15 Best Foods to Try in Amazon: Brazil

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Brazil Foods
Source: Oliver Hallmann

1. Tucupi

2. Tapioca

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3. Tacaca

4. Guarana

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5. Pirarucu de Casaca

6. Tamuata

You will get a chance to eat tamuata which is one of the best fishes of Amazon River. It has a distinctive taste and flavors when cooked with a variety of spices and ingredients. Grilled or cooked in sauce, there are many variation used for this fish in Brazil.

7. Pupunha

8. Tambaqui

Tambaqui is another popular Amazonian fish that lives mainly in fresh water. This fish usually eats fruits and jungle seeds. It is widely eaten throughout Brazil. There are many variations of cooking this fish but the barbecued ribs are one of the best ways loved by many people.

9. Tucunare

Amazon Basin is full of various species of fishes that make the most amazing and delicious food for natives and visitors. One of the best Amazonian fish is tucunare often known as the peacock bass. It is available not only in Amazon region but also in other parts of Brazil including Rio de Janeiro. This delicious fish is eaten in many forms; baked, grilled, fried or simply stuffed with various other ingredients.

10. Buriti

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11. Manicoba

12. Pao com Tucuma e Queijo

You will get to eat this famous and delicious regional food of Amazon in various places but mostly in Manaus. Pao com tucuma e queijo is a dessert that comprises of French bread often served with tucuma fruit and coalho cheese. It is widely eaten in Amazonian region of Brazil.

13. Acai com Tapioca

Acai com tapioca is a delicious mousse made from acai fruit. It is often served with tapiocal flour and some sugar. You will love this tasty dessert that is available in many parts of not only Amazon but also outside this region. You can also add condensed milk for more exciting flavor.

14. Cupuacu

Cupuacu is a famous fruit native to Amazon Rainforests in Brazil. It is a blend of banana, pear, passion fruit, pineapple and chocolate. Cupuacu is known as the ‘the pharmacy in a fruit’ because of its many healing properties. Cupuacu is used in many desserts and is also consumed as a juice.

15. Vatapa

Last but not the least on the list is ‘vatapa’. It is another delicious dish consumed all over Brazil. It is made from shrimps, bread, coconut milk, palm oil and peanuts. A variety of other meats can also be used instead of shrimps. It is usually eaten by itself but is also eaten with white rice in many parts of Brazil.
The Amazon region offers a variety of delicious food and fruits. Plan your trip and enjoy the scrumptious Amazonian cuisine on your trip to Brazil.

Have a good trip and travel!

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