10 Places to Go Shopping in Oakland

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In a true Oakland style, shopping in the city is always an exciting experience. Ambitious businessmen are making up-to-date shopping areas and artisan passages that are occupied with the stunning locally manufactured products. Starting from the clothes up to the household items, bookstores, and jewelry stores; there is a huge scope to spend your shopping weekend in the Oakland. Let’s check out these wonderful shopping places in Oakland.

1. Fruitvale District

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The Fruitvale District can be the perfect place to experience the Latin civilization which is the foremost fraction of the well-built California culture. The place can be regarded as an exciting neighborhood located at the bottom of the Oakland foothills. By means of wonderful shops as well as appetizing dinners, this is a superb location to enjoy the beauty of Oakland. Whether you want to purchase some trendy clothes or wish to eat some delicious food items; this place is the perfect choice for you.


  • Name:Fruitvale District
  • Address:Neighborhood in Oakland, California
  • Known for: Cloth shops, restaurants, food and drink

2. Montclair Village

If you are searching for a diverse arts landscape accompanied with world-famous cookery and stylish textiles, then Montclair Village is the location for you. Montclair Village is an amazing shopping place. This area is covered with stunning surroundings. Tourists can enjoy their time in Oakland by doing lots of shopping. Here you can also enjoy delicious food and other amusing activities.


  • Name:Montclair Village
  • Known for: Dining, shopping, relaxation, fresh air
  • Website:http://www.montclairvillage.com/

3. Old Oakland

Old Oakland is an amazing shopping place located in downtown Oakland. This place gives you a big access to shopping. Old Oakland market is flooded with the restaurants, clothing shops, movie theaters, play zones, and many other attractive features. Here you can get ice-cold treats of milk products. You can also enjoy outdoor entertainment such as watching movies that are projected on the wall or some live music concerts.


  • Name:Old Oakland
  • Known for: Outdoor entertainment, shopping, food items
  • Website:http://www.oldoakland.org

4. Piedmont Avenue

This is one of the most popular places to see in Oakland. The place is well-known for the extraordinary Halloween Celebration. The startling number of trades makes this district ideal for a half-day journey: after looking at the shops located in this place, one can say that there is a huge scope to spend a very good time in having lunch, purchasing stylish clothes, buying books etc.


  • Name:Piedmont Avenue
  • Known for: restaurants, bookstores, trendy cloth shops
  • Website:http://piedmontavenue.org/

5. Oaklandish

Oaklandish is a style stroke and retail shop placed in Oakland. It was started as a clandestine public art movement intended to fetch a sense of olden times and traditions to the underutilized communal places of this city. The brand is well-known for endorsing civic conceit throughout their wide-ranging string of hoodies, t-shirts, and trimmings that showcase the symbols of society.


  • Name:Oaklandish
  • Address:1444 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612 b/t Telegraph Ave & 15th St Downtown Oakland
  • Contact: (510) 251-9500
  • Opening hours: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Website:http://www.oaklandish.com/

6. Viscera

Viscera crafts 3D printed garnishing products, neutral garments, and accessories completely manufactured in the USA. If you are a great fan of the shiny, cohesive and modern assortment of clothes then this is the perfect place for shopping. Their 3D accessories gently stand out in the crowd. Visit this shop to have a pleasant shopping experience in Oakland.


  • Name:Viscera
  • Address: 1542 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612 b/t 17th St & Telegraph Ave Downtown Oakland
  • Contact: (510) 410-9040
  • Opening hours: 12:00 pm – 7:00 pm
  • Website:http://viscerastudio.com/

7. Feria Urbana – Urban Fair

This is an ideal place to shop for jewelry, domestic items, garments, fashion accessories, kid items, stoneware, and a lot more. They offer exclusive discounts on special days such as mother’s day, valentine’s day etc. If you want to purchase some fabulous gifts for your beloved one, then you must visit “Feria Urbana – Urban Fair” at least ones in a lifetime.


  • Name:Feria Urbana – Urban Fair
  • Address: 95 Linden St Oakland, CA 94607 at W Embarcadero  Downtown Oakland
  • Contact:(510) 251-8898
  • Website:http://www.feriaurbana.com/

8. Laurel Bookstore

Laurel Bookstore is one of the biggest bookstores in Oakland. Here you can find a large variety of books. If you like reading and usually spend enough money on buying books, then this store would definitely mesmerize your mind with its large collection of books. You can also purchase signed books from this store.


  • Name:Laurel Bookstore
  • Address: 1423 Broadway Oakland, CA 94612 b/t Telegraph Ave & 15th St  Downtown Oakland
  • Contact: (510) 452-9232
  • Timing: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm (Sunday Closed)
  • Website:http://www.laurelbookstore.com/

9. Show and Tell

Although this shop is small in size it has the biggest collection of clothes and accessories. Another surprising thing about this shop is that most of their clothes are handcrafted by local artists and merchants. The shop owner has cleverly separated all sections for the shoppers, for an instance, you can easily switch between the apparel and footwear section. Check out this store to get delight shopping experience in Oakland.


  • Name:Show and Tell
  • Address: 1427 Broadway Ste B Oakland, CA 94612 b/t Telegraph Ave & 15th St  Downtown Oakland
  • Contact: (510) 463-4964
  • Accepts Credit Cards : Yes
  • Website:https://squareup.com/store/show-and-tell

10. Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore

This is a small bookstore placed in Oakland. Here you can purchase all kinds of books, be it a fiction or non-fiction. This is an art gallery in itself. This is the perfect place for shopping all types of books, stunning greeting cards, gifts, and posters. Don’t forget to stop by this place if you are in Oakland.


  • Name:Wolfman General Interest Small Bookstore
  • Address: 410 13th St Oakland, CA 94612 b/t Broadway & Franklin St  Oakland Chinatown, Downtown Oakland
  • Contact: (415) 250-5527
  • Timing: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Website:http://wolfmanhomerepair.com/

Oakland is famous for its culture, civilization, and shopping places, obviously. These are some of the best shopping places in Oakland. Whether you are a traveler or a local person, you must visit aforementioned places and enjoy shopping lots of products of your choice.

Have a good trip and travel!

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