15 Nightlife Places to Go in Shibuya

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Source: rei hardt

Shibuya is one of the busiest business and shopping districts in Tokyo in daytime, and as the evening fall down on Tokyo, Shibuya is turning into one of the busiest nightlife districts of Tokyo. Although Shibuya is a shopping district for young generation, at night the district is a well known adult nightlife spot and the whole area from Shinjuku Station and up Dogenzaka street from one side, and from Shibuya Station into Center Gai area on the other, the place is humming with party goers until the early morning hours. If you find yourself in Shibuya at 6am in the morning, when the trains just start their daily run, you surely going to see the last party people taking the first trains home as the district wake up to yet another busy day.

Lets explore some of Shibuya main nightlife spot and get you familiarized with where all the action is happening!

1. Womb Tokyo

Womb is one of the best clubs in Shibuya and hosting a vast dancefloor, great lighting, a super-bass sound system and what claims to be ‘Asia’s largest mirror ball’. The club is open all week long and host House, techno, hip-hop, dubstep and drum ’n’ bass parties. Womb’s schedule is packed with famous international DJ’s as well a home base for some of Tokyo best musicians and DJ’s. If you are in Shibuya and looking for the best club experience, Womb is defiantly the one to go to!


  • Name: Womb Tokyo
  • Address: 2-16 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya 150-0044, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-5459-0039
  • Website: http://www.womb.co.jp

2. Lounge Neo

Lounge Neo is located right off Dogenzaka street and is a beautifully designed night club hosting any kind of music parties without restricting itself to any particular style or type of people. The club guest DJ’s are mostly local but every weekend when the club present their biggest parties, it is usually including famous international DJ’s and performance groups. The club location is also right in the heart of the love hotels district of Tokyo and is a great spot if you find yourself in a need for one right after the club party!


  • Name: Lounge Neo
  • Address: 2-21-7 Dogenzaka 5~6F Dai8 Yazawa Bldg, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-5458-2551
  • Website: http://www.loungeneo.com/venue

3. The Room Music Bar

The Room Music Bar is located very close to Shibuya Station on the other side of Dogenzaka in close proximity to the Cerulean Tower. This night life spot is a life performance bar which offers very intimate environment to both have a nice drink while listing to live music on the little stage next to the bar. This place is great of you are looking to enjoy conversations with strangers and have a drink while listening to some of Tokyo best live performers!


  • Name: The Room Music Bar
  • Address: 15-19 Sakuragaoka-cho B1 Eight Toto Bldg., Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-3461-7167
  • Website: http://www.theroom.jp

4. Atom Tokyo

Atom Tokyo club is located right at the heart of Dogenzaka Love hotel area and is one of Tokyo coolest clubs to go out at. If you are looking for a real wild night while dancing to trance, rave, psytrance, house and hip-hop music – you are at the right place. There are three different floors in the club. Two floors are a nightclub and a third that works as a lounge in which you can relax and have a drink. On Saturdays the club is very crowded and if you wish to get in, it is best advised to come early.


  • Name: Atom Tokyo
  • Address: 2-4 Maruyamacho Dr.Jeekahn’s Bldg 4F/6F, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-3464-0703
  • Website: http://atom-tokyo.com

5. Sound Museum Vision

Sound Museum Vision club is located right on Dogenzaka main street and is rated among the best dance clubs in Shibuya. The club have space to 1500 people with 4 dance floors!. The largest floor called Gaia, has a sound system loud enough to make your brain feels as if there is constant earthquake in Tokyo! The regular club nights include the Classics with hip hop music, Alien Radio with techno music and Girls Festival, in which all ladies get in for free!


  • Name: Sound Museum Vision
  • Address: B1F 2-10-7 Dogenzaka, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-5728-2824
  • Website: http://www.vision-tokyo.com

6. Club Camelot

Club Camelot is located on the other side of Shibuya toward Harajuku and right in front of Shibuya Apple Store. The club is mid-size very energetic night spot and can hold up to 700 people in two floors. The club specialized in hip-hop and reggae music and is holding many live shows as well as specialized party nights with DJ music only. The club is very popular among foreigners visiting Tokyo. The club main night is on Saturday and is called “Ultimate Saturday Paty” where the DJ’s mix mostly house and hip-hop music.


  • Name: Club Camelot
  • Address: 1-18-2 Jinnan Jinnanzaka Frame B2F, B3F, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-5728-5613
  • Website: http://www.clubcamelot.jp

7. Coins Bar 300

Coins Bar 300 is a small bar located at the very end of Shibuya Center Gai and right behind the PARCO shopping center. The bar is one of the last bars in Tokyo which still allow smoking inside it. The bar is a great spot to have a drink and socialize in a comfortable intimate environment. The music is mostly Jazz and the bar has massive large screen playing constant classic movies all night long.


