7 Things to Know About Bakersfield SPCA

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Bakersfield SPCA
Source: Bev Sykes

Established in 1949, The Bakersfield SPCA is a free and a nonprofit association that works for the protection, welfare and accommodating treatment of cats and dogs through safe house, avoidance of pet overpopulation and reception. Bakersfield SPCA has about 400 dogs and cats at their center. The volunteers and the members help in providing needs of the animals, sustenance, drug, prepping and socialization for uprooted pets with the goal that they might be prepared to come back to the home environment. Below are some facts and things you should know about Bakersfield SPCA.

1. The Adoption Process of Bakersfield SPCA

Adoptions of pets begin with the prospective owners heart and mind, who must be serious to adopt the pets, looking at their lives to ensure they are prepared for such long haul connections with the pets. Adoption process incorporates scanning the different canines and felines. Then spend some of your time associating with the creature. In the wake of selecting your pet, you have to begin adoption process paperwork. Your adoption fees for a pet incorporates Microchip, Spay/Neuter , Leukemia testing in felines ,immunizations for pets, Veterinary examination, and Leash checking in dogs. You will be notified as soon as your adopted pet comes back from the veterinarian and is prepared for finishing off the adoption process.


  • Dogs Adoption Fees:$100
  • Cats:$60

2. Surrendering a Pet at Bakersfield SPCA

If you want to surrender you pet at Bakersfield SPCA, then there are some procedures you need to follow before surrendering your pet. Every animal that seeks surrender is evaluated for both well-being and conduct. The consequences of these assessments help SPCA to determine on the off chance that they can put them for adoption or allude you to different offices that might be able to help. You need to call for an appointment at (661) 323-8353 and there are some ostensible expenses for surrendering your pet if it is accepted by the center.

3. Spay and Neuter Program

The Bakersfield SPCA offers affordable Spay and Neuter programs. The cost for cats Spay and Neuter procedure is $40 for males while it’s $50 for female cats. The cost for dogs spay and neuter procedure is $65 for male dogs and $70 for female dogs which are 60 pounds and under. For dogs who are weighing 61 pounds or more the cost is $75 for male dogs and $80 for female dogs. Extra expenses will be charged for pregnant pets, cryptorchidism , or umbilical hernia repair. Arrangements are important for spay/neuter surgery. For that you require calling at (661) 831-6000 to plan an appointment.

4. How You Can Help Bakersfield SPCA

The administrations of the Bakersfield SPCA are conceivable on account of the liberal gifts of money and time given by numerous group volunteers.This support guarantees that the association can give welfare facilities to destitute creatures in a good well-maintained environment and can give minimal effort administrations to reduce animal overpopulation. There are numerous ways you can help, either you can become a member of the club or through Kennel Club Sponsorships, providing various things required by the center for maintaining the center or by donating some money.

5. Bakersfield SPCA Membership

You can be a member of the Bakersfield SPCA and assist the numerous creatures that depend on contributions from the various members of the center. If you like to be the part of the Bakersfield SPCA and want to become the member of the organization then you need to complete their membership form and send it to their address along with the membership fees.
You can Download SPCA Membership Form Here


  • For Individuals: $30
  • For Families: $50
  • For Senior Citizens and Juniors: $20

6. License Information of Bakersfield SPCA

Because of expanding quantities of creatures being demolished in Kern County every year, All dogs inside of the City and County breaking points of Bakersfield which are 4 months old and over, must be licensed and immunized. There are two simple strides to license your dog. To begin with is to vaccinate your dog for rabies through an authorized veterinarian professional or through rabies centers. Second is return your pets rabies and spay/neuter certificate if your puppy is changed, and license fee. A permit gives confirmation to others that your pet has been vaccinated against rabies.

7. Dog Training at Bakersfield SPCA

Training your dog will offer you some assistance with having a long lasting, positive association with your pet. The Bakersfield SPCA offers different training courses for you dog. If you are interested in Dog Training at Bakersfield SPCA you can call them at (661) 323-8353 for more information.

The Bakersfield SPCA is a private and a free association depending exclusively on donations given by various community members and other peoples. They don’t get any government subsidy, nor they have a backup of any national creature welfare association.

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