7 Things to Know About San Diego Restaurant Week

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Source: Port of San Diego

Do you often feel like getting confused in choosing a restaurant for dinner? In San Diego, you can find easily which place to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner. If you get lost in looking for a website that could provide complete information about restaurants in San Diego. Now, with one click only, you can explore more than that in San Diego Restaurant Week. Just open its official address on www.sandiegorestaurantweek.com and there are hundred lists of restaurants. Newbie for this? We have 7 things you need to know about this website. Check it out!

1. Lists of hundred restaurants


There are so many restaurants found in San Diego. These restaurants are listed in this website. You can find basic information about the name of the restaurant, address, phone number, and official website if the restaurant provides one. You can click the link and you can go directly to the website to see what the restaurants look like. This feature is a really recommended one for you. You can open this website everytime you need to look for references.

2. Special offers


This website is more complete with information about special deals offer you can find in 10 restaurants. For example, at Shimbashi Izakaya, you might get offer on tasting the authentic Japanese wagyu beef and Holiday Special Osechi. Then, at pampas Argentine Grill you can get special dishes originally from Argentine, California, and some steaks for your lunch and dinner. When you go to Pacifica Del Mar, there is two-course menu for evening dinners waiting for you. It will be started from 6:00 pm. You need to spend $23.75 each person to enjoy the special menu from this restaurant.

3. Special events


Besides finding special offers in some restaurants, you will find the schedule of upcoming events. These events are usually held every Christmas, New Year’s Eve, January, and December. When the date is approaching, you better look this website to know what special events you can find. If you’re afraid to forget these events, you can mark your calendar or manage your reminder with your phone. The events could be your smart alternatives to pass the special days by enjoying special cuisines in some restaurants.

4. Treasure on recipes


Have no money in your wallet? Don’t worry because you can use any ingredients available in your house and cook your favorite menu from your favorite restaurant. San Diego Restaurant Week website provides many recipes from many menus inspired by restaurants listed in this website. So, now you can style like a chef and make your own favorite cuisine with ingredients available in your home. It will be very fun because you spend no money and you have quality time with family at the same time.

5. Supportive sponsors


San Diego Restaurant Week website is supported by many sponsors to make sure the quality of the website. It shows that the website is really professional in holding events and other features inside it. If you have a company and you’re interested to register yours in this long list, you may contact Jan Borkum by email sandiegocra@gmail.com or by phone at 619-846-2164. But, if you have a restaurant or café and want it to be featured, you can contact Jenna Thompson via email jenna@mcfarlanepromotions.com or via phone number at 619-233-5008.

6. Charity

This is a wonderful thing from San Diego Restaurant Week. Collaborating with California Restaurant Association, this website has donated more than $5,000 to important organizations, including The American Red Cross San Diego/Imperial Counties, Mama’s Kitchen, and Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank. This donation aims to upgrade the life quality of those in need. This event is a really meaningful activity we can be proud of from this website. Caring is living. And San Diego Restaurant Week has proven to people that caring is an essential part of life.

7. Friendly design

It sounds simple and mere. But when you open a website and you find the friendly and classy design, you will love the web. San Diego Restaurant Week website is very simple with the white background color. However, this one looks classy because the color choice. The features are not that many but they are essential to fulfill your interest in explore culinary. Remember to open this website whenever you need references of where to eat.

So, if you get lost to look for restaurant for lunch or dinner in San Diego, just open the San Diego Restaurant Week website. There are more than many choices to take. Besides, there are other additional exciting features you won’t miss. Mark your calendar for upcoming San Diego Restaurant Week event!


Have a good trip and travel!