  • Name: Coins Bar 300
  • Address: 36-2 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-3463-3039
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Coins-Bar-300-SHIBUYA/175275409191808

8. Ruby Room Tokyo

The Ruby Room is a small dance club located deep in the heart of Dogenzaka nightlife area and is a small 150 dance club night spot. Yet don’t let the size of the club mislead you, Ruby Room is considered one of the highest quality dance clubs in Tokyo is is holding parties with some of the biggest name in the global underground club scene. The club has only one dance floor and very small DJ booth but the energy in this place is electric and if you are looking to see some f the best underground parties in Tokyo, try the Ruby Room on Saturday nights!


  • Name: Ruby Room Tokyo
  • Address: 2-25-17 Dogenzaka  4F Kasumi Bldg, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-7803-022
  • Website: http://rubyroomtokyo.com

9. Karaoke Kan Shibuya

Karaoke Kan Shibuya is located on the main street of Meiji Dori about 10 minutes walk from Shibuya Station. Karaoke Kan is a popular karaoke chain which offers very fancy rooms and services for crowds that likes singing in small or large rooms. The place also have a restaurant inside it and you can order wide variety of food and snack to your private room and enjoy a full night of singing and partying!


  • Name: Karaoke Kan Shibuya
  • Address: 30-8 Udagawacho, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-3462-0785
  • Website: http://karaokekan.jp/index.html

10. Big Echo Shibuya

Big Echo 1 and 2 are Karaoke spots located right next to Shibuya Station on Inokashira Dori.
Big Echo is the biggest karaoke chain in Japan and is the owner of the DAM Karaoke system which is the highest quality and the most popular in karaoke machine in the Japanese mmarket. The DAM works with many languages such as English, Chinese and Korean, allowing the singer to enjoy getting graded by the machine in regards to their singing level allowing couples and group to compete on singing levels!


  • Name: Big Echo Shibuya 2
  • Address: 25-2 Udagawacho Denen Bldg., Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-5728-7676
  • Website: http://big-echo.jp

11. 0 Zero

Club 0 Zero is located on Aoyama Dori just around the corner from Aoyama University and about 20 minuets walk from Omotesando street, The club is built in the same place of the old “Aoyama Club” which was legendary club in the Tokyo scene for many years. The renewed club is now focusing on bringing the best international DJ’s and play on one of the best sound systems in Tokyo. While the at night the club is the place to go for dancing, in the daytime, the place turn into a cafe and is very popular among tourists and foreigners living in Japan.


  • Name: 0 Zero
  • Address: 2-9-13 Shibuya  AiiA ANNEX Bld. B1F, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-3798-9933
  • Website: http://aoyama-zero.com

12. Shibuya Club Quatro

Shibuya Club Quatro is located very close to Yoyogi Park right in between Shibuya and Harajuku stations. The club offers mainly live shows and is built for live performances. The place is built in one floor which includes DJ booth and live performance stage. The music played in the club is mostly J-Pop and Japanese Rock and Heavy metal bands and its close proximity to Harajuku is maybe the main reason for the very young crowds. If you are looking into checking out the local live performances scene in Tokyo, this club is the right place for it in Shibuya.


  • Name: Shibuya Club Quatro
  • Address: 32-13-4 Udagawacho 5F, Shibuya 150-0042, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-3477-8750
  • Website: http://www.club-quattro.com

13. Bar Black Sheep

Bar Black Sheep is a small and very cool bar located in Center Gai in Shibuya, just a walking distance from Shibuya Station. The bar most famous personality is not the bartender but the owner Shiba Inu dog! The dog is maybe the main attraction in the bar and people say the dog knows all the people in the bar personally! If you want to see one of Tokyo most famous “animal bars” – try the Black Ship to see how humans and animals share a night out place!


  • Name: Bar Black Sheep
  • Address: 2-29-13 Dogenzaka Wakatsuki Bldg. 2F, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-3496-7330
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/blacksheepshibuya

14. Flame Tokyo

Flame Tokyo is located at the top of Dogenzaka Street about 20 minutes walk from Shibuya Station. The bar offers a club atmosphere environment where people can drink or dance in a full clubbing lighting and sound system environment. The club is very popular among foreigners and Japanese alike and is a great spot if you wish to find mixed crowds speaking both English and Japanese but without the madness of the big noisy clubs. It is a kind of a hybrid place which allows both conversations as well as dance in one place!


  • Name: Flame Tokyo
  • Address: 2-4 Maruyamacho | 1F, Shibuya 150-0044, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-3496-2727
  • Website: http://flame-tokyo.com

15. Harlem

Club Harlem is located deep within the Dogenzaka nightlife district and is one of the best places if you like hip-hop and black culture music. The place hold some of the biggest hip-hop parties in Tokyo and has both live performance stage and amazing DJ booth and sound system. The club is also a main attraction for foreigners who visit Japan and want to see the local hip-hop scene. It is wild and very high quality if you are in a mood for dance party to the deep bass sounds of hip-hop!


  • Name: Harlem
  • Address: 2-4 Maruyamacho  Dr. Jeekahns 2F, Shibuya, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-3461-8806
  • Website: http://www.harlem.co.jp

Have a good trip and travel!