20 Things To Do in Hollywood

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Things to do in Hollywood
Source: Shinya Suzuki

Gem of Los Angeles City is a Hollywood. The place where you can meet everyone and where all dreams come true. We want to suggest you top 20 places, which show you a real atmosphere of glamorous and historical Hollywood, avoiding big crowds at the Sunset Boulevard and other noisy places.

1. The Hollywood Sign

Things to do in Hollywood 1
Source: Gnaphron

Of course, you must see The Hollywood sign. Created in 1923 and named “Hollywoodland” must have stood on the Hollywood Hills only for a year and a half, but it is here for over 90 years. The real estate sign turned into the iconic landmark of Los Angeles city.
Every tourist that visited this city has a picture of himself on the Hollywood Sign background, take perfect one you can in a few spots: Hollywood reservoir, Mulholland Dr., Beachwood canyon, The Griffith Observatory and shopping complex Hollywood & Highlights which are located on the Hollywood boulevard.


  • Name: The Hollywood Sign
  • Address: Mt Lee Dr Los Angeles
  • Website: www.hollywoodsign.com

2. Hollywood Bowl

Things to do in Hollywood 2
Source: Eric Chan

One of the most stunning outdoor amphitheaters in the world. Was built in 1922 and renew at 2004. Popular places for shows and concerts in Hollywood. Hollywood Bowl hosted one of the biggest music stars in the world, including iconic The Beatles. Romantic place to take a date or just end your day and listen to the music under the star sky. Today Hollywood bowl hosts different bands and artists from classical performances to pop or rock bands.


  • Name: Hollywood Bowl
  • Address: 2301 N Highland Ave Los Angeles
  • Price: Tickets $1-$150; parking $17-$35
  • Website: www.hollywoodbowl.com

3. Chinese Theatre

Things to do in Hollywood 3
Source: daryl_mitchell

Gorgeous movie theater located in the heart of the Hollywood. Perfect place to watch a classic or newly released movie. But many of locals or travelers that visited this place, admire its beauty. Built in 1927 still charms with its beauty and architecture.
There is a place for a story, that during the grand opening, actress Norma Talmadge accidentally stepped into the fresh cement near the theater building; In response, Sid Grauman (the owner of the theater) asked Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks to repeat Norma`s mistake. That is how the tradition began.


  • Name: Chinese Theatre
  • Address: 6925 Hollywood Blvd Hollywood
  • Opening hour: Daily 10-1am
  • Website: www.tclchinesetheatres.com

4. Hollywood Roosevelt

Things to do in Hollywood 4
Source: Celeste Lindell

Famous restoration and a hotel were built in 1927. What can we say? This is a perfect place for dinner dates and special occasions. Beautiful Spanish colonial design attracts people who love art and design across the globe.
The Hotel has stunning design and dramatic downstairs, you will like it. If you decide to stay at the Hollywood Roosevelt, you will be charmed by it rooms, they are really spacious and have a modern and unique design.


  • Name: Hollywood Roosevelt
  • Address: 7000 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles
  • Price:  Rates $239-$499
  • Website: www.thehollywoodroosevelt.com

5. Hollywood Walk of Fame

Things to do in Hollywood 5
Source: Sergey Galyonkin

Hollywood boulevard is rich in many different city attractions and landmarks. One of the famous is a Walk of Fame. Names of talented people in cinematography are immortalized into the memorable plate. Hundreds of tourists are daily looking for the star with his favorite celebrity and take memorized photo.
Take a relaxed walk, and look at all these names, you will be surprised how many talented people are here. If you haven’t found the desired plate, so you can leave a response at their website.


  • Name: Hollywood Walk of Fame
  • Address: 7018 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles
  • Price: Free
  • Website: www.walkoffame.com

6. Dolby Theatre

Things to do in Hollywood 6
Source: Thomas Ormston

Famous Dolby theater that was called “Kodak cinema” in the past. All previous Academy awards were hosted here. So if you are a big fan of the “Oscar” and cinematography, you really need to visit this attraction.
Fill the atmosphere of “Oscar Event” in the famous hall, or take a sit where famous actors were during the ceremony. The cinema has the latest sound system and good image so you can stay a bit longer and watch a new blockbuster on the best screen in the city.


