10 Restaurants You Must Go in Kamakura

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Source: Hirotomo T 

When visiting Kamakura, you will be pleased to find many excellent restaurants to choose from. Whether it is on the beach or within the city, you can find many foods including the best sushi in town. Here are our top ten restaurants in Kamakura to eat at.

1. Kebab Kamakura

Rated #1 across TripAdvisor and reviews is the Turkish restaurant of Kebab Kamakura. It may be because finding Turkish food is something not common in Japan and additionally, that the food here is amazing! When you hear about this restaurant, there is always good word about the owner and the hospitality he provides. The main dishes are kebabs and ice cream. You cannot go wrong with ordering food here.


  • Name: Kebab Kamakura
  • Address: 1 Chome-16 Hase, Kamakura
  • Hours: 12pm-8pm
  • Phone: +81 467-24-1458
  • Website: http://ishonan.com/kebab-kamakura

2. Bowls Donburi Cafe

Get your fill of donburi when you are in Kamakura at the Bowls Donburi Cafe. If you have not had donburi yet, it is a bowl of rice with many toppings.  The bowls come large. If you prefer another food, there is ethnic Japanese cuisine to choose from but the donburi is their best. Check the bottom of your donburi bowl and if you find something, you may get a special discount!


  • Name: Bowls Donburi Cafe
  • Address: 〒248-0006 Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura, 小町2-14-7
  • Hours: 11am-11pm
  • Phone: +81 467-61-3501
  • Website: http://bowls-cafe.jp/english/

3. Wander Kitchen

Feast in this wooden house where you will find a retro feel, great food, and drinks. At Wander Kitchen, you can let your mind wander away and relax. The vibe is soothing and you can even get cake here. Be sure to check when they have fun events going on in the evenings.


  • Name: Wander Kitchen
  • Address: 10-15 Onarimachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Hours: 12pm-8pm
  • Phone: +81 467-61-4751
  • Website: http://wanderkitchen.net/

4. Bills, Shichirigahama

One of the best restaurants you can find breakfast at is at Bills, Shichirigahama. The chef is Australian, the food is simple, and many guests say it is the best. It will be hard what to order as everything sounds good on this menu. You can find eggs, avocado, pancakes and more on the menu. This restaurant stays open for lunch and dinner as well.


  • Name: Bills, Shichirigahama
  • Address: 1-1-1 Shichirigahama, Kamakura
  • Hours: 8am-830m
  • Phone: +81 46739224
  • Website: http://bills-jp.net/

5. Sangosho

Sangosho takes Japanese food and makes it with a twist. Try the Japanese curry which will blow you away. European and other Asian influences are added to traditional meals making them more delicious than ever. Arrive here early as tables book up quickly.


  • Name: Sangosho
  • Address: 1-3-22 Shichirigahama, Kamakura
  • Hours: 1130am-9pm
  • Phone: +81 467-31-5040
  • Website: http://www.sangosho.net/

6. Ocean Harvest Cocomo

Enjoy a meal right outside the beach when you dine at Ocean Harvest Cocomo. Here, you will be served a variety of seafood dishes and Italian is also on the menu. This restaurant is open later than most other Kamakura restaurants. With the beach right outside, catch the sunset before or after dining.


  • Name: Ocean Harvest Cocomo
  • Address: 8-8-8 Hase, Kamakura
  • Hours: 12pm-12am
  • Phone: +81 467-33-4584
  • Website: http://cocomo.oasis0224.com/#_=_

7. Wasabi

You can’t go to Kamakura without getting sushi. One of the best restaurants is Wasabi. The restaurant is in a traditional Japanese house setting. Everything is fresh and served “omakase style” which means the chef prepares whatever he or she feels like or has that day. This can be quite the exciting dinner if you enjoy surprises and are not picky about what sushi you get.


  • Name: Wasabi
  • Address: 2-2-1 Jomyoji, Kamakura
  • Hours: 1130am-10pm
  • Phone: +81 467-25-2767
  • Website: http://aquadina.com/kamakura/spot/71/#_=_

8. Kamakuramatsubaraan

Don’t let the long name of this restaurant scare you away. Kamakuramatsubaraan is another  Japanese style restaurant in a traditional home. The owners continue to receive great reviews for their service and setup. It offers more seclusion from crowds and can be a great pick for a romantic dinner for two.


  • Name: Kamakuramatsubaraan
  • Address: 4-10-3 Yuigahama, Kamakura
  • Hours:  11am-10pm
  • Phone: +81 467-61-3838
  • Website: http://matsubara-an.com/index-kamakura.php#_=_

9. Kuaaina Kamakura

Find American style food with a Hawaiian touch when you grab a meal at Kuaaina Kamakura. This can be seen more as a fast food joint but easily customers stay and eat. The specialties include their burgers and sandwiches. One of their best sellers is the Kuaaina sandwich. You will have to get one to know how good it is!


  • Name: +81 467-61-2400
  • Address: -3-9 Yuigahama, Kamakura
  • Hours: 10am-1130pm
  • Phone: +81 467-61-2400
  • Website: http://www.kua-aina.com/

10. Udon Kamakura Miyoshi

For a modern kitchen and bar feel, eat at Udon Kamakura Miyoshi. The restaurant is very bright, on the smaller side, and offers many lunch specials. Their specialty – the udon noodle. The noodles are made right in front of you. This restaurant is right by the temples so make sure to make a stop in while you are touring around.


  • Name: Udon Kamakura Miyoshi
  • Address: 1 Chome-5-38 Yukinoshita, Kamakura
  • Hours: 11am-8pm
  • Phone: +81 467-61-4634
  • Website: http://www.kamakuraudon.jp

Sushi, noodles, seafood and more are offered at Kamakura’s top restaurants. Choose from traditional Japanese house settings to eclectic bars and you will be happy you at our top picks.

Have a good trip and travel!

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