7 Things to Know About Yokohama Tires

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Yokohama Tire
Source: Andrew Davidoff

The quality of tires is extremely important for the safety of your vehicle and Yokohama has been delivering best quality tires to customers all over the world for almost 100 years. The companies in Japan, as well as the daughter companies in other locations are doing their best to keep all the customers satisfied.

1. About the Company

Founded in 1917 in Tokyo, this company was focused only on manufacturing tires. Because of the great locational and industrial advantages it soon had three plants in Japan. The first sales contract was with the American Aeroquip Corporation in 1955 and it was the beginning of great expansion. Soon new plants were started in Canada, Australia and some European countries.

2. Improving technologies

Everybody at Yokohama is fully aware of the fact that the times change very fast. That’s why they are working hard to improve their technologies on day to day basis. It means improving the quality, performance and safety of their products at all locations. No matter where, all the plants have brand new, modern facilities using highly sophisticated technology with the same mission – to deliver the best products to all the customers.

3. Tire range

Yokohama manufactures different tires. AVID Tires are good for wet and dry conditions and the special technology reduces the noise levels. Geolander Tires are great for drivers who travel on different terrains even off the road, and provide tough tread which guarantees perfect traction. Y Series Tires are for heavy load transport vehicles like light trucks, crossover vehicles and SUVs and ensure great stability. ADVAN Tires are ideal if you want a perfect race experience in any weather. dB Performance Tires are environmentally friendly – orange oil is used in manufacturing instead of petroleum products – they provide excellent traction on all road surfaces in all weather conditions. S Series Tires are made of micro-flexible compounds and ensure better grip and excellent handling.

4. Season Tires

As all drivers know perfectly well, it is extremely important to have suitable tires for all seasons. Yokohama is there for you to make a perfect choice. They make tires for all weather conditions. Yokohama summer tires provide excellent performance in both, wet and dry conditions and enable perfect steering, braking and cornering. Winter tires are labeled with the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake and they allow you to start, stop and drive better. All-season tires provide balanced wet and dry performajnce levels and year-round usage with comfortable ride.

5. Yokohama Race Tires

Tough race conditions in motorsports require fast performance, exceptionally high durability and constant innovation. Yokohama engineers constantly work on developing new methods in order to deliver best rides. The competition tires are put to tests in Porsche racing series in the USA and Canada. Yokohama sponsors Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma Wine Country as well as Road Atlanta, one of the best road courses in the world. Yokohama has succeeded in developing competition tires with superb performances thanks to the great experience and by using cutting-edge innovation.

6. Other products

Over the years Yokohama has started manufacturing many other products. Today they offer various children’s, ladies’ and men’s sports clothing; fitness and golf tools and accessories; headwear and gloves; different balls, yo-yos and flyers; various drink wares, even office essentials and some nice gifts, such as leather gift boxes or wallets. You can visit Yokohama E-Store if you want to learn more about these items.

7. Environmental Policy

Yokohama believes in protecting the environment and strives to preserve earth’s resources. They are trying to use resources and materials both efficiently and effectively. And how do they do that? Their main concept is to always reduce, reuse and recycle. They implement measures to prevent pollution continuously improving the production and reducing waste disposal. They provide education programs and trainings in all companies and improve communication with the governments and communities.


  • Name: Yokohama Tires
  • Address: 36-11, Shimbashi 5-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-8685, Japan
  • Tel:+81(3)5400-4648
  • Website: yokohamatire.jp

You should always think of tires as shoes for your car and their treads as the sole of the shoes. As you know, some shoes have smooth and hard slippery soles while others have patterns giving good traction. You should wisely choose perfect tires to give you kilometers of safe and also comfortable driving. Yokohama is there for you.

Have a good trip and travel!

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