7 Information of Asahikawa Airport

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Source: Kentaro IEMOTO

Asahikawa Airport is single runway airport in Hokkaido, Japan which joins the city of Asahikawa and Higashikagura. Thus, the airport is one of the best means of connection of Asahikawa City to Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai and Beijing. Keep on reading to know about amazing facts of Asahikawa Airport.

1. Important Information about the Airport

Source: Kentaro IEMOTO

The airport is public and is owned by Government of Japan. The operator of the airport is the City of Asahikawa.  The elevation of the airport is 690 feet or 210 metres. The Surface of the airport is made up of Asphalt concrete and length of the runway is about 2500 metres or 8202 feet.  One can reach Asahikawa Airport by bus through different stations or places such as Asahiyama Zoo, Asahikawa Station, and Furano Station. From Furano station Asahikawa airport is about 40 km by bus (1 hour max) and from Asahikawa station its takes 15 km to travel by bus (35 min max)

2. History of The Airport

Source: Asako

The idea to built airport was started in 1950 and the airport site was approved by the government in 1963.Later in 1981 the expansion work of the airport started and the airport was closed for one year. After this jet service was started at the airport. International service to Seoul started in 2006 and now in 2016, there is a plan to extend the terminal for international flights to the south of the airport with a target of 500,000 passengers every year from all over the world.

3. Flights to and from Asahikawa Airport

Source: Kentaro IEMOTO

There are a number of flights to and from Asahikawa airport of different airlines. Some of them are Tokyo-Haneda, Nagoya, Osaka-Kansai, Seoul-Incheon, Beijing, Shanghai-Pudong, and Taipei-Taoyuan. All these flights are offered by different airlines named Air Do, All Nippon Airways, Asian Airlines, China Eastern airlines, Trans Asia Airways, Japan Airlines, Eva Airlines, Skymark Airlines and Spring Airlines. Some of the major airlines at Asahikawa airport includes:

  • Airlines =  Air Do, Destinations = Tokyo-Haneda
  • Airlines =  All Nippon Airways, Destinations = Nagoya-Centrair, Seasonal = Osaka-Kansai
  • Airlines =  Asiana Airlines, Destinations = Seasonal = Seoul-Incheon
  • Airlines =  China Eastern Airlines, Destinations = Beijing-Capital, Seasonal = Shanghai-Pudong
  • Airlines =  EVA Air, Destinations = Seasonal = Taipei-Taoyuan
  • Airlines =  Japan Airlines, Destinations = Tokyo-Haneda
  • Airlines =  Skymark Airlines, Destinations = Tokyo-Haneda
  • Airlines =  Spring Airlines, Destinations = Shanghai-Pudong
  • Airlines =  TransAsia Airways, Destinations = Taipei-Taoyuan

4. Building Information

At the first floor of the airport, there is Air Carrier Office, Check-in Counter, baggage claim area, ATM Machine, Locker room, Information Desk and car rental area. At the second floor, of the building, there are many restaurants, Flight simulator, kids’ corner, Security check area, Holding Room, a lounge and a meeting room. At the third floor, there are three restaurants, observation deck and restroom for men and women.

5. Access Information about the Airport

The tourists can reach the airport by hiring any of the ground transport services such as cars, taxis, buses etc. You can easily get car and rental cars from Asahikawa JR station, Sapporo, GPS. There are available buses also from Asahikawa city, Asahiyama Zoo, Furano Station, Asahidake to reach the airport within shortest possible time.

6. Hotels near the Airport

For the visitors who come to visit Asahikawa city of Hokkaido, there are large numbers of hotels which are just a few miles from the airport. Some of the best hotels are Pension Ken and Mary, Hotel Rasso Grand Asahikawa, Court Hotel Asahikawa, Jr Inn Asahikawa and Fujita Kanko Washington Hotel. All these hotels are between 10 miles area from the airport and are fully equipped with high-class facilities at very reasonable cost.

7. Places to visit near the Asahikawa Airport

There are many worth- seeing locations around Asahikawa Airport and most famous and popular places among them are Asahikawa Zoo, Asahikawa Ramen Village, Beautiful parks, Hokusei-Hill-Observe-Toty, Kanno Farms, Blue Pond, Shirogane Onsen, Flower-Land Kami Furno and Panorama Road.  All these places provide fun and entertainment to the visitors who come to see Asahikawa city in Japan.


  • Name: Asahikawa Airport
  • Address: Japan, 〒071-1562 Hokkaido Prefecture, Kamikawa District, Higashikagura, 東2線16号98番地
  • Phone: +81 166-83-3939
  • Elevation: 220 m
  • Website: www.aapb.co.jp

Have a good trip and travel!

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