7 Things to Know about Yokohama Bay Bridge

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Yokohama Bay BridgeSource: hirotomo t

Yokohama Bay Bridge is the best suspension bridge in Japan that is around 860 m in length opened for traffic and visitors in 1989. Yokohama Bay Bridge is constructed as a necessary transportation route of the port bodily distribution which connects Yokohama to Tokyo and serves as a bridge of the 2-layer kind which connects Daikoku Futo in Yokohama to pastureland division.

1. Two-layer Bridge

Yokohama Bay Bridge serves as a bridge of the 2-layer kind which connects this Daikoku Futo in Yokohama to pastureland division. By National Route 357, the higher ranges even have PA by a metropolitan high-pace alongside the bay line, and a lower layer part has it within the Daikoku Futo side. From right here, there’s a promenade “Yokohama skywalk” alongside which he can stroll underneath the bridge pier of Yokohama Bay Bridge.

2. High Notability

Furthermore, there’s additionally a parking area at Yokohama Bay Bridge, and it is also a time-tested dating spot. Yokohama Bay Bridge is used additionally for a lot of movies or the stage of tv from the peak of the notability the “metropolitan quantity battle 01”. “Godzilla Mosul king Gondola giant monster all out attack”, sequences “prison harmful” and many others.

3. Sky Walk

Yokohama Bay Bridge contains a promenade for pedestrian visitors referred to as Sky Walk. From 50 to 60 meters above the water it gives views of the bay and Minto Mirai. The heavy truck traffic on the bridge simply beside the walkway generally is a little bit of a distraction. The walkway is roofed and is wheelchair accessible.

4. Gateway to the Port of Yokohama

The Yokohama Bay Bridge in Yokohama is a masterpiece and touted for being the “Gateway to the Port of Yokohama”, due to its potential of having the ability to mix usefulness with architectural magnificence. Yokohama Bay Bridge is a good site from just about any edge. This is exceptionally fascinating because the extension was fabricated to resist the stable tremor that’s fundamental in Yokohama.

5. Connects Honmoku and Daikoku

Yokohama Bay BridgeSource: Tina Ivano

The Yokohama Bay Bridge completed in 1989; this 860-meter suspension extension connects the 2 wharfs of Honmoku and Daikoku. In case you are fascinated by nice architectural and engineering designs, you ought to not miss the Yokohama Bay Bridge! It’s a class above, among the best seen around the globe! Don’t forget to bring your camera with you and take a lot of photos from different angles!

6. Superstructure

Mega StructureSource: hiroaki

The Yokohama Bridge has a double-deck truss superstructure with six car lanes on the highest and backside decks.  The bridge has fifty-five m (a hundred and eighty ft) vertical clearance to permit large container and cruise ships entry into Yokohama Harbor. The suspension cables have a fan association between the towers and the girders. The primary span is 460 m length and the fact spans are 200 m. As a result of this space has large earthquakes, the bridge was designed to permit the heavy superstructure to maneuver out of the section with the towers throughout robust shaking.

7. Getting There

Take a train from Tokyo Shinjuku or Shibuya station to Yokohama station. At Yokohama station, change to Minato Mirai line which can take you the way in which to Yokohama Chinatown. Counsel cease at Minato Mira. It’s a buying Center however it’s strolling distance to the bay entrance. That is the most useful location to start out your tour.


  • Address: Daikokufuto, Tsurumi Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 230-0054, Japan
  • Phone: +81 45-451-7916
  • Toll: ¥600
  • Total length: 860 m

Have a good trip and travel!

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