10 Things To Do in Azilal:Morocco

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Source: Mario Micklisch

Azilal is a town in the Morrocan region of Beni Mellal-Kenirifra with a population of 504,501 as of 2004. It is located in the Atlas
Mountains in the South of Azilal.

1. Book a private tour

Booking a private tour is a good idea for travellers that does not want any hassle since the travel agency will be the one to organise everything from transportation, accommodation, meals and the activities that you are going to do in the place that you are going to visit.

2. Hike around the desert

There is a vast place of a pure desert in town and it is a great opportunity for you to explore Azilal in an adventurous way. You can also ride along with the camels in your tour. Don’t forget to bring your camera as there are a lot of photo opportunities as you explore the desert.

3. Water rafting

Water rafting is also a famous activity not just for tourists but also for locals. Berber Rafting Adventures Morocco-Family Rafting Holiday Trip offers this service as they will be the one to organise the activity for you. An activity that will surely boost your adrenaline rush.

4. Parfum Berbere

Parfum Berbere is an activity that involves walking into the cliffs, waterfalls and the mountains in Azilal. It is basically called “canyoneering”. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes that you will be okay with getting wet. It is surely an adventure to remember.

5. Go to Toukal Peak

Toukal Peak is the best place to be especially during winter. There is going to be snow in the area and it will be safe enough for you do some trekking. Exploring the wonders of Azilal could never be this great. This is an amazing place for you to unleash your inner adventurous side.

6. Kayaking

Kayaking is also a famous activity in Azilal. Since there are a lot of rivers and waterfalls around the area making the place a good are to do the activity. There are a lot of travel agencies that offers this service, make sure to ask for information before you visit the place.

7. Buy something

As someone who would be visiting Azilal, you surely wouldn’t want to forget about buying something for souvenirs, anything that will make you remember the place. There are a lot of local products for sale just along the streets of Azilal. Some travel agencies offer souvenirs as well.

8. Ouzud Waterfalls

Ouzud waterfalls is the best waterfalls in Azilal. It is surely worth a visit but please be aware that there are some shallow steps along the way to the waterfalls so make sure you wear a good comfortable pair of shoes and bring drinkable water with you as well.

9. Grab something good to eat

Of course, after a long adventurous day exploring Azilal you would want to grab something delicious to eat and that is never a problem in Azilal, there are grocery stores for you to buy ready-to-eat foods but then there are also stalls that sell local food which is very interesting to try.

10. Make friends with the locals

Nothing beats the experience by making friends with the locals because going to a place and knowing someone from there is a really great experience. Plus, you will be able to have another reason to come back.

Have a good trip and travel!

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