7 Places to Shop in Fez

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Being the second largest city in Morocco has its perks, ie an abundance of places to go and things to do! Of course, shopping, being the international pastime of tourists and locals alike, is aplenty in Fez; so get ready and put your bargaining hats on, because this article will discuss seven of the best places to shop in the historic city of Fez.

1. Medina

Source: Walter Rodriguez

All good shopping trips in Fez should begin and end in the Medina, the perfect symbol of old Fez with some new-world charm. Handicrafts, leather and carpets are plenty here, and there are no fixed prices, so let your inner bargain hunter out to begin its craft!


2. Le Tresor Berbere

Source: Feliciano Guimarães

A leap from the old stylings of Medina, Le Tresor Berbere is a quaint, gorgeous little shop that sells trinkets, perfect for taking home to loved ones. Tradition Berber (descendants of pre-Arab inhabitants of North Africa) jewellery, housewares and handicrafts are sold here.


  • Name: Le Tresor Berbere
  • Address: 66 Bis, Zkak Lahjar, Fès
  • Phone number: +212 535 740 153

3. Ensemble Artisanal

Essaouira Woodshop in Ensemble Artisanal
Source: Cliff Williams

If you are now tired of bargaining and haggling, the Ensemble Artisanal is the place for you. Traditional ceremics and pottery are made here by hand, and it is definitely a weight off the mind, knowing you will pay the same as the people before and after you, as haggling is not allowed here. Use it as a gauge to know if you are overpaying or getting a good deal elsewhere in Fez!


  • Name: Ensemble Artisanal
  • Address: Avenue Allah ben Abdullah, Fès
  • Phone number: +212 535 622 704
  • Opening hour: Monday-Sunday 8.30AM-12PM, 2.30PM-6.30PM

4. Coin Berbere

Family run businesses always tug at the heartstrings, and Coin Barbere is no different. Run by two brothers, Khalid and Mohamed Bouzidi-Idrissi, the store is open to suit the buyers’ tastes and wants. Be it handcrafted carpets, carved wooden doors, or decorated pottery, Coin Barbere has it all, and the brothers are more than happy to help you find exactly what you need.


  • Name: Coin Barbere
  • Address: 67, Haddadine Talaa Kebira Medina, Fès (located in Fes Medina)
  • Phone number: +212 5356-36946

5. Borj Fez Mall

This beautiful piece of architecture is situated almost exactly in between old and new Fez. Inside, three floors with over 80 shops as well as a big supermarket mean it is entirely possible to get everything you are looking for in air conditioned circumstances. Its location is particularly helpful as it can be fit in between sightseeing, as it is located quite nearby to major tourist attractions.


  • Name: Borj FEZ
  • Address: Ville Nouvelle, Fès
  • Phone number: +212 5356 20492
  • Email: borjfez@petra.ma
  • Opening hour: Monday-Sunday 9AM-10PM
  • Website: www.borjfez.com

6. Tissage Berbere

Source: Sunny Ripert

At Tissage Berbere, being able to watch these big, beautiful rugs being woven with surprising speed is a treat. The owner of the shop, Mouhammed, is relatively well-known around these parts, and will be more than happy to be of assistance! If ever an authentic, gorgeous Moroccan rug is in your budget, be sure to pay Tissage Berbere a visit!


  • Name: Tissage Berbere
  • Address: 4 Derb Taouil, Fès (near Chouara Tannery)
  • Phone number: +212 5 35 63 56 45
  • Email: Tissageberber@yahoo.fr

7. Rue el-Attarine

This vibrant street market should not need too much introduction, as almost every country has one just like it! Here, they sell anything from food and spices to woven products! Anything and everything local can be found here, so do take some time out to experience the sights and smells of Fez here, and prepare to do some haggling!


  • Name: Rue el-Attarine, Fès
  • Address: Rue el-Attarine, Fès

Morocco is a country full to the brim with culture, food and experiences, and Fez is probably one of the best places to enjoy it all! Plan well, do the research before the trip and be sure to take yourself to these places to explore all that Fez has to offer!

Have a good trip and travel!

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