10 Things To Do in Jundiai: Brazil

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Source: Eduardo Otubo

Great place to be close to nature and go on weekends. Beautiful gardens, orchid house, Japanese garden and other curiosities. Great place for a walk with family, children, couples. Lots of very green, water, landscapes and places to walk. Various themed gardens, lots of variety of plants and trails.

1. Relax at Jardim Botanico Jundiai

It is quiet, beautiful place to relax, play sports, shooting, etc.  If you love picnics, a wonderful place to spend the day with your boyfriend, girlfriend or family. You can see several species of animals and plants. Well worth the visit. very beautiful and well-maintained park.


  • Name: Jardim Botanico Jundiai
  • Address: 13.214-010 – Av. Navarro de Andrade, 120 – Parque Centenário, Jundiaí – SP, 13214-755, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 11 4523-1012
  • Hours: 8AM–6PM
  • Open: Everyday
  • Interest: Botanical Garden
  • Web: http://jardimbotanico.jundiai.sp.gov.br/

2.Visit the Catedral Nossa Senhora do Desterro

Very beautiful, old, brings a good sense of peace. If you are passing through the center of Jundiai, worth a visit, regardless of the religion of each person. Easy access with or without a car, neo-gothic style, adds culture and peace inside. Amid the chaos central recommend a quick visit!


  • Name: Catedral Nossa Senhora do Desterro
  • Address: Praça Governador Pedro de Toledo – Centro, Jundiaí – São Paulo, 13201-060, Brasil
  • Phone: +55 11 4586-0248
  • Hours: 8AM–6PM
  • Open: Everyday
  • Interest: Cathedral
  • Web: http://www.catedral.dj.org.br/

3.Taste wine at Adego Maziero

The visit was very nice. The tasting is good. Of course, wine is a personal taste, plus the most quoted in the group were the Muscat dry. It has an interesting history, for the Pope’s visit to Brazil emissaries were sent to choose the wine that was served to the pope and was chosen wine Soft Rose this winery. Grape juice is also worth.


4.Watch shows at SESC Jundiai

Place beautiful, big, full of news. Very well structured, many activities available and excellent cost benefit, nice pool and very large. Cafe of a very tasty morning and still next to the botanical garden. The SESC Jundiai was a gift to the Jundiaí guests as it offers attractions and entertainment for all ages and tastes.


  • Name: Sesc Jundiai
  • Address: Av. Antônio Frederico Ozanan, 6600 – Jardim Botânico, Jundiaí – SP, 13214-206, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 11 4583-4900
  • Hours: 9AM–10PM
  • Open: Everyday
  • Interest: Cultural Center
  • Web: https://www.facebook.com/sescjundiai/?_rdr

5.Go to Parque Botanico Eloy Chaves

This park is fine, but not much bigger. But there are many families with many children spend time there. The park has facilities like playgrounds for children and exercise machines. It is small and you can walk in about 15 minutes. So, if you want not walk much time and relax, go and enjoy.


6.Visit the Museu Ferroviário da Companhia Paulista

The Museum exudes history throughout the building. Place of great history and culture. The visit to the Museum leads you to the good times, their trains and the stories of their employees. If you are close by, very worth the visit. It is gratifying to know how it worked the dynamics of the services provided at that time.


  • Name: Museu Ferroviário da Companhia Paulista
  • Address: Av. União dos Ferroviários, 1760 – Pte. de Campinas, Jundiaí – SP, 13201-160, Brazil
  • Phone: +55 11 4522-4727
  • Hours: 9AM–5PM
  • Open: Closed Mondays
  • Interest: Museum

7.Buy at Clube Melissa Jundiai Shopping

Excellent real estate development, with several shops and a supermarket. Food court and kiosks scattered throughout the floors. It’s the American style of the shopping centers of Sao Paulo. Movie theaters. Well located, with access to various transport systems and excellent to relax with friends. Ample parking.


8.Get fresh fruits at Frutas Rondon Jundiai

There you will find a wide variety of fruits and fresh and all well cared for. The fruit was beautiful and huge, but some of the prices were too high. The place does not accept credit or debit card, which can take some people off guard. The price is excellent! The place is very rustic with a variety of juices, smoothies, açaí, savory snacks.


9.Shop at Dumond Jundiaí Shopping

Shopping is beautiful, highly recommended. Nice and modern mall with many good shops food fair. There is free wifi, neat bathrooms. Without a doubt the best shopping Jundiai. A very good for walking and good food court location, as it also features cinema and games room.


10.Have a snack at Smoked Burgers

This is all about hamburger. It stands side by side with the best hamburgers of São Paulo, owing nothing to them. And always has a new snack on the menu. Undoubtedly best snack that exists in Jundiaí. Potatoes with garlic and rosemary. For those who really like a burger, this is the best in town. Very worth it.


It is a very good nice and quiet place to relax. You can make picnic but do not have the same structure and good places. If you’re lucky you’ll see some monkeys in the trees. A very good atmosphere for those who like nature and or want to relax.

Have a good trip and travel!

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