10 Hotels You Must Stay in Nagasaki

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There is no better way to enjoy and document all your travelogues if you cannot have a perfect place in sync with your travel needs and this is the reason why having a good hotel is a must when traveling anywhere. In this cosmopolitan city of Nagasaki, not only are their thousands of hotels but there are many that suits and fulfills different client needs, lets sample some of these world renowned hotels:

1. Fujiwara Ryokan

The Fujiwara Ryokan hotel took a very conservative and traditional during its inception.  The view and traditions around it is magnificent. Early mornings, you may hear the bells ringing and the drums beating from the nearby temples. This Japanese inn is perfect for those who want a taste of the Japanese culture and get the original Japanese feel. It is not anything extravagant but it is guaranteed to satisfy your most basic needs.


  • Address: 6-12 Uwamachi,Nagasaki
  • Tel : +81 95 822 2378
  • Access: it is only an eight minute walk from the Nagasaki station
  • Price: $65 – $213

2. Hotel Monterey Nagasaki

The architecture, design and decor is the reminiscent of the founders of this hotel and once in this hotel you are part of the Nagasaki culture that dates back to 1543. They have beautiful tiled walls painted in blue being part of the original work done by Portuguese craftsmen and the atmosphere is just wonderful with the smooth breeze from the sea. Their service is first class, so don’t expect anything short of quality.


  • Address:  1-22 Oura-machi, Nagasaki-shi, Nagasaki
  • Website: http://www.hotelmonterey.co.jp/nagasaki/
  • Tel: +81 95-827-7111
  • Access: 20mins from the JR Nagasaki and 1 min on foot from Oura-kaigandori-shita stop

3. Hotel Forza Nagasaki

The Hotel Forza is well known due to the facilities it has on offer as their rooms are well equipped with TV, refrigerator and baths and an iPad for recreational or personal use. Their staff communicates in English with a maid who grooms your room every day perhaps that is the other reason why they wont allow pets in-that extra cleaning or grooming is not desired from their side. There are also non smoking rooms available for guests.


  • Address: 850 0853 Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Tel: 81 958162111
  • Price:  $70 – $186
  • Access: it is only a three minute walk from Shianbashi Station

4. Richmonde Hotel Nagasaki

Located centrally in the city of Nagasaki, It is a perfect location for business persons and tourists. They have very comfortable and cozy rooms, a main prerequisite for resting especially if you had long and tiring days. The rooms are also equipped with computers and printers to cater for the business people. Richmond Hotel also have flat screen TVs in all rooms with Free WiFi. They also provide a breakfast buffet, both in Japanese and Western style, catering for all kinds of clients.


  • Address: 6 38 mottoshikkuimachi
  • Tel: +81 95-832-2525
  • Website: nagasaki.richmondhotel.jp/
  • Access: 10 minute drive from JR Nagasaki station

5. Hotel New Nagasaki

The facilities of this hotel are simply amazing to begin with its proximity from the Nagoya station makes it ideal for any guest who doesn’t want to waste time on traffic and then the food on offer is just delicious. Though they are limited, they are available from a wide variety. Their room service is also excellent always ensuring that the rooms are clean and beautiful.


  • Address: 850-0057Nagasaki
  • Website: http://www.newnaga.com/
  • Tel: +81 95-826-8000
  • Access:  Walking distance from the Nagoya Station

6. Crowne Plaza Nagasaki Gloverhill

This is a four star hotel with mesmerizing architectural features. It has picture perfect views of the mountains as you look out through the windows of your rooms. You enjoy watching the sun go down every evening. It tends to disappear amidst the mountains. The great service that the staff provides makes you feel at home. They also speak in English, this makes communication much easier. They serve great French cuisine, scrumptious meals at the hotel.


  • Website: http://www.ihg.com/crowneplaza/hotels/us/en/nagasaki/ngsgh/hoteldetail
  • Address: 1-18 Minamiyamate-machi, Nagasaki
  • Tel: +81 95 8186601
  • Price: Between $82 and $198
  • Access: 7 minutes from JR Nagasaki Station.

7. Navy Lodge

This hotel is ideal for travelers who just had those long days. To start with, the rooms are spacious with ample parking lots outside. This is complemented by the clean and well spread beds when you check in with willing staff who offer to carry your staff to your room. Within its vicinity are parks and shopping centres with well connected web of tram systems. Navy lodge is also equipped with WiFi which you can use while relaxing at their cute lobbies drinking free tea or coffee.


  • Address: Hirasemachi, Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture 857-0056,
  • Website: https://www.navy-lodge.com/lodge_page.html?p_lodge_number=43
  • Tel : +81 956-24-0322
  • Price range : about $55 per room
  • Access: 30 minutes drive from Nagasaki Station.

8. Nagasaki Onsen Yasuragi Ioujima

This hotel rests near the sea, promising great views and fresh air for all guests. The hot springs nearby also tone up the views a notch higher. The food is undoubtedly amazing as they cook the fresh catch right from the sea making the seafood there tastier. Furthermore, they offer outdoor activities like badminton, tennis and cycling. It gives a great opportunity for those who love to spend some time out in the sun.


  • Address: 1-3277-7 Iojimamachi, Nagasaki
  • Website : www.ioujima.jp/en/
  • Price: Between $102  and $294
  • Access: it is thirty minutes from the Nagano station
  • Tel: +81 95-898-2202

9. Hotel Wingport

The Hotel Wingport is at a perfect location at the heart of the city which is ideal for tourist who need to access sightseeing places and shopping malls nearby. There is free WiFi for guests and a laundry in case you just bagged in a few for the trip. The hotel has a great parking slot so those who have rented cars shouldn’t have a problem.


  • Address: 9-2 Daikoku-machi, Nagasaki 850-0057, Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Website : http://www.wingport.com/en/
  • Price : $52 – $91
  • Access: only a three minute walk by foot from the JR station
  • Tel: +0858332800

10. Best Western Premier Hotel

This hotel is part of the Best Western Premier of hotels, a renowned world brand who offer very special and spacious rooms for all their guests. The rooms are equipped with a TV, safe box and fridge. The highlight of the place is the option of dining from any four restaurants within the hotel. The meals offered by each restaurant are unique in its own way.


  • Address: 850 – 0045 Nagasaki, Prefecture
  • Website: www.bestwestern.co.jp/english/nagasaki/
  • Tel: +81 95 821 1111
  • Price range: between $109 and $219
  • Access: 100m Takaramachi train station

These are among the best hotels in Nagasaki ideally located for ease of navigation and to top it all up, fairly priced. Once in Nagasaki, set on your site and check in just to experience their services.

Have a good trip and travel!

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