10 Best Fruits to Eat in Brazil

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Source: Jason Rosenberg

1. Jaca

Source: mauroguanandi

2. Acai

Source: Cornelius Kibelka

Acai is another famous and delicious fruit native to Amazon. These small purple colored berries grow on palm trees in Amazon region. Acai is known to be rich in vitamins and used commonly in many juices, smoothies, energy drinks and also many weight control products. Acai is also widely eaten as a frozen pulp in Brazil. Enjoy this yummy fruit as a dessert, juice or simply as a snack while lying on the beautiful beach in Brazil.

3. Papaya

Source: Wendy Schotsmans

4. Cupuacu

It is a delicious and unique fruit that is grown in Amazon Rainforest. Cupuacu has an amazing smell of pineapple and chocolate. Brown colored outer layer with white fruit inside offers a mixed taste of banana, pear, pineapple, passion fruit and chocolate. Cupuacu fruit is very nutritious and also very beneficial for many health issues. It can also be found in various protein bars.

5. Caju

Source: Joao Vicente

6. Guarana

Source: Carl242

7. Jabuticaba

Source: Marcos Dias

8. Atemoia

Atemoia is the blend of two other fruits, cherimoya and the sugar apple. These are big green fruits with a soft inside and should only be eaten when they are soft from outside. You can break them into pieces, discard the peel and seeds and enjoy the sweet white fruit.

9. Maracuja

Marajuca or passion fruit is one of the most popular fruits in Brazil, especially its juice. Brazil exports the juice of marajuca in large quantities worldwide. It is also used in liquor making and is the main ingredient in cocktails and batidas in Brazil. There are many varieties of marajuca but the common ones are ‘azedo’ (sour) and the ‘doce’ which is sweeter in taste and eaten a lot. Cut the fruit in half, take a spoon and enjoy the delicious bites out of it.

10. Goiaba

Source: mauroguanandi

Are you keen to eat these delicious fruits and desserts made from them? Then you must visit Brazil and enjoy the tasty fruits which are available throughout the country.

Have a good trip and travel!

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