10 Best Places to Enjoy Tattoo in L.A.

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Source: Just Deadly Tattoo Parlor

Being the most tattooed city in the world, there are many places to enjoy tattoo in L.A. there are many tattoo parlors and artists of repute. Due to the permanence of the art work, you need to be sure it is done right and by a professional. With many popping up every other day, below are 10 best places to enjoy tattoo in L.A.

1.Ace of Hearts Tattoo

Located on Channel street, San Pedro, Ace of Hearts Tattoo offers an incredible session for your body artwork. They have a team of steady hands experts who will discern while getting started with your tattoo collection. Their artwork is not devoid of demeanor and they will work on your body to your specifications. Their tender loving care will help you relax and focus while they work on the tat of your choice.


  • Genre: Tattoo Art
  • Area: San Pedro, L.A, USA
  • Location: Channel Street, San Pedro
  • Time: Working Hours
  • Website: aceofheartstattoo.com

2. Alchemy

Alchemy is little tattoo treasure point hidden Silver Lake on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. Their inking prowess embraces some traditional aspects and hosts a special clientele that knows what they are looking for in body art. They not only offer you the perfect clean up but also do fresh art. They understand no one loves fading or indelible pieces on their body.


  • Genre: Tattoo Art
  • Area: Los Angeles, C.A
  • Location: Sunset Boulevard, L.A,
  • Time: Open 12 -9 pm Mon-Sun
  • Website: alchemytattoo.com

3.Unbreakable Tattoo

If you are visiting part of Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, CA, make sure you to check out Unbreakable Tattoo for their fun art. Choose from rock n’ roll, romance and botanical inkings done with exquisite intricacy and perfect hues for your skin. Their in-house team of experts delivers the best whilst making you enjoy every moment through the process. They also perform some perfect spot fun filler on your existing art.


  • Genre: Tattoo Art
  • Area: Studio City L.A
  • Location: Ventura Boulevard, Studio City, L.A
  • Time: Open 12-9 pm daily
  • Website: alchemytattoola.com 

4. Shamrock Social Club

If you are looking for confidence tattoos, Shamrock is the place where most celebrities indulge and get their art done. You do not to be an icon in the entertainment to get your tattoo done here. The proprietor, Mark Mahoney handles both small and big names including Angeline Jolie and Britney Spears among other celebrities.  They are located on Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood.


  • Genre: Tattoo Art
  • Area: Los Angles, C.A.
  • Location: Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood
  • Time: Open daily from 1 pm till late
  • Website: shamrocksocialclub.com

5. Broken Art Tattoo

Broken Art Tattoo opens 7 days a week but you need to book an appointment and are located in Silver Lake, Swan. Their skills are renowned world over after covering TLC series crew under the banner “the Americas Worst Tattoos”. They offer both classic and modern art not only to hide your past decisions but also give your skin new memories.


  • Genre: Tattoo Art
  • Area: Silver Lake, Swan
  • Location: Hyperion Avenue, Los Angeles
  • Website: www.brokenarttattoo.com

6. Kat Von D’s High Voltage Tattoo

Kat Von D’s High Voltage Tattoo is located on La Brea Avenue, West Hollywood, CA and is composed of devoted team of experts of international repute due to their excellence in the tattoo world. They turn your ideas into artistic illusions in no time. If you are not sure of what you want, you are free to seek their suggestions and you will love the end product.


  • Genre: Tattoo Art
  • Area: La Brea Avenue, West Hollywood
  • Location: Los Angeles. C.A
  • Time: Open 12-10 pm
  • Website: www.highvoltagetattoo.com/

7. Memoir Tattoo

Memoir Tattoo is located in Beverly Boulevard and came into the limelight through a popular television show by Kim Saigh on popular Tattoo artists in L.A. their parlor is quite spacious with high ceilings and fantastic wall décor of drawings and paintings that will entice you for a treat from their gifted experts. You need to email them for an appointment since their telephone lines are rarely manned.


  • Genre: Tattoo Art
  • Area: Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA
  • Time: Appointment only
  • Website: www.memoirtattoo.com

8. True Tattoo

Another popular shop to Enjoy Tattoo in L.A. is true tattoo where they blend classics with modern styles. Their ever growing clientele keep coming back for more and is a good place to visit for fresh or correctional tattoos. Their team boasts of artistic prowess that discerns their customers. Their specialty pans from those masculine dragons to Hannya masks and are located at 1614 N. Cahuenga Boulevard, Hollywood, L.A.


  • Genre: Tattoo Art
  • Area: 1614 N. Cahuenga Boulevard
  • Location: Hollywood, L.A
  • Time: Open 12-10 pm daily
  • Website: www.truetattoohollywood.com

9. Tattoos by Misha

If you want to get tattoos that are specific to you, try Tattoos by Misha, she combines accuracy with speed and her light touch ensures less pain and artistic transformation. She will work on any cover-up idea and has an eye for color to bring out superbly detailed ink characters. They are located in Inside Salon Republic, Ventura Boulevard in Studio City, L.A.


  • Genre: Tattoo Art
  • Area: Ventura Boulevard, Studio City
  • Location: Studio City, CA
  • Time: Open Wed-Sat 12-7 pm
  • Website: www.salonrepublic.com

10. Mr. incognito

If you want undivided attention and enjoy your tattoo in L.A. at Mr. Incognito, you will get more than that. Though you need to schedule your visit in advance, it is worth the effort. He works single handedly hence the promise of a well detailed artistic inking and you can choose from cartoons or animals for an incredibly finished piece of body art work and he is located in a 1920’s building in Franklin Avenue, in Los Feliz, L.A.


  • Genre: Tattoo Art
  • Area: Franklin Avenue, in Los Feliz
  • Location: Los Feliz, L.A.
  • Time: Appointment only
  • Website: www.incognitotattoo.com

With many professional artists coming up these 10 Best Places to Enjoy Tattoo in L.A., have a reputation to keep and are worth a visit. Whether you are first time visitor or resident, you need to check them out for a personal, fulfilling and memorable experience.

Have a good trip and travel!

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