7 Places to See in Japantown in San Francisco

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There are limitless tourist attractions you can find in San Francisco. It’s very large and you can go out to get different satisfying tourist spots. Now, we are going to drag you to Japantown San Francisco. There are more than just the famous cherry blossoms. Here you can taste dishes made by pure blood. So, you will get the real taste of Japanese food here. Besides, there are more relaxing spots that could make you feel like you’re in Japan while actually you’re not. We’ve got 7 top places you could head when you are in Japantown in San Francisco.

1. Tanpopo

Missing the real Japanese food? You can come to Tanpopo restaurant and get the original yakisoba! Feel the thick sauce noodles moving in your mouth with the chopped carrots, pork, and mushrooms. This restaurant opens from the afternoon but if you crave for the happy hour to get special deals, come between 5:30-7:30 pm. You will get $2 Sapporo or Kirin. Beware to get more tempted when seeing people in a long bar enjoying a bowl of hot ramen. If you plan to come at happy hour, you need to come earlier.


2. Waraku

For Japanese ramen lovers, try this higher level of ramen you’d never forget at Waraku restaurant. This is a perfect spot to enjoy a night with the high quality of tsukemen. This is a different ramen that is served with a bowl of broth. So, you can dip the ramen (noodle) and its toppings into the broth. You will feel like you’re flying to the seventh heaven. Besides, try other menus from this place, including takoyaki, crispy Japanese-style fried chicken, and variants of ramen recipes.


3. Nijiya Market


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Shopping time! This place should never be missed everytime you visit Japantown: Nijiya Market. Beware of the enthusiastic long line of shoppers who wait for their turn to enter the market. Here you can find many all-ready things for your home or your tummy. For example, there are made-ready boxes for sushi and bento, authentic Japanese snacks, ready beef and short ribs, sake in various sizes, and any kinds of mushroom. Can’t imagine? Just don’t. Go join this crowd to get yours!


  • Name: Nijiya Market
  • Address: 1737 Post St, San Francisco, CA 94115
  • Phone: 415-563-1901
  • Open hours: 10am-8pm
  • Website: www.nijiya.com

4. Kabuki Springs & Spa

What can be better to spend a leisure time by having a relaxing moment in a spa? Japanese spa is popular for its best service and facilities you can get. In Japantown, you need to go to Kabuki Springs & Spa. Prepare your $25 and you’ll get access to the saunas and baths. As this place is designed with traditional Japanese regulations, you will find rules similar to spa houses in Japan, including no talks, no phones, hot tea (ocha), and salt scrubs.


5. Daiso

Those who have ever been to Japan, other countries, or other states in the US, you will almost always find Daiso. It’s a Japanese shop selling cheap stuff, ranging from miniature of cartoons, eyelashes, ties, and other cute things. The best thing is all things in this shop is $1.50 only! This shop is recommended if you’re planning to buy souvenirs for your friends or relatives abroad. There are so many things sold in this shop and you’ll get tempted to buy many because the price is so affordable.


  • Name: Daiso
  • Address: 22 Peace Plz, San Francisco, CA 94115
  • Phone: 415-359-9397
  • Open hours: 10am-8pm
  • Website: www.daisoglobal.com

6. Kissako Tea

Going back from work and craving for light snacks in the afternoon? Go to Japantown’s Kissako Tea and order a Japanese dango and a cup of tea or coffee. This is the original Japanese mocha with various flavors, such as lima bean, yomogi (herb), red bean, and kinako (from soybean flour). These sticky and mild snacks are available in green, white, and pink colors. Once you taste it, you’ll believe that one is never enough. For the tea, try the authentic Japanese ocha or matcha. Its peaceful aroma will make you feel relaxed after a day full of crazy work.


  • Name: Kissako Tea
  • Address: 1581 Webster St #195, San Francisco, CA 94115
  • Phone: 415-567-4988
  • Open hours: 11:30am-6 pm (Tue-Wed),  11:30am-8pm (Thu-Sun),  closed on Mon
  • Price: $1-$9.50
  • Website: sfkissako.com

7. Udon Mugizo

What if a bowl of noodles be your afternoon and evening company? Udon or thick-cut noodles is one of the Japanese favorites. It could be served in hot or cold. A bowl of udon with Kobe beef topping is more than enough to complete your day. There is also another special menu in this place. Do you want to try a different kind of udon flavor? Try the uni cream udon. It’s a bowl of udon with rich Italian gnocchi. No need to doubt this place for the first-class udon.


  • Name: Udon Mugizo
  • Address: 94115, 1581 Webster St, San Francisco, CA 94115
  • Phone: 650-931-3188
  • Price: $11-$30
  • Open hours: 11:30am-10pm

There are still lots of places you can visit in Japantown. One day is not enough to explore all corners of this big place. If you are confused, you can directly take notes of this list.
Have a good trip and travel!