can get from upscale and swanky Restaurant Ostrea. If you ain’t fancying oysters, you can have fresh lobster, shrimps, crabs, other shellfish, and of course, fish. Dig in!

2. Catch your own dinner

If you prefer to have your own adventure, you’re in luck because being a port city, there are a lot of fishing boats that you can rent, and so is fishing equipment. Just be ready to put a hefty dose of sunblock and snacks because you might wait awhile for dinner.

3. Sun bathe

We all know northern Africa gets more sun. But this coastal town of Mohammedia has some of the nicest beaches around to sunbathe in. Just imagine, it almost shares the same sea with Spain, which has gorgeous beaches and a destination in Europe during summer. Lather up and have some down time.

4. Be theatrical

After all that time under the sun, go cool off and enjoy a show in the Complex Cultural Sidi Belyout. Be entertained with traditional musical performances or dance shows. The majority of the shows are in Arabic, and this is another way for you to bask in a different culture.

5. Go sailing

You got the sunshine, a clear blue sky, an ocean, and a port city. What better way to spend your day than to sail around it? There are many boats or yachts that you can rent, just be sure to maximize your time. Go early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

6. Vintage restaurant, anyone?

Source: Luc Legay

The Little Prince’s author, Saint- Exupery, was known to hang out at this male only bar in his days. This place may not be as exuberant as before, in fact, it’s so low-key that you may have difficulty finding it. Enjoy a cup or two. Nevertheless, you don’t come across history this often.

7. Visit the Parc des Villes Jumelees

Parks in Mohammedia, Morocco are literally diamonds in the rough. There are not a lot of space to put lush greenery, so whilst in Mohammedia and the weather is great, enjoy a stroll here. It’s a great place to jog in as well, especially in the morning and late afternoon.

8. Have fun at the VGK

Aside from having a humongous pool, the VGK is known for its kart racing and paintball facilities. Imagine after a couple of laps in the pool, you can go head to head with your friends in a friendly kart race. There are also other activities inside the area, so come and explore.

9. Gallivant around the Mohammedia Kasbah walls

This kasbah is closed to non-Muslims, but it does not mean you can’t sit down outside and listen to the chants, especially on a Friday. From outside the fortress, you can already take in the vibrancy inside. And the fortress walls offer great photographs too, not to mention Instagram snaps.

10. View art at the Amber Gallery

A private art collection from all over the world, this art gallery is owned by a family living in Morocco. Their warm welcome will make you enjoy staying in the Amber Art Gallery longer. Engage in a conversation with each piece and listen to their acquisition stories full of adventure.

Enjoy the sun, the sea, and the culture in Mohammedia! What are you waiting for?
Have a good trip and travel!

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