Best 10 Restaurants to Visit in Takayama

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Takayama Restaurant
Source: Beni Arnold

Are you planning to visit in Takayama with your family or beloved one?  Are you a food lover and want to taste the new food of the new place? If the answer is yes, then here are our list of the 10 best restaurants in Takayama that you have been selected for your food satisfaction.

1. Hida Takuma

The Hida Takuma is one of the best Japanese cuisines in Takayama. The service is very good and they speak English which is very easy for a customer to order exactly what they want. They have many delicious items that make you hungry. Hida beef, Hida beef hot pot, Beef stick, Hida beer is one of their most delicious items that you can taste once in Takayama.


  • Name: Hida Takuma
  • Address: 5-1 Temmammachi, Takayama 506-0025, Gifu Prefecture
  • Tel: +81 577-35-1341
  • Opening hour: Everyday 11:00- 17: 00
  • Website:

2. Heianraku

This is a tiny fantastic restaurant with delicious food. They prepared  the food with care and attention in front of the customer. It’s not a veggie restaurant. But they take care enough to point out that some of the chili sauces with meat stock are great. Their Miso soup and  local sweets are so yummy and recommended.


  • Name: Heianraku
  • Address: 6-7-2 Temma-Cho, Takayama 506-0025, Gifu Prefecture
  • Price: Average USD 7-14
  • Tel: +81577-32-3078
  • Opening hour: Sunday to Saturday (11:30am – 1:00pm, 5:00pm – 9:00pm),Close Day: Tuesday

3. Center4 Hamburgers

If anybody is feeling bored to eat all types of cuisine, then for them this restaurant is a blessing. They can try an American food in Center4 Hamburger. Their beef burger is awesome in one word. This restaurant one of the best western food restaurant in town.  You can surely visit here. Come and Enjoy.


  • Name: Center4 Hamburgers
  • Address: 94 Kami-ichinomachi, Takayama, Gifu Prefecture
  • Price: Average USD 6-19
  • Tel: +81577-36-4527
  • Opening hour: Weekly seven days from 11:00am – 2:30pm and 6:00pm – 9:30pm.
  • Website:

4.  Thai Restaurant Thanyaporn

Thai Restaurant Thanyaporn is a newly opened restaurant Takayama. This is the first restaurant in Takayama,  who serving authentic Thai food prepared by Thai Chef. Their Tom Yam Kung, Green Curry is very famous.  Fried Rice is very much delicious from there. They also serve halal meat  to Muslim customers.


  • Name: Thai Restaurant Thanyaporn
  • Address: 1-15-3 Hanaokamachi, Takayama 506-0009, Gifu Prefecture
  • Price: Average USD 9-23
  • Tel:  +81577-62-9578
  • Opening hour: Weekly seven days from 11:30am – 2:30pm and 5:30pm – 11:00pm.

5. Teuchisoba Ebisu

Ebisu is the oldest restaurant in Takayama. Ebisu has been known for traditional drinks where customers enjoy Japanese fashioned food in  the elegent atmosphere. Ebisu has very friendly staff’s and they are very co-operative to the customers. If you haven’t tasted their food you can go and check the restaurant.


  • Name: Teuchisoba Ebisu
  • Address: 46 Kamininomachi, Takayama 506-0845, Gifu Prefecture
  • Price: Average USD 4-15
  • Tel: +81577-32-0209
  • Opening hour: Weekly seven days (11.00-9.00)
  • Website:

6. Soeur

Soeur is located in a convenient location. It is a very much customer friendly cafe with a cozy environment. You can taste  sandwiches, apple pie and different type of world class coffee here. Staff’s are very co-operative they will help you to choose the best food. You can come here and enjoy Japanese food. Welcome !


  • Name:  Soeur
  • Address: 2-35 Honmachi, Takayama 506-0011, Gifu Prefecture
  • Price: Average USD 4-7
  • Tel: +81577-35-2001
  • Opening hour: Weekly seven days(11.00am-8.30pm)
  • Website:

7. Ajino Yohei

Ajino Yohei is a place where you can seat and feel relaxed. You can do your businesses meetings here.  In Ajino Yohei, they serve good food,  drinks, and provide great service. Good food such as Mega Hida Beef set is best here. It is a restaurant having a reputed quality of food. This restaurant is one of the best so come and enjoy their food. You won’t be disappointed.


  • Name: Ajino Yohei
  • Address: 105 Kamisannomachi, Takayama  506-0846, Gifu Prefecture
  • Price: Average USD 15-37
  • Tel: +81577-32-0016
  • Opening hour: Everyday(11:00 – 14:30) & (17:00 – 20:00)
  • Website:

8. Kitchen Hida

Kitchen Hida is one of the popular restaurants in Takayama. It was an expensive restaurant. Nice place specialized in Hida beef dishes. The meat is excellent, may be as good as a nice Kobe  beef. Their food quality is much more special than any other restaurant. Staff’s are very co-operative, supportive and some of them know good English. That’s a good thing for the foreign customer. Come and enjoy their food!


  • Name: Kitchen Hida
  • Address: 1-66 Honmachi, Takayama 506-0011, Gifu Prefecture
  • Price: Average USD 46-92
  • Tel: +81577-36-2911
  • Opening hour:
  • Website:

9. Ebihachi

Ebihachi is located in Takayama and the food from the restaurant is reputed. . This Ebihachi  restaurant is a must for anyone traveling in the area. The owner is very much gentle with customers. Some of their food recipes are very praised by people. This restaurant is recommended. Come and enjoy their unique food.


  • Name: Ebihachi
  • Address: 41 Aoiimachi, Takayama 506-0014, Gifu Prefecture
  • Price: Average USD 4-7
  • Tel: +81577-34-6806
  • Opening hour: Everyday( 10.00- 9.00)
  • Website:

10. Hida Seasonal Cuisine Sakana

Hida seasonal serves the best cuisine foods in town. If you are in Takayama then you have to visit this restaurant for better food quality. The food and environment are most exceptionally amazing here. Everything is fresh and seasonally picked here. The best part of the food is here that all seasonal food are served here.


  • Name: Hida Seasonal Cuisine sakana
  • Address:  1126-1 Echigomachi, Takayama 506-0033, Gifu Prefecture
  • Price:Average USD 5-25
  • Tel: +81577-36-1288
  • Opening hour: Everyday(12:00 – 21:00)
  • Website:

Have a good trip and travel!