10 Things To Do in Tiznit: Morocco

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Source:Thomas Woodtl

There are many things to do, nice scenery, good ride with several types of Moroccan terrain. Go for mint tea and couscous dish offered in addition to the tours. Laughter and thrills are on the agenda. Tip when you go, go for it without hesitation. In short, you’ll have a wonderful time for bargain prices in markets and adventures.

1. Visit Afrag in Tiznit

The scenic setting is idyllically changing from desert to the tall mountains and then from mountains to the scenic beach. Down as you go through as soon to the Berber village to end up on the beach. The runs are actually very well thought out. It started in the city you as go up high in the mountains and discover the beautiful landscape.


  • Name: Afrag Tiznit
  • Address: Afrag City, Souss-Massa-Drâa, Morocco
  • Hours: 7am to 7pm
  • Open: Everyday
  • Things to do: Town, local

2. Go to Mirleft beach

The sand is very nice and then just walk through the Berber village with people smiling. It was really nice going in a moment of pure pleasure. An unforgettable tour through the mountains from the beach. You have to go through the villages as it is very welcoming as you arrive at the beach.


  • Name: Mirleft Beach
  • Address: Aftas Beach، Mirleft, sidi ifni 85352, Morocco
  • Phone:+212 675-164271
  • Hours: 7am to 6pm
  • Open: Everyday
  • Things to do Beach

3.View the Traditional Ikdhi Anzi

It was remarkable places with homes then you will see at all angles There are happy explanations for your patience to even confirmed for the beginner travelers. Even children around 12 and 6 years was stuck.  There is a great guide for everyone as everyone was very friendly and they were always smiling.


  • Name:Ikdhi Anzi
  • Address:Ikdhi Anzi, Tiznit, Morocco
  • Hours:8am to 6pm
  • Open:Daily
  • Things to do: Local

4.Go to Belle Ville Tiznit

You will be glad to spend a wonderful afternoon with a tour guide in Tiznit. You will go passed through the Berber villages but also go and skirt the beach. The total change of scenery will be a feast for the eyes. Expect to climb a mountain to enjoy the view and will be crossing olive groves in the middle of a green lush oasis.


  • Name:Belle Ville Tiznit
  • Address:Belle Ville, Tiznit, Morocco
  • Hours:24 hours
  • Open:Everyday
  • Things to do:Local

5. Get fresh oranges at street market

This modern souk nice shops enchant you. Eager to visit a traditional souk and found that the place does not lend itself really. It’s not luxurious and historic, like the new face of Morocco but it’s okay to just buy fruits or other types of food sold in the market by the vendors.


  • Name:Street market
  • Address:Souk in Tiznit, Morocco
  • Hours:7am to 6pm
  • Open:Everyday
  • Things to do:Shopping

6.Buy traditional items in Tiznit

Tiznit is actually the old silver capital of the country of Morocco. If you don’t know which is the capital city for developing silver, now it would a bit too far to go around 5 hours on the main road but worth it. As it is you can find all the shiny Berber jewelry you need in the scenic Marrakech.


  • Name: Bijouterie Al Wafa
  • Address: Tiznit 85000, Morocco
  • Phone:+212 5288-60481
  • Hours: 9AM–8PM
  • Open: Weekdays
  • Things to do: Accessories Shop

7. See the Sunni Mosque in Tiznit downtown

It is actually a great and very modest mosque compared to others in Morocco but they are okay. There are actually different corners that you will see there in Tiznit. It is just like the corner calligraphy corner question just inside, but there are good preachers and even guides who will tell you about the history.


  • Name: Sunni Mosque in Tiznit
  • Address: Sunni Mosque, Tiznit, Morocco
  • Hours:8m to 6pm
  • Open:Everyday
  • Things to do:Religious, Mosque

8. Stay at Les 3 Chameaux

It is located at the site of an old and former French military fort. It was actually built in 1935. It was on the heights of the village of Mirleft. It is located 140 km south of the city of Agadir as well as 40km from Tiznit. The house is near the desert in an area that is more than 1 hectare.


  • Name: Les 3 chameauxWebsiteDirections
  • Address: Mirleft 85352, Morocco
  • Phone: +212 5287-19187
  • Hours: 7am to 10pm
  • Open: Everyday
  • Things to do: Guest house
  • Web: http://www.3chameaux.com/

9. Climb Anti-Atlas Mountain in Tiznit

Go out on the Anti Atlas Mountains and beyond the roads. It is actually an open agricultural area. It is held up by herds of goats as well as taunted by very thick mists. This is actually a true Moroccan adventure that you can do on your own without paying a travel agency

10.Ride a donkey in the village

The daily life in the Tiznit Mountains seems to actually consist of some shopping. There are also some chatting in the streets of the village. No-one is actually in a hurry not unlike in a freaking city. It is so much relaxing and if you like just ride a donkey to wander around the alleyways.


  • Name: Ride a donkey in a Tiznit Village
  • Region: Souss-Massa
  • Province: Tiznit Province
  • Country: Morocco
  • Things to do: Rural, animal

The horticultural territory in Tiznit is a great deal more open there. You will see regularly as you can see for miles over the undulating mountains. The Argan trees and almond trees mess up the very steep slopes giving an appreciated sprinkle of shading to a generally bright red and rough scene.

Have a good trip and travel!

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