  • Name: Dolby Theatre
  • Address: Hollywood & Highland Shopping Center 6801 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles
  • Opening hour: 10:30am-4pm daily
  • Website: www.dolbytheatre.com

7.  Hollywood & Highland

Things to do in Hollywood 7
Source: Bryan Ungard

The biggest shopping mall of Hollywood. Very crowdy place but with many different stores, coffee shops and restaurants. At this place, you can find everything you need and maybe with a good sale price.
Hollywood & Highland includes big shops like Gap, Sephora, American Eagle as well as small ones. So you will feel comfortable with your buying wishes.


  • Name: Hollywood & Highland
  • Address: 6801 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles
  • Opening hour: 10am-10pm Mon-Sat; 10am-7pm Sun.
  • Website: hollywoodandhighland.com

8. Capitol Records Building

Things to do in Hollywood 8
Source: Robert B. Moffatt

Everyone knows this building from the sunny card with it. Take a walk to this iconic building, you will be very impress of it. Funny fact: It looks like stacks of records, only look upon on it.
Capitol Records is a home record company for many famous bands and singers, the most popular of them are Katy Perry, Sam Smith and legendary The Beatles.


  • Name: Capitol Records Building
  • Address: 1750 Vine St Los Angeles
  • Website: www.capitolrecords.com

9. Runyon Canyon

Things to do in Hollywood 9
Source: Ryan Vaarsi

Want to see differently on the Los Angeles City? Hike to the one of the mountains of Hollywood Hills. We recommend you to visit Runyon Canyon, perfect place that opens breathtaking views on the city and Hollywood sign.
If you haven’t hiked before, we recommend you to take a professional tour or start your hiking experience from easiest mountains, like Griffith Park.


  • Name: Runyon Canyon
  • Address:  2001 N Fuller Ave Los Angeles
  • Opening hour: Dawn to dusk
  • Website: www.laparks.org/dos/parks/facility/runyoncanyonpk.htm

10. El Capitan

Things to do in Hollywood 10
Source: Prayitno

El Capitan is one of the eldest movie theaters in L.A. It was built in 1926 and is devoted to screening classics. If you want to get more from the LA history, Disney is offering two tours to El Capitan. However, the length is only 30 minutes but will get an opportunity to see the behind the curtain and get into the actual theater auditorium.


  • Name: El Capitan
  • Address: 6838 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles
  • Price: 3-D general admission $20, VIP $30 (includes reserved seat, popcorn and drink); discounts available for children, seniors, 2-D movies and throwback nights; Disney Movie Palace & Backstage Tour $15, Express Tour $5
  • Opening hour: Backstage theater tour 8:30am

11. Griffith Observatory

Things to do in Hollywood 11
Source: April K

Griffith observatory is one of the must see places in Los Angeles. You can just spend there a couple of hours taking in the exhibits and the shows. There are the Hall of the Sky and Hall of the Eye. Sounds interesting? Be the one to visit the observatory in LA. Besides, there is an opportunity to see a short film about the history of the observatory.


  • Name: Griffith Observatory
  • Address: 2800 E Observatory Rd Los Angeles
  • Price: Free admission. Planetarium $7, $3-5 discounts, free under-5s (only admitted to first show daily).
  • Opening hour: Wed-Fri noon-10pm; Sat, Sun 10am-10pm

12. Amoeba Music

Things to do in Hollywood 12
Source: Sergey Galyonkin

Amoeba Music is the largest independent record store in the US. If you remember what is it like – to buy a CD or DVD with your favorite label, this store is totally the place you are going to visit. Not one of the best things to do, but it’s free and just imagine the feelings you will have in the place. Besides, we don’t ask you to spend there like half a day, right?


  • Name: Amoeba Music
  • Address: 6400 W Sunset Blvd Los Angeles
  • Opening hour: Mon-Sat 10:30am-11pm; Sun 11am-9pm

13. Yamashiro

Things to do in Hollywood 13
Source: Christine Szeto

Yamashiro, the Japanese palace, was originally built as a private art museum in the 1920s. Now it is open to the public and provides an opportunity to see its beauty and the spectacular views of Hollywood. Moreover, it is now a restaurant! So, if you think about the place to have dinner with friends or family, we suggest going to this place.


