7 Things to Know About Santa Monica Airport

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Source: DieselDemon

Santa Monica Airport is a general aviation airport situated in 3223 Donald Douglas Loop S, Santa Monica, CA 90405, United States.  But it’s not just another airport. What makes Santa Monica Airport different from other airports is its rich history and involvement in shaping up the community in Santa Monica. The airport premise has among many things: a City Park, the Museum of Flying, different offices, art studios with a rich collection, event venues and more. Here are 7 things to know about Santa Monica Airport.

1. Douglas Aircraft Company

Source: DieselDemon

The journey of Santa Monica Airport started with the formation of Douglas Aircraft Company in 1922 by Donald Douglas. Before 1922, the place was used by the Pilots of World War I biplanes as a landing strip. Donald Douglas started manufacturing military as well as civilian aircraft and conducting tests on them. In 1923 the field was named Clover Field, after World War I pilot 2nd Lt. Greayer “Grubby” Clover who was born and grew up nearby and was killed in action.

2. Airport Avenue Demo Gardens

There are three different gardens that constitute Airport Avenue Demonstration Garden. These gardens are sustainable landscapes with water fixtures. The gardens feature eco-friendly laws and alternatives, beautiful vegetable gardens with lots of fresh vegetable and fruit trees. It also includes a private outdoor sanctuary where you can have a little picnic or just relax and enjoy the natural beauties of the gardens.

3. Santa Monica Art Studios and Arena1Gallery

Are you an art enthusiast? If so, you’d be glad to know that Santa Monica Airport has an art studio and gallery.  The art studios stand on 22,000 sq ft repurposed air hanger. A community of artists creates their magic in there. Classes and exhibitions are held. The exhibitions are open for people to visit. You can directly talk to the artists and creators and get their insights behind a work. There is also a visual theater that you can visit.

4. Airport Park

For those who love to spend an outside afternoon, Santa Monica Airport has a beautiful Airport Park. The park has picnic areas. If you love BBQ, you can cook your own at the BBQ area. There is a soccer field for those who love to play sports. Children can play to their hearts content in the play and hot areas. There is also a walking loop and dog park where you can enjoy a nice time walking and playing with your dogs.

5. Observation Decks

What’s the point of visiting an airport if you can’t watch the planes take off and touch down, am I right? There are two observation decks at the Santa Monica Airport from where you can watch all the air place activities clearly and at the same time from a safe distance. The two observation decks are named the Runway View Deck and the Public Sky-deck and are situated on the west and east side of the Airport Administration Building respectively.

6. Museum of Flying

Who isn’t intrigued by the history of aviation? The answer is no one. Santa Monica Airport houses the Museum of Flying for all those who want to know how man changed the history of transportations and made flying possible. At the museum, you’d be able to find all the historical artifacts regarding the Santa Monica Airport. There are pictures and information on the history of aviation and there is also an interactive education for children.

7. Restaurants

After all those sightseeing and learning the history, you’ll surely get hungry. Santa Monica Airport has two amazing restaurants for you to eat all the delicious foods that you want. The specialty of these restaurants is that they have aviation decor! How amazing would it be to eat at a place that looked like parts or inside of an airplane? You can get Pan-Asian cuisine and as a bonus you’ll get to enjoy jazz evenings!


  • Name: Santa Monica Airport
  • Address: 3223 Donald Douglas Loop S, Santa Monica, CA 90405, United States
  • Airport type: Public
  • Phone: +1 310-458-8591
  • Website: http://www.smgov.net/departments/airport/

Santa Monica Airport is a true combination of history and advancement when it comes to aviation. If you’re looking forward to spending a nice and meaningful time outside, you should definitely go there.

Have a good trip and travel!