7 Best Firing Practice Around San Francisco

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Source: Andrew Magill

Learning to operate a gun is something essential for some people. As gun ownership is something normal in the U.S., people use the gun as their personal protection. For some others, learning gun handling is for spending the spare time only. In San Francisco, if you are very keen to use the gun as protection, you need to really understand the rules. Though it is used to protect you, it is still a dangerous tool. Be wise gun users by understanding each basic regulation and choose the right training place. Below are 7 recommended shooting ranges around San Francisco if you really want to learn to shoot.

1.Jackson Arms Shooting Range & Gunshop


Source: commons.wikimedia

Do you want to learn to handle a gun but you don’t have one? Go to Jackson Arms Shooting Range & Gunshop in South San Francisco. There you can buy a gun or rifle with any type you need. Besides, you can directly join the training class of shooting range. It’s one of the best in town so you will not feel like you waste your money for a course. This shooting range has professional and experts workers who are ready to train you. It’s important to learn with the experts because they will give you additional knowledge so you will not get mistaken in understanding the world of gun handling.


  • Name: Jackson Arms Shooting Range & Gunshop
  • Address: 152 Utah Ave, South San Francisco, CA 94080
  • Phone: (650) 588-4209
  • Additional tip: make sure that the trainers in a shooting range are certified so you can trust the quality.

2. Certified Firearms Instruction and Training


Source: Geoff Parsons

When you are keen on learning how to shoot properly, you need to look for a high quality training place. In San Francisco, Certified Firearms Instruction and Training should be in your list. Many people trust this place. That is why they are eager to come back to learn new levels of shooting. This place has certified firearms instructors who are very responsive to every student. You will get the lesson from the very basic things, like the basic rules. Understanding the rules is very fundamental for every gun owner. It will make you wise gun user and appreciate your gun ownership.


  • Name: Certified Firearms Instruction and Training
  • Address: Monterey Heights, San Francisco, CA 94127
  • Phone: (415) 577-9279
  • Additional tip: remember that you are holding a real gun, not the toy one. Make sure you read and understand the guidelines so you will be more careful when using it.

3. Gun-Do



Source: Davis Staedtler

StaedtlerHandling a gun is not a simple thing. There are ethics you need to understand when you are a first timer. In Gun-Do, you will not practice at the shooting range only but also learn the theories. This place is a recommended shooting range in San Francisco. They will provide you with several types of guns when you practice. Commonly, you will be given 9mm, .22, or .38. The 9mm rifle is pretty right for a practice but it is very small. Somehow when you use a very small gun, you will get hurt or injured when you pull the trigger. So, make sure you choose another size of the gun.


  • Name: Gun-Do
  • Address: San Francisco, CA
  • Phone: (970) 305-1832
  • Additional tip: taking a too small gun for a practice would make you get injured. You can choose a larger gun size for more comfortable practice.

4. Peninsula Guns and Tactical


Source: Pixabay

This shooting range also offers you pricey course cost. You should never worry because you will receive worthy facilities and instructors there. Once you register, you will feel the friendliness of the staff. The shooting range is designed professionally so this place really provides you comfortable space to practice. If you want to get more comfort while practicing, you need to pay attention on your attire. This is a simple thing but your clothes could be one of important factors. For example, if you wear a V-neck shirt, you will feel disturbed when you move and it forms a funnel look.


  • Name: Peninsula Guns and Tactical
  • Address: 360 El Camino Real, San Bruno, CA 94066
  • Phone: (650) 588-8886
  • Additional tip: choose comfy attire materials and design. A V-neck shirt will be an interruption because of its funnel look once you move.

5. Fisher Executive Protection Training

Now, we are moving around San Francisco. Fisher Executive Protection Training is located in Oakland, San Francisco neighborhood. This shooting range is on our top 7 best training place for you. It might be a little bit pricey but the facilities will never disappoint you. You can choose any gun type you want when you are at the shooting range. You must be careful when you use it. The trainers will always remind you if you always put your thumb on the gun slide. This is a common mistake of beginners. Thus, paying attention what trainers teach you is very important.


  • Name: Fisher Executive Protection Training
  • Address: 2135 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94612
  • Phone: (510) 451-3474
  • Additional tip: keep your thumb off the gun slide. It is very dangerous because it tends to move backwards when you start shooting.

6. Crossroads of the West Gun Show



If you are lost around Daly City, you better make a drop at Crossroads of the West Gun Show. This is a high quality shooting range you can rely on. There are various gun types you can use for the training. The instructors are very friendly and able to create a fun training atmosphere. When you get the gun, focus on safe spots or direction designed for shooting practice. This is restricted to play jokes with it as if the gun is a toy. Remember, even if the gun is empty, you need to always treat it like it has bullets inside.


  • Name: Crossroads of the West Gun Show
  • Address: 2600 Geneva Ave, Daly City, CA 94014
  • Phone: (415) 404-4100
  • Additional tip: you need to really focus on the shooting direction at the shooting range. Playing jokes while you hold a gun is something restricted.

7. Ronin Firearms Training Group


Source: Marcin Wichary

Let’s move to Burlingame because there you can find another quality shooting range near San Francisco. All the instructors in this place are best of the best. All of them really understand what they need to teach and how to do it very well. They will give instructions from the basic points. For example, they will explain you to check the bullets everytime you hold a gun. You need to play “as if” game. You take the gun but you imagine as if it is loaded. This is the basic approach they will explain you in detailed and friendly way.


  • Name: Ronin Firearms Training Group
  • Address: 1336 N Carolan Ave, Burlingame, CA 94010
  • Phone: (817) 401-3159
  • Additional tip: you need to always check whether there are bullets inside the gun or not. It aims to make you sure when you start using it.

The gun you have is not a toy. So, you have to use it carefully otherwise it endangers your family, your environment, and even yourself. Learning how to handle with the experts is your fundamental need to understand deeper about gun world. These shooting ranges are your alternatives when you want to meet the experienced instructors.

Have a good trip and travel!

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