10 Best Beaches You Must Go in Morocco

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Source: Fr Maxim Massalitin

In case you haven’t heard, Morocco is blessed with gorgeous and exotic beach destinations. Sure, you go there to embrace the colorful culture and their Moroccan tea, but why not hit the beach and enjoy their glorious sunshine? If you come just before summer time, which is around March til November.

1. Tcharrana Beach

Now who would not want to be here right now? It’s crystal clear blue waters and the golden sands make for a perfect relaxation area. Not to mention that there are a lot of hiking spots here and there. This beach is found in the coastal city of Nador, Morocco.

2. Agadir Beach

Ideal for a family getaway, Agadir Beach in Morocco can be quite full especially during the peak season. It can be crowded with peddlers, but then again, this is why you like to see the vibrancy of a place. There’s a souq, a lot of restaurants and even a zoo nearby.

3. Essaouira

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Love windsurfing? Then you chose the right place. Aside from its popular windsurfing culture, you’d also love the view. There’s a wall that looks like your in a Game of Thrones scene, only, the characters are Arabic. Aside from windsurfing, you can also enjoy kite surfing, and gobble up on fresh seafood.

4. Quemado Beach

A popular beach in Al Hoceima, Quemado beach has golden sands and the Rif Mountains as it’s backdrop. So when you’re done getting wet on the beach, it’s time to dry off with a little bit of hiking. Because of its location, many French and German tourists can be found here.

5. White Beach, Guelmim

Guelmim might be known as the gateway to Sahara, which is why it was called Bab Sahara back in the days. Aside from the white beach, which is one of the most popular beaches in the area and is a favorite tourist spot, one should also see several oases in the area.

6. Legzira Beach

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If you want exotic, then you should head to the beach in between Mirleft and Sidi Ifni, the Legzira Beach. There is a natural arch on its shore that spans around 90 feet. If it’s low tide, you’d also see a lot of sandstone cliffs, so check when this happens.

7. Oued Chebika Beach

Located in Tan Tan, this beach is not only good for sunbathing but also for birdwatching. And if you get tired of doing both activities, this fishing port has a lot of fish cafes and you can indulge in your fish cravings. You could also do some shopping at the souq.

8. Moulay Bousselham

Birdwatching, especially if you want to see flamingoes is a must when visiting Moulay Bousselham. It’s best to get a boat with a guide if you want to take advantage of bird identification. Aside from that, there are other activities that you can enjoy, like biking, trekking, and of course, fishing.

9. Dragon Beach

Located in the Dakhla region, Dragon beach is found in Dragon island. From afar, though, it looks like it’s just full of rocks, but on a closer look, you’ll find pristine white sand and a clear blue water. So dip in! You’ll also notice that this island has a lot of nice shells.

10. Ain Dalia

Another popular beach in Morocco, the Ain Dalia beach is located in Tangier. This place is crowded during the summertime, but go in spring and you’ll have the calm and tranquility that you’re looking for. You might have to bring your own food and water as shops are a bit far from the beach. Start working on that tan and head on to Morocco!

Have a good trip and travel!

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