7 Theaters to Go in San Francisco

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Source: Canon in 2D

Do you plan a cultural holiday in San Francisco? So, my friend, where, if not in theatres, you can enjoy it. In this article we want to introduce you the top 7 theatres, that show you an unknowable side of San Francisco’s history. However, if you don’t care about the exterior of the cinema, you can enjoy one of the largest IMAX cinema on the west coast.

1. The Castro Theatre

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Source: Benson Kua

Do you want to feel the history of cinematography in San Francisco? Then the Castro Theatre is perfect for you. There are not so many one-screen theatres left, and the Castro is one of them.
It should also be noted by its design and architecture. Thanks to Timothy Pfleuger, who designed this theatre, we can feel the era of San Francisco’s Art Deco right now.
Comfortable and renovated theatre with its own history is an amazing place for a romantic evening with your beloved ones.


  • Name: The Castro Theatre
  • Address: 429 Castro St
  • Website: http://www.castrotheatre.com/

2. The Sundance Kabuki Cinema

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Source: BrokenSphere

Best modern cinema you can even imagine. First of all, it is easy to buy the ticket online, forget about the lines and stop wasting your time. Secondary, this cinema has the best menu. There is no place for fast food, enjoy a movie with all home-made local food menu.
This place is good enough, but not perfect for kids. The bar and restaurant are adult exclusively. So we recommend this place for a good night date, but if you need to have a family evening, this is not what you are looking for.


  • Name: The Sundance Kabuki Cinema
  • Address: 1881 Post St
  • Price:$9.75-$16
  • Website: https://www.sundancecinemas.com/

3. Curran Theatre

san francisco theatres 4

Source: Andreas Praefcke

This is fabulous theatre, in which you want to return again and again. Perfect place to spend time with your family, it’s one of two theatres, where you can enjoy Broadway’s performances.
Beautiful and gorgeous building that must be visited by everyone who has ever visited San Francisco. Unique interior combined with a modern quality of image, light and sound. An amazing place to have a cultural holiday or weekend.
Curran Theatre easy to find, it’s located right to Union Square.


  • Name: Curran Theatre
  • Address: 445 Geary St
  • Website: http://sfcurran.com/

4. Clay Theatre

san francisco theatres 5

Source: star5112

Are you looking for a historical theatre with a perfect sound and your favourite indie and cult classic movies? Congratulations, you have found it! The Clay theatre is a landmark of San Francisco. The place, where interior and sincerity of the staff take your breath.
The Clay Theatre is located in a perfect area. There are many bus routes, so you can get practically from anywhere in the city. Also, the street, where the theatre is situated, is full of bars, cafes and restaurants where you can taste the local cuisine.
This place must be in your list “What to do in San Francisco”, especially if you visit the city at the first time.


  • Name: Clay Theatre
  • Address: 2261 Fillmore St
  • Price: $10
  • Website: http://www.landmarktheatres.com/san-francisco/clay-theatre

5. AMC Metreon 16

san francisco theatres 6

Source: Brian Cantoni

Big and modern cinema located in the downtown of San Francisco. Perfect place for a family weekend. So many activities and stores, you won’t find in any other cinema in San Francisco.
This place has many screens, including IMAX. This means that you will really feel a high quality of image and sound. Also, it would be a great idea, to hang out with friends in such a huge place, where you can find a lot of fun and entertainment.


  • Name: AMC Metreon 16
  • Address: 135 Fourth St Suite 3000
  • Price: $7-$16
  • Website: https://www.amctheatres.com/movie-theatres/san-francisco/amc-metreon-16

6. Victoria Theatre

san francisco theatres 7

Source: Jim Gilliam

A place where you can watch a movie, listen to a favourite band or a musical. This theatre is for real connoisseurs of art and design. Victoria Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in San Francisco. Visit it, and you will plunge into the history of the city and its cultural life.
You will be pleasantly surprised of the interior, very comfortable seats and enjoyable workers, that will help you with a smile on their face. Looks like a place, where you want to spend your time with your family or friends.


  • Name: Victoria Theatre
  • Address: 2961 16th St
  • Opening hour: 7am-2am
  • Website: http://www.victoriatheatre.org/

7. Orpheum Theatre

san francisco theatres 8

Source: Joe Mabel

One of the most epic theatres in San Francisco. It`s live legend of the city. This theatre brings you Broadway shows, live musicals, bands performances and epic movies.The orchestra of Orpheum Theatre will help to feel its atmosphere, sound of music is clear and perfect.
This is a historical treasure of the city, you can’t miss visiting San Francisco.  The beauty of Spanish Gothic, handmade ceiling and wall details are the smallest part of what you can see there.


  • Name: Orpheum Theatre
  • Address: 1192 Market St
  • Website: http://www.orpheum-theater.com/

We think that every theatre in San Francisco has its soul. There is no the best or the worst cinema in the city. Each of them will tell you its unique story. What is left to you, it’s to choose your favourite one and enjoy the movies and performances.

Have a good trip and travel!

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