7 Reasons to Go Ice Skating in Pasadena

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Source: Steven Depolo

Ice skating is the perfect activity throughout the winter time. If you are visiting Pasadena during that time and feel like want to something dynamic, ice skating could easily be the exercise you are looking for. Pasadena Ice Skating Center is no Rockefeller’s Center by any means. You do not skate underneath the decorated Christmass tree but this does not make this experience any less special.

1. Great place to do something different in Pasadena

After you get to Pasadena you would want to do some shopping, visit some of the great restaurants you can find and then do a little sightseeing. Still not tired? The ice skating arena should be on your to-do list then. You have the chance to spice up things a little bit and go for something unconventional this time. Ice skating center is established next to Paseo Colorado and you will find parking structures within the vicinity. The admission and skate rental will cost you $13.00.

2. Family Friendly

Traveling with your family? Even better. Get on your skates and take some funny pictures. This is the place where lots of families spend their time and genuinely enjoy the friendly and family-oriented environment. Time flies when you are having fun and a one-hour session will pass without even noticing it.

3. Kind Staff

The staff is exceptionally nice and helpful. They are extremely helpful and patient teachers. Do not be surprised if one of the staff members offer you help to tie your skates. These people love to help out and seem to enjoy what they do.

4. Fabulous Rink

Regular visitors usually say that you get more than you would expect from an ice rink near the center of Pasadena. You are granted an actual rink with excellent ice. It is clean and well-kept.  The facility is brand new, therefore, more facilities are required. The bathrooms are outside and they are also kept clean. The skates are in good shape and you do not need to worry about that.

5. Night Visits

So-called Cheap Skates are on Thursday nights. This is the time when you do not have to pay for skate rentals. If you plan on ice skating a lot it is useful to buy the skates but you can pick Thursday nights and you should be fine as well. Additionally, the parking meters stop operating at 6 pm so this is probably the cheapest fun in the town on this particular day.

6. Great place for beginners

Public skating sessions are open to the general public. As we mentioned, the teachers give their best so you have a good time and they really want to help you improve your skills. You may need to go a few times but these lessons may turn out great for you. Public Skating Program is accessible to anyone, without age or skill restrictions. These sessions are supervised by a staff member for your enjoyment and safety.

7. Not Crowded

There are certain times when there are more people than usual, but in the majority of cases, you can spend your leisurely afternoon without worrying about bumping into someone. Sometimes you can see these adorable ice dancers performing their training in the center of the rink. However, if you are more interested in doing things than watching, there should be enough room for practicing.


  • Name: Pasadena Ice Skating Center
  • Address: 300 E Green St, Pasadena, CA 91101, United States
  • Phone:+1 626-578-0800
  • Monday to Tuesday 1-3:15 pm, Wednesday 1-5 pm, Thursday 1–5 pm, 7:30–9 pm, Friday to Saturday 1–5 pm, 8–10 pm, Sunday 2 – 4 pm
  • Website: http://www.skatepasadena.com/

This is surely a nice way to spend a couple of hours of your day. Every activity is good for your body, but sometimes it is nice to change your regular routines with an ice skating program. Fun is guaranteed. If you fall a few times you may get some bruises but the memories are eternal. Join the ice madness!

Have a good Trip and Travel!