7 Things to Know About Yokohama Landmark Tower

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Landmark Tower
Source: Ishikawa Ken

Situated in the district of Yokohama City, the Yokohama Landmark tower possess importance due to many of its specifications. It is near to the Yokohama Museum. Opened in 1993, the tower was the tallest building in Japan by then. There is so much to witness at this tower that will make your visit worthwhile. The interesting thing about Yokohama Landmark Tower is that it is earthquake proof.

1. Earthquake Proof Technology

Landmark Tower
Source: Dimitris Argyris

Japan gets earthquake more often and the architectural techniques have reformed there and coming up with the more effective structures. Just like that, the Landmark tower, which is 972 foot tall, is also built with a flexible structure that will secure it during the earthquake shocks. The new construction has been done with the years old technique that was used to construct temples in Japan.  The new construction includes the material that will bend while shocks, but not breaks.


  • Name: Yokohama Landmark Tower
  • Stories: 70 floors
  • Attractions: Sky Garden, Café’s V, Royal Park Hotel.

 2.Sky Garden

Sky Garden
Source: Guilhem Vellut

The observatory deck called Sky Garden at Yokohama Landmark Tower is present on the 69th floor. From here, visitors can take a look of the whole city. If the weather is clear, then you can even see Mount Fuji from Sky Garden. Standing in the clear air and spotting famous sights of Yokohama, this observatory deck offers you an absolute 360-degree view. With the high-speed elevators which are second fastest in the world, you can reach up to this deck in 40 seconds, only with the speed of 750 miles per minute.


  • Name: Sky Garden
  • Location: 69th floor, Yokohama Towers
  • Special feature: 360 degrees view of Yokohama city

3. Royal Park Hotel

Royal Park Hotel
Source: Peter Zuco

The international chain of hotel, The Royal Park Hotel does not need any introduction. You can reach here right above the 52nd floor to the 67th floor of Yokohama Landmark tower. Everyone gets free WIFI here. The guests can enjoy up to 8 dining venues here at this hotel. The hotel serves you from 24 hours room service to the fitness club, pool, etc. from the 70th floor, the guests can have the pleasure of wide Yokohama bay view with their delicious cocktails. From souvenir shop, you can buy gifts for your loved ones too.


  • Name: the Royal Park hotel
  • Location: 52 to 67th
  • Amnesties: Restaurants, indoor pool, fitness club, bar, front desk service, etc.

4. Chef’s V Yokohama Landmark Tower

The stylish Chef’s V restaurant is located in Yokohama Landmark Tower. The place offers you Italian, Japanese, vegetable dishes, salads and many delicious wines. The interior of the restaurant is very chic and it oversees the great ocean. The seating capacity of the place is approximately 85 and reservations are done for at least 60 – 130 people. You can enjoy free WIFI, Bingo games, a projector with screen, microphone, etc on request. On weekends and lunchtime, you can enjoy special menus with the casual dress code.


  • Name Chef’s V Restaurant.
  • Seating capacity: 85 persons
  • Menu: Japanese, Italian, Vegetable dishes, etc.

5. Shopping area

Shopping Area
Source: ume-y

From the second floor to the fifth floor, the shopping area of Yokohama Landmark tower has got all the brands that you wish to shop from. There is Gap, H&M, Tiffany, banana republic, etc. there are many local Yokohama local brands are also available in this open ceiling shopping arena of Landmark tower. In the Christmas season, the area also gets the snow falling show, which makes it a must watch the event.


  • Name: Landmark Tower shopping arena.
  • Shops: Local and International brands.
  • Location: 2nd to 5th

6. Mangia Mangia



Feel like you are sitting Italy right now. Savor the real taste of Italian food by being in Yokohama, Japan. The place is open for lunch and dinner. The restaurant charges you 10 percent for the services. There are attractions like healthy menu, menu for birthdays, vegetarian food, lunch and much more. On a weekend, you can enjoy special menu as well. While you can have fun with the whole wine cellar and a bar tender to make drinks for you. The live performances also are enjoyed here.


  • Name: Mangia Mangia
  • Location: Yokohama Landmark Tower
  • Seating capacity: 144 people
  • Menu: All Italian. Special menu for vegetarians

7. Christmas Tree

If you are planning to have your Christmas in Yokohama, then visiting the Landmark tower on those days will make it memorable for you. There is a giant Christmas tree is standing in the middle of shopping arena and all lit up with the lights or crystals. This tree is a must- see if you are spending your X-mass in Yokohama.


  • Location: Yokohama Landmark Towe
  • Duration: Christmas timings

While visiting the second largest city of Japan, make sure that you make it to the Yokohama Landmark tower that is the highlight of this city. Not only that it is one of the tallest buildings in Japan, but it also have got the best panoramic view of the city and offers you so many attractions within one place.

Have a good trip and travel!

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