  • Name: Yamashiro
  • Address: 1999 N Sycamore Ave Los Angeles
  • Price: Main courses $32
  • Opening hour: Mon-Thur 5:30-9:30pm; Fri 5:30-10:30pm; Sat 5-10:30pm; Sun 4:30-9:30pm

14. Stahl House

Things to do in Hollywood 14
Source: mbtrama

Stahl house is the place that everyone imagines when one says, Los Angeles. We bet you’ve seen it, at least, one. On images, magazines or newspapers, this place has a charming modern style. There is nothing in the house, except the ceiling, floor, and a swimming pool. There are no walls, in the normal understanding of the word. They are made of glass! Totally worth to go there in Los Angeles


  • Name: Stahl House
  • Address: 635 Woods Dr Los Angeles
  • Price: $35-$90 tours by appointment

15. Hollywood Bowl Overlook

Things to do in Hollywood 15
Source: Clinton Steeds

This Santa Monica Mountains overlook has a fantastic view of the city. And the best thing about this tour is that it’s right on the top of the Hollywood Bowl. It is a great place to spend an evening with your beloved ones and count starts. Or go to the concert to the Bowl. You decide.


  • Name: Hollywood Bowl Overlook
  • Address: 7036 Mulholland Drive Los Angeles 90068
  • Access: by car

16. Hollywood Forever Cemetery

Things to do in Hollywood 16
Source: Daniel Hartwig

Hollywood Forever Cemetery is actually a cemetery, so it is kind an attraction for the fan. Moreover, the owners of the cemetery were criticized for promoting a place as a tourist attraction. You are going to find such famous people there like Rudolph Valentino and others. Just don’t take children to the place, you know. It’s not that kind of an attraction.


  • Name: Hollywood Forever Cemetery
  • Address: 6000 Santa Monica Blvd Los Angeles
  • Opening hour: Summer 8am-7pm daily; Winter 8am-6pm daily

17. Musso & Frank Grill

Things to do in Hollywood 17
Source: Pablo Sanchez

Musso & Frank Grill is one of the eldest restaurants in Los Angeles. It as established in 1919 and was favored by Charlie Chaplin and other famous people. Of course, the place is a bit expensive, but you won’t get another opportunity to eat in such fancy place as here. Food is fantastic and staff is polite and kind.


  • Name: Musso & Frank Grill
  • Address: 6667 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles
  • Opening hour: Tue-Sat 11am-11pm

18. Egyptian Theatre

Things to do in Hollywood 18
Source: Tim Wang

Egyptian Theatre was built in a side with the Chinese Theatre and El Capitan Theatre and by the same man. It was restored in 1998. Now, it is a place for a variety of mini festivals. Also, you can see a range of classic movies there. It is one of the eldest and the unique places you can see in Los Angeles.


  • Name: Egyptian Theatre
  • Address: 6712 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
  • Website: egyptiantheatre.com

19. Barnsdall Art Park & Hollyhock House

Things to do in Hollywood 19
Source: Parker Knight

Barnsdall Art Park is a great place to visit with your family. It is a part of a couple of cinemas and gallery spaces. You will totally enjoy the play in summer. During the time, the park hosts a range of al fresco cinema nights and other outstanding events.


  • Name: Barnsdall Art Park & Hollyhock House
  • Address: 4800 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles
  • Opening hour: Daily 5am-10pm; Municipal Art Gallery Thu-Sun noon-5pm

20. Lake Hollywood Park

Things to do in Hollywood 20
Source: Eden, Janine and Jim

Lake Hollywood Park has one of the best views on the Hollywood sign. In other words, you will enjoy having a picnic there or just spent some time with your friends or family. Moreover, if you are going to take your dog, it will be the best place to walk with the dog. Just spend some time in the clear air.


  • Name: Lake Hollywood Park
  • Address:  Canyon Lake Dr Los Angeles
  • Price: Free
  • Opening hour: 5am-sunset

Los Angeles Hollywood may be very confusing when visiting for the first time. But with our ultimate list, you don’t need to spend time on the search of attractions. You have all of them here.

Have a good trip and travel!