15 Things To Do in Kochi

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Source: Aleksandr Zykov

Kochi is the small and friendly city, with a very relaxed atmosphere and a decent portion of southern style. It is the capital of Kochi Prefecture which lies on the southern coast of an island Shikoku. Kochi boasts many attractions interesting to the fellow travelers. There is an original, well-preserved castle on a hill. On another mountain called Godaisan, tourists usually visit the Chikurenji Temple. The city is also Sakamoto Ryoma’s home. This is the man who had a role in accomplishing the Meiji Restoration. There is a museum dedicated especially to him. We can say that a lot of history lies beneath this town.

1. Kochi Castle

Japanese castles are completely different than the ones in Europe. The castle is generally small and surrounded by outer buildings and temples. Kochi is a typical example of this type of buildings. Charming, well-preserved and relatively small. It has a view over the entire city. The pond and garden are quiet and form a nice playground for the young ones. The admission fee is 500 yen. Children have the free entry.


  • Name: Kochi Castle
  • Address:1-2-1 Marunouchi, Kochi 780-0850, Kochi Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 88-824-5701
  • Website: http://kochipark.jp/kochijyo/#_=_

2. Katsurahama Beach

This is the wonderful beach to stroll and admire the environment. There is a nice walk up the hill where you can have the excellent view of the sea. There also is a statue of the legendary Ryoma Sakamoto. No swimming is allowed at this beach. You can spend some time at a nearby aquarium where you can touch the animals. You can take a bus from Kochi downtown in order to get here.


  • Name: Katrurahama Beach
  • Address: Urado, Kochi 781-0262, Kochi Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.attaka.or.jp/kanko/kotsu_mybus.php#_=_

3. Kochi’s Sunday Market

This market has a long history. It opens very early in the morning, even before the sunrise. There around 600 market stands selling crafted items and fresh produce. You will find the stalls at the Kochi Castle entry and all over Otesuji Avenue. It is a very popular market among tourists and locals. Many food stalls will give samples so you can taste their goods before buying. A nice variety of food and potentially plenty of dilemma in choosing.


  • Name: Sunday Market
  • Address: Otesuji, Kochi 780-0842, Kochi Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.city.kochi.kochi.jp/soshiki/39/nichiyouichi.html#_=_

4. Makino Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is not too large. But in the spring, you will be moved by its remarkable beauty. You will find that it has very nice hilltop panorama over the town, wonderful flowers, many trees, interesting footpaths. There is a tropical house with the rock pools and the orchids. A place you should visit as well is the museum devoted to Tomitaro Makino. You can spend wonderful few hours both in the garden and inside the temple grounds.


  • Name: The Kochi Prefectural Makino Botanical Garden
  • Address: 4200-6 Godaisan, Kochi 781-8125, Kochi Prefecture
  • Website: http://www.makino.or.jp/#_=_

5. The Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum

This town celebrates Sakamoto Ryoma however they can. Sakamoto was a brave political figure in the 19th century. He was a key factor in the political revolution that ended as a Meiji Restoration in 1968. He is honored and remembered, and his life’s work is commemorated in this particular museum established on a hill. The most of the documents are in Japanese but there is an English pamphlet as well. There is a discount on the entry if you have MY bus pass.


  • Name: The Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum
  • Address: 830 Urado-shiroyama, Kochi 781-0262, Kochi Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 88-841-0001
  • Hours: Sun – Sat 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
  • Website: http://www.ryoma-kinenkan.jp/#_=_

6. Ryoma Sakamoto Bronze Statue

After some climbing and possibly going through a crowd of people you will find this well-placed statue with an amazing view which deserves taking some photos. If you are familiar with a local history and you are a fan of Ryoma himself you will find this place very interesting.


  • Name: Ryoma Sakamoto Bronze Statue
  • Address: Urado, Kochi 781-0262, Kochi Prefecture

7. Tosaden Kotsu – Rail System

This type of transport is fascinating and fun for the children. It costs 200 yen. The routes they cover are rather convenient to get to the center of town. The trains pass by frequently.


