7 Things to Know about Hakone Shrine

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Hakone Shrine
Source: そらみみ

Hakone shrine is located on the shores of lake Ashi, the original shrine is known as Mototsumiya is at the peak of Komagatake.  Here are the things you should know about Hakone Shrine.

1. The History

The History
Source: George

Jozen Shonin was the one who opened the Hakone Shrine as the place to worship Mt Komagatake. In 757, Priest Mangan established the Hakone Jinja (Hakone Shrine).

It is also believed that the Steam explosions happening in the Hakone area were due to an evil spirit, the evil spirit was the nine-headed dragon living in the lake Ashi. A monk who practiced at the Mt Komagate converted the evil spirit into a protective being.

2. The Magnificient huge Cedar Trees

Cedar trees
Source: ume-y

The cedar trees are lined up at the entry of the Shrine. These magnificent tall trees are 800 years old. The Cedar trees purify the air and create a Holy atmosphere in the Hakone Shrine. In the photo, you can see the tall cedar trees.

3. Nine-Headed Dragon Chozuya(Water Basin)

Dragon water basin
Source: amanderson

The 9-Headed-Dragon Chōzuya is a unique place, the holy water comes from the each head of the nine-headed dragon. It is a purification basin at the Shrine. People usually wash their hand and fill the water into a bottle.

4. The baby Wishing tree

Baby wishing tree
Source: そらみみ

There is a sacred tree at the shrine, popular as baby wishing tree. It is believed that if a woman touches the tree then she will be pregnant. People come here with the wish to have the baby and also pray for the safe delivery. The prerequisite is you need to wash your hand at Nine-Headed Dragon Chozuya(Water Basin) before touching the Tree.

5. The floating Torri

 lake ashi and the torri
Source: Stephen Colebourne

The Torri of peace (gate) is at the lake Ashi’s edge. The Torri appears to be floating in the water. The view of the Torri, Lake Ashi and the Mt Fuji in the background is amazing. Actually, you have to consider yourself lucky if the Mt Fuji is visible.

6. Kaguraden- The hall of Music and Dance

Source: そらみみ

Kaguraden is the hall of Shinto music and dance, present on the west side of the courtyard. The hall is used for special performance round the year, including nō and kabuki plays. Usually, these plays are completely packed with audience.

7. Kyudo: Traditional Japanese archery

Ancient Japan Archery Hakone Shrine
Source: Guilhem Vellut

The ancient Japanese archery is practiced at the Hakone Shrine. The traditional archery in Japan was practiced by the Samurai warriors during the feudal times. The archery range is part of the 「budō-ba, 武道場」 which is a general Japanese martial art. You can find it on your right side while climbing the stairs.


  • Address: 80-1 Motohakone, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa Prefecture 250-0522, Japan
  • Tel: +81 460-83-7123
  • Website: http://hakonejinja.or.jp/

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