7 Ways of Enjoying Skiing in Hakuba

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Source: y kawahara

Hakuba is Japan’s best destination for those who want to enjoy skiing, snowboarding and hiking. The Hakuba village has marvelous ski scenes and hot springs for the fun and enjoyment of visitors. It is located at three hours distance from downtown Tokyo and is one of the top places for adventure loving tourists. You can enjoy skiing at its best because here are more than 11 skiing resorts. Some famous ways or resorts to enjoy skiing in Hakuba is mentioned below:

1. Happo-one Ski Resort

This is the largest and most famous skiing resort in Hakuba village and it is also known for hosting Nagano Winter Olympics in 1998. This resort lies nearest to village centre and Hakuba Station. The best season to visit this resort is late November to May. You can easily buy tickets for the full day half day and night according to requirements and cost of tickets ranges from 2000 Yens to 5000 Yens.

2. Hakuba Goryu and Hakuba 47 Skiing Resort

Hakuba Goryu has located just 4.5 km from Hakuba village and shares the same mountain where Hakuba 47 lie. It is also the second famous resort of Hakuba and the best time to enjoy skiing at these resorts is from December to May. There are available tickets for the full day, half day and nighter from 1900 Yens to 5000 Yens and the tickets bought at any of two resorts is used at another one.

3. Tsugaike Kogen

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This resort is the second largest resort of its type in Hakuba Iwatake and is situated just outside the limits of Hakuba Village. The best time to visit the resort is from late November to early May and it is just 7 km distance from Hakuba centre by car. The tickets can be purchased ranging from 2000 Yens to 4900 Yens for full day half day and nighter.

4. Hakuba Iwatake

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This resort is very near to central Hakuba just 3 km away and is largest single resort of Hakuba. The best time to visit the Hakuba Iwatake is from mid-December to early March. The tickets are available for full day and half day only at 4200 Yens and 2900 Yens. By reaching the top of Mount Iwatake you can see the beautiful panoramas of Happo-one and the Hakuba Valley.

 5. Hakuba Norikura

This Skiing resort is located just next to Tsugaike Kogen and is 10 km away from Hakuba centre. The best time to visit the resort is from early December to early April. You can buy tickets for the full day and half day at 3300 Yens and 2500 Yens. It is also one of the cheapest skiing resorts of Hakuba. This resort has famous terrain park and half pipe.

6. Hakuba Cortina Kokusai

This is another famous resort located outside Hakuba and near the Hakuba Norikura resort. The distance of resort from Hakuba central village is 12 km. The ticket price ranges from 1000 Yens to 3600 Yens for the full day, half day and nighters. This resort is close to border of Niigata Prefecture and is located in the Otari Valley. You can reach there from Minami Otari station and Nagano Station.

7. Sanosaka Skiing Resort

This resort is located in Kamishiro, Kitaazumi district. The ticket price ranges from 3300 Yens to 4000 Yens. The facilities offered at the resort are ski school, snowboard school, Snow Park. The best time to visit the resort is from mid-December to start April. At this place there is a down course lake where you can ski down enjoy the ban slopes and snow parks.

In the end ,we can say that Hakuba village of Japan offers many adventurous destinations and skiing resorts. If you are also planning to visit Japan this vacations then Hakuba is a not to miss destination.

Have a good trip and travel!