5 Things to Know about Takayama Morning Market: Japan

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Takayama market
Source: bryan

If you are a traveler, and probably you are planning to come to Japan soon, I guess you might have read about the great Takayama morning market. This market is one of the biggest market in Japan; visitors from many parts of the world do come to this market, which makes it a centre for tourist attraction. Instead of pondering why this market is famous, let’s see what it has to offer.

1. This Market Open Early at 6:00 am

Morning Market
Source: Nisa yeh

The reason it’s called “morning market” is because it opens officially at 6:00 am. The residents of Takayama are hardworking farmers and traders and as it is said the early bird catches the worm so they usually wake very early to sell their products and return home by noon. As most of them are farmers, they go to their farms early in the morning to harvest their agricultural products to sell at Takayama market.

2. It’s An Antique Market

Old market
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Takayama morning market is an old market that started three years ago. Takayama market is a two in one market that takes place in two locations: one is held at Takayama Jinya called the Jinya-mae market and the other at Miyagawa river side called the Miyagawa market. The Miyagawa market started on the 1st of May 1953 which is 63 years ago. It is stated that the morning market started close to the ancient Betsuin Shorinji Temple in Edo period.

The Jinya-mae marjet is a small market and next to it is an ancient building dating back to the 17th centuary (Kusakabe Heritage House). Since inception of the market, the people still continue to keep the 6:00 am to 12:00 pm market alive.

3. A Market for Everything

Fresh apples
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One of the significant facts about the Takayama market is, it’s a place whose memories can’t be quickly forgotten by travelers. This is because of the kind of delicacies and goods being offered by the locals. They sell vegetables, trinkets, and ready-made foods. Cuisines you might want to taste is their mame mocha, Genkotsu ame, locally produced snacks, delicious rice cakes, dried squids, fresh fruit juices, fresh fishes, different kind of picked vegetables, Hida beef sushi,  and beef bun, etc.

Other products sold at the market are locally made products such as jewelries, fabrics, ancient pictures, art and craft and lots of souvenirs.

Source: bryan

4. It’s Popular with Tourists

tourist market
Source: Nisa yeh

Since Takayama Market is now a tourist center, you might want to check out streets and corners closer to the market. Takayama has different places where you can have fun and enjoy yourself. Near Kaji-bashi Bridge, there is a statue of two strange pot-bellied men beasts, one with long legs standing with a pot behind it, and the other with long hands sitting, saying welcome or goodbye to passersby. Rumor has it that they are characters of two old Japanese folks. One is Ashinagazo (long leg statue), and the other Tenagazo (long hands statue). You may want to see and ask more about them when you visit.

5. A Good Place to Take a Stroll

Source: shinji_w

Surrounding yourself with nature’s beauty is the best thing you can do as it increases your immune function. The landscape, mountains and trees near the market provide a perfect atmosphere at the market. Tourists have always enjoyed early morning walks at the market and also sit beside the Miyagawa River and watch it flow while enjoying the cool breeze.

Source: Nisa yeh

Many travelers do come to Takayama market, and their experience has always been great. Ranging from goods sold to the environments, excellent meals, historical events, historical places, friendly residents and more. It’s a place you should mark on your calendar and visit because it’s a beautiful place to be.

Have a good trip and travel!