7 Reasons to Go Hollywood Hills

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Hollywood Hills

Source: Darin Kim

Discover one of the famous neighborhoods of Los Angeles. Hollywood Hills differs very significantly from other activities and neighborhoods of the city. At first, this is a beautiful place with amazing views and green nature, so it is easy to find a park to take a rest. And at second, you always have a chance to meet your favorite movie star. So let’s make a list, with top 7 places you need to visit in the Hollywood Hills.

1. Hollywood Sign

Hollywood Hills 1
Source: laurariumartín

What does everybody want to see in Los Angeles? Right, Hollywood sign. The iconic landmark of the city is the most popular place for travelers. Did you know that there are only a few places, where you can take a perfect picture of yourself and Hollywood sign? One of them is situated in the Hollywood Hills, we must say that it is the best one. Here is a beautiful nature instead of LA traffic and big crowds of people.


  • Name: Hollywood Sign
  • Address: 3000 Canyon Lake Drive, Hollywood
  • Access: by car

2. Forest Lawn Memorial Park

Hollywood Hills 2
Source: Krzysztof Belczyński

Forest Lawn Memorial Park is a place which is dedicated to the preservation of American history and hosts high-profile events such as annual Veterans Day. Walking at this quiet place, you can find such sights like Plaza of Mesoamerican Heritage where you can see famous Aztec Calendar or other arts of the pre-Mexican civilization; Lincoln Terrace with its mosaics that shows the main life scenes of the President; Court of Liberty that has a marble and bronze of President Washington and other historical acquisition. No doubt, walking to this place is one of the best decisions you can make while you are in Los Angeles.


  • Name: Forest Lawn Memorial Park
  • Address:  1712 S Glendale Ave, Glendale, CA 91205
  • Access: by car

3. Griffith Park

Hollywood Hills 3
Source: Ron Reiring

A place where you can spend a full day. Beautiful locations are in every step of yours. Be prepared to clean a memory of your camera. Griffith Observatory, Bronson Canyon, Los Angeles Zoo and other famous landmarks of Los Angeles city are located here. If you are a nature lover, you can hike mountains – especially this time spending will be the best in the mornings or evenings. We can’t decide what view is better, sunset or sunrise, but you need to see both of them. They are gorgeous.


  • Name: Griffith Park
  • Address: 4730 Crystal Springs Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Opening hour: open 24 hours
  • Website: griffithobservatory.org/about/griffithpark.html

4. John Anson Ford Amphitheatre

Huge place with a big history. To really feel the full atmosphere of the John Anson Ford Amphitheater you need to visit one of the events. Gorgeous sound and actor`s play are so harmoniously with the location. The Amphitheater is open air, so you can easily enjoy not only an actor play or music performance but a wonderful view of the night sky and the Santa Monica mountains.


  • Name: John Anson Ford Amphitheatre
  • Address: 2580 Cahuenga Blvd E, Los Angeles, CA 90068
  • Website: fordtheatres.org

5. Notable residents

Hollywood Hills 5

Source: Eric Chan

Big Villas and private schools are hints that here live important people. Yes, the most of the residents belong to famous actors, singers and producers. Moreover, you can book a special Hollywood Hills tour, which shows you the cribs where live or lived certain Stars. You can take a walk by yourself, previously google which house you want to see. Travel this way give you more opportunities to meet a celebrity.


  • Name: Notable residents of Hollywood Hills
  • Access: Public transport/ car

6. Lake Hollywood

Hollywood Hills 6
Source: Eden, Janine and Jim

One of the most beautiful places in Los Angeles. Lake Hollywood is situated in the heart of the Hollywood Hills. The lake was created by a construction of the Mulholland Dam in 1924. To take a perfect picture of it, we suggest you hiking on the one of the hills. The area that surrounds the lake is known as Lake Hollywood Park, where the citizens of Los Angeles often hike or bike.


  • Name: Lake Hollywood
  • Address: 3200 Canyon Lake Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90027
  • Access: by car

7. Hollywood Bowl

Hollywood Hills 7
Source: April K

The historical place is located in the heart of the Hollywood Hills. Hollywood Bowl is an open amphitheater where hundreds of the popular artists make their performances and shows. It was build in the 1920s and renovated in 2002-2004. Imagine yourself a warm evening: While beautiful music is playing, you are watching the breathtaking sunset at the Hollywood Hills. What can be better to end your saturated trip day?


  • Name: Hollywood Bowl
  • Address: 2301 Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90068
  • Website: www.hollywoodbowl.com

One day is a really small time to discover Hollywood Hills. We are trying to make your trip easier and saturated. So make a note in these places, to receive the most unforgettable experience of travelling to Hollywood Hills.

Have a good trip and travel!

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