10 Places To Go Shopping When You Are In Takayama

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Shop in Takayama
Source: Andrea Schaffer

Are you planning to travel Kanazawa with your family and want to buy something new from that traveling? If so, then here are our list of the 10 places in Kanazawa that you have been selected for your shopping satisfaction.

1. Hida-TakayamaMiyagawa Morning Market

Hida-TakayamaMiyagawa Morning Market is a homegrown atmosphere based market. Numerous types of food stuff are sold in the market. For morning breakfast, it is the greatest place ever. This market is famous for good coffee. You buy particular native stuff for your family member from here. This place is much loud, but you can get a decent wisdom of clothes shopping here. All the stuff are prearranged very resolutely here. It enhances a good taste with your grocery shopping habit.


  • Name: Hida-TakayamaMiyagawa Morning Market
  • Address: 4-403-1 Okamoto-cho, Takayama 506-0054, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-62-8558
  • Opening: Before 9 am

2. HidaSashiko

Hida Sashiko is a very pleasant shop with the full customary beautification of cross-stitch design . This a very ancient shop. If you Takayama, then I suggest you  visit in this zone of Japan. Modestly a very attractive store with delightful stuff. Various stuff arrives in the diverse sizes and are tremendously reasonable.


  • Name: HidaSashiko
  • Address: 60 Kataharamachi, Takayama 506-0847, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-34-5345
  • Opening: Every Day

3. Jinya-Mae Morning Market

Jinya- Mae is a morning market in Takayama. This morning market is situated close from the train station. There are good apples that will drop your flavor. The morning market is undoubtedly worthy for a swift morning walk. The general public is very friendly to you. There are some interesting shops with unique items from Japanese tradition.


  • Name: Jinya-Mae Morning Market
  • Address: 1-5,Hachikencho | Takayamajinya Mae, Takayama 506-0054, Gifu Prefecture
  • Opening: Before 9 am

4. Kurashi no Gallery

Well-known showroom of Kashiwamokko in Hida furniture. Their own staffs design the furniture. All equipment is so elegant with stylish significance. There are tons of furniture they display for your approval. It is a very large timber furniture showroom in the Takayama.


  • Name: Kurashi no Gallery
  • Address: 1-260 Kamiokamotomachi, Takayama 506-0055, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-32-7288
  • Opening: Everyday from morning

5. Fujii Art Gallery

It is a very well-known art gallery in all over Japan. It is a thought-provoking display of crafts. This is a sophisticated art gallery. Besides the structure itself, there are three bases. This workmanship display is scored and very much sorted out. Come and visit here in this art gallery.


  • Name: Fujii Art Gallery
  • Address: Sanno-machi St, 69 Kamisanno-machi, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-35-3778
  • Opening: From morning

6. Masui Shoten

Masui Shoten is a so-called  graceful souvenir shop in Takayama. Sarubobo has been exhibiting a lot, but there is a lot of food, even souvenirs of beverages. There are some Dolls which always introduced  as Hana Bobo. The sarubobo  is in  a very elegant  shape with clear distinction. Countless lovely dolls are selling here for the tourists.


  • Name: Masui Shoten
  • Address: 103 Kamisannomachi, Takayama 506-0846, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone : +81577-32-1559
  • Opening: From Morning

7. Utsuboya Miyagawa Asaichi

Utsuboya Miyagawa Asaichin is a shop of sweets situated in the Miyagawa. This shop sells Paste candy beans confectionery and soybean-rich. If you can then purchase a set that the variety has entered the cute bowl in advance net, you can purchase from  there with delightful and various tasting pieces.It serves very standard tea from Takayama.


  • Name: Utsuboya Miyagawa Asaichi
  • Address: 23 Shimo-sannomachi, Takayama 506-0841, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-52-2221
  • Opening: From morning

8. Takumikan

Takumi-kan is a furniture and craft shop with cafe and Italian restaurant. It’s located just off the Miyagawa morning street shop. The ground floor houses a more extensive assortment of curated expressions and specialties, local delicacies and arranged so many souvenir products. The quality of the products are top-notch and guaranteed specially  made.


  • Name: Takumikan
  • Address: 1-22 shimosanno-machi, Takayama 506-0841, Gifu Prefecture
  • Opening: From morning

9. Matsuno-cha ho

Matsuno-cha ho is an outstanding tea shop in Takayama. Several types of tea are sold here.  People  from diverse part are coming here to take tea at once from the shop. Tourists take the taste and they also buy various tea from the shop for their family person.  The flavor of the tea is exceptional in one word. More than 20 items of tea are sold here and serve here. It is a gift space for the tea lover.


  • Name: Matsuno-chaho
  • Address: 2-37 Hommachi, Takayama 506-0011, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-34-1017
  • Opening: From morning

10. Notoya

Notoya positioned from JR Takayama Station and a 10 minutes  way of walking  from Kamis a’ no town. The exclusive is rich in arena supplies about 150 kinds of incense are allied, the midpoint also prepared various process. It is a decent habitation for several types of rice. And rice lover must visit this place at once.


  • Name: Notoya
  • Address:104 Kamisannomachi, Takayama 506-0846, Gifu Prefecture
  • Phone: +81577-33-0889
  • Opening: From morning

Have a good trip and travel!

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