7 Things to Know About Hakuba Goryu

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Source: Tsuda

Goryu is the part of the Hakuba ski resorts. The name Goryu comes from the dragons or the diamonds that allegedly can be found on the mountain. Goryu is connected with the Hakuba 47 Ski Resort as they share the joint lift pass. This would be a good place to visit as a day trip when you are already in the Hakuba area. You can enjoy a serene and peaceful atmosphere with your family at a village which is a part of the Goryu base.

1. Location

Hakuba Goryu base is approximately 2 km away from the Kamishiro Station and 1 km away from the main Route 149 road. A free shuttle bus is provided between the Hakuba Goryu and Kamishiro Station. A ride from the Hakuba Station will take only a few minutes as well. You can also travel from Nagano Station for about 60 minutes. The closest expressway exit is the Nagano IC located on the Joshinetsu Expressway.

2. Hakuba Goryu Ski and Snowboard Terrain

Goryu Ski Resort is a moderate-sized resort with 13 lifts and 16 courses. The elevation goes from 950 to 1, 676 meters and there are 726 meters of vertical drop. There are 3 skiing zones, both for beginners willing to learn or more intermediate skiers. The beginners can use Toomi and Iimori base for learning. Goryu also offers 3 black diamond trails which are perfect for racing. Adventure Course, Champion Expert, and a short groomed run. Skiing off-piste is forbidden.

3. Goryu Accommodation

The small village we mentioned nearby the Goryu Toomi base consists of a lot of pensions, a lodge, some hotels, and several condos. Most of the Goryu accommodation demands a brief walk to the lifts although there are some ski-in-ski-out options. You have plenty of restaurants and bars at the Goryu village so you can refresh yourself.

4. Ski Resort Facilities

Most of the ski facilities are established at the 2 base areas, Escal Plaza and the connected Toomi. This center includes a snowboard rental shop and the large Salomon Station ski. The Hakuba Snowsports School at the Limori base is where you can take ski lessons with the English-speaking guides. There is also provided daycare for kids. If you get hungry there is plenty of options with eateries and izakayas on the Toomi Slope, the top of the mountain, and some at the Iimori.

5. Pros

A fair sized terrain and a variation of slopes. Goryu is enjoyable for both beginners and intermediates. It is a family friendly place with a lot of options for children to have fun using child care facilities and play areas. Goryu is also good for English speaking guests since it is westernized enough but it has not lost its Japanese charm.

6. Cons

When you get to Goryu it will be easy for you to travel to Happo Ono ski resort, but not so easy to get to some other places and resorts such as Echoland, Happo, and Wadano. Off-piste skiing is prohibited and snowboarding can be quite limiting for powder hounds as well. These are the few details some people are bothered with but it does not to be necessarily a handicap if you plan your trip well.

7. Fees

Lift Tickets. Adults pay 3980 yen, 5000 yen, 9000 yen, 1900 yen, 63000 yen for the half day, one day, two days, a night, and a whole season. Senior fees for the same services are 3980 yen, 4000 yen, 7700 yen, 1900 yen, 53000 yen. Children fees are 2100 yen, 2700 yen, 4800 yen, 950 yen, 3000 yen.


  • Name: Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort
  • Address: Japan, 〒399-9211 Nagano Prefecture, Kitaazumi District, Hakuba, Kamishiro, 22184−10
  • Phone Number: +81 261-75-2101
  • Season: Mid December to early May (December 13, 2015 to May 5, 2016)
  • Website: http://www.hakubaescal.com/shokubutsuen/#_=_

Hakuba Goryu is a wonderful place to stay if you are comfortable with a tranquil village with minimal nightlife or shops. This is mainly a family oriented area where you can enjoy your stay and do not worry if your children will have enough attention. Everything is well provided for you to go and enjoy your time on the tracks. But also, you can altogether have some ski lessons which can be very funny from time to time.

Have a good Trip and Travel! 

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