  • Name: Tosaden Kotsu – Rail System
  • Address: Kochi 780-0822, Kochi Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 88-833-7111
  • Website: http://www.tosaden.co.jp/train/#_=_

8. Chikurinji Temple

At Chikurinji Temple, you can enjoy the walk through the garden and the premises. Tranquil and calm.The treasury is magnificent, there are amazing sculptures. The temple is well-kept. The place is pretty graphic. You can slow down and think upon the past. Great place for history admirers.


  • Name: Chikurinji Temple
  • Address: Godaisan, Kochi 781-8125, Kochi Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 888-82-3085
  • Website: http://www.chikurinji.com/#_=_

9. Godaisan Park

Godaisan is a very beautiful park located on a hill which overlooks the Kochi city. You can quickly climb to the lookout point and wander around. The lookout point is located above the primary building in the park. When you look back from there you are able to see the peak of Chikurinji. The path to Chikurinji could be somewhat difficult to find so pay attention to that.


  • Name: Godaisan Park
  • Address: Godaisan, Kochi 781-8125, Kochi Prefecture

10. Eating Katsuo

According to the legend, Kochi fishermen were careful about the raw fish and they would put sea salt on the recently caught katsuo filet and cook it right on the beach using pine needles and driftwood. Hence, the katsuo tataki was born. Katsuo tataki is originally eaten fresh. Most of the people in Kochi have the favorite shops or restaurants they consider to offer higher quality. The reality is that Kochi has the highest quality of fish and a very refined culture of preparing katsuo.

11. Kochi Tourist Information Center Tosa Terrace

This is the place where you can buy maps in English and find some nice brochures of the area. Staff is very helpful and they will give you a hand around things. This center is opened each day of the week.


  • Name: Kochi Tourist Information Center Tosa Terrace
  • Address: 2-10-17 Kitahommachi, Kochi 780-0056, Kochi Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 88-879-6400

12. Wanpa-ku Kochi

First of all, you have the Ferris Wheel which is highly recommended because it will give you a beautiful panoramic view of the whole city. Then you have the zoo with various kinds of animals. Kids will be animated by this part. Wanpa-ku also features a playland, waterfall, event hall, and a restaurant. The entry and the parking are completely free. This amusement park is conveniently located just north of the Kochi Castle.


  • Name: Wanpa-ku Kochi
  • Address: 6-9-1 Sanbashidori, Kochi 780-8010, Kochi Prefecture
  • Phone Number: +81 88-834-1890
  • Website: http://www.kochishi-ts.or.jp/wanpaku/index.html#_=_

13. Katsurahama Aquarium

This is a very small aquarium. A family-friendly kind of place. There is a lot of open air and the animals, such as otters, penguins, sea lions, and penguins are playful and very active. You have a lot of opportunities to interact with the animals and feed them. Katsurahama is, therefore, a great spot for children. Everything is easily accessible for child’s eye level and their little hands. The adults can enjoy reading about the sea life and sitting in the refreshment area gazing at the wonderful beach.


  • Name: Katsurahama Aquarium
  • Address: 778 Urado, Kochi 781-0262, Kochi Prefecture
  • Phone Number: +81 88-841-2437
  • Website: http://katurahama-aq.jp/#_=_

14. Obiyamachi Ichibangai

This is a nice concealed street with a good variety of shops. Here you will find plenty of restaurants, pharmacies, and shops selling clothes. When you walk to the end of the street you will arrive at Hirome Ichiba. On Sundays, you have the farmer’s market parallel to Obiyamachi street.


  • Name: Obiyamachi Ichibangai
  • Address: 1 Obiyamachi, Kochi 780-0841, Kochi Prefecture

15. Katsurahama Ryuogu Shrine

This small shrine is slightly raised on a cliff at the right end of Katsurahama beach. Any tourist visiting this beach should comfortably walk to the shrine, climbing the steep stairs and enjoy a few reflective moments with extraordinary views of the entire beach. You can also take some great photos of the Dragon King Temple.


  • Name: Katsurahama Ryuogu Shrine
  • Address: 778 Urado, Kochi 781-0262, Kochi Prefecture
  • Phone: +81 88-841-2464

So after you finish with some of the history lessons and absorb the way of life their citizens led through time you can concentrate on having some fun. Whether you are with your children on a family trip or you are enjoying this vacation with your friends there are numerous options for you. So many tranquil and serene spots where you can just forget all your worries and enjoy Japan at its best.

Have a good Trip and Travel!