10 Places to See Unique Animals in Brazil

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Source: CIAT

Having in mind the size of Brazil, it comes as no surprise to find out how many different animal species live in this country. As a matter of fact, the combination of climates and habitats is perfect for exotic animals to live in. You will have an opportunity to see some of the most unique animals in the world right here in Brazil.

1. Amazon River


If you are into boat tours, you should take one on the Amazon River. You will be able to see numerous exotic animals such as piranhas and black caimans while you are there and experience this amazing place firsthand. Piranhas are especially interesting to tourists because they are well-known as the meat eating fishes.

2. Amazon Rainforest

Taking a walk through the Amazon Rainforest will give you an opportunity to see numerous monkey and bird species such as toucans, squirrel monkeys, and howler monkeys in their natural habitat. Amazon rainforest is a unique place and even though it gets a bit humid every now and then, we are sure you will find it fascinating.

3. Jardim Zoologico De Brasilia

If you are more into zoos, you can visit one in Brasilia. It has plenty of animal species under one roof and you can see numerous animals that come from this part of the world. This zoo is worth a visit because you can sit on grass and enjoy your afternoon there.

4. Rio Zoo

If you happen to be in Rio, you should definitely take a day off and dedicate your time to the Rio Zoo. It is a well-maintained facility that takes a good care of their animals. They also have a large collection of exotic species that can only be found in Brazil. It has a very long tradition and it is this country’s oldest zoo.

5. Parque das Aves

Fans of birds will love Parque das Aves because it is dedicated to them only. It is located in Foz do Iguaçu and it has a huge collection of animals, as well as butterflies. Parque das Aves is really close to Igacu Falls so if you are in this area, this zoo should be on your route as well.

6. São Paulo Zoo

São Paulo Zoo might not be the oldest but it is certainly the biggest zoo in Brazil. It houses a variety of different species on the land that was once the famous Atlantic forest. It is well-equipped and they work on preservation of endangered animal species. You will definitely need an entire day to cover all the grounds.

7. Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park

This place is heaven for all bird lovers. There are numerous exotic and endangered species living at this archipelago and they make these gorgeous islands even more interesting to the visitors. Fernando de Noronha Marine National Park will introduce you to the untouched and preserved nature and you will most definitely return to these islands.

8. Zoo Botanical Park Dois Irmãos

This complex includes the zoo, the museum, and a bit of the Atlantic Forest as well. You will be able to learn a lot about the animals and the local ecosystems from the tour guides and you can continue to explore this magnificent place on your own as well. Visitors can get into the direct contact with the animals here and that makes it pretty interesting.

9. Abrolhos Marine National Park

Even though there are a total of five islands in this archipelago, only one is open to visitors. That would be Siriba and it is a magical place surrounded by crystal clear waters and amazing wildlife. You will be able to tour this island, so if you are interested in marine life, as well as rare birds and lizards, this is a place for you.

10. Pantanal Matogrossense National Park

Pantanal Matogrossense National Park is a protected area of Brazil that is opened for visitors who want to experience the outdoor life and learn a lot about the exotic animal species living there. Visitors are encouraged to go on educational tours and see the animals firsthand in order to truly understand this ecosystem.

There are numerous exotic animal species living in Brazil and some of them are endangered and some are now. You can choose to go to zoos in order to see them, or to the actual habitat if you are more adventurous. All in all, visiting at least one of these places will make your trip more interesting.

Have a good trip and travel!

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