7 Reasons to Go Inuyama Castle

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Inuyama CastleSource: Toby Oxborrow

Inuyama Fort was constructed in 1537, and its donjon is considered one of Japan’s oldest extant. It’s certainly one of only twelve authentic castles left in Japan (castles which have survived intact the pure disasters and wars for the reason that end of the feudal age in 1867). It’s a 15-minute stroll from Inuyama-Yuen Station or Inuyama Station on a small hill overlooking the clear Kiso River beneath and Inuyama city. Inuyama Fort grounds include numerous small shrines and there are a number of viewpoints of the city and valley beneath.

1. One among the Oldest Castle

Inuyama-jou created in 1440 and its Japan’s oldest castle, but it’s still in the nice situation. That is just about the furthest you’ll be able to travel back in time in a castle. Then It was reconstructed in 1537. Inuyama Citadel is also one among solely 5 castles whose principal remains have been designated as national treasures. The opposite 4 are Matsue Fort, Matsumoto Fortress, Hikone Fortress and Himeji Fortress.

2. Succession of Naruse Family

The fort went through a succession of lords earlier than Naruse Masanori was put in there in 1617. From then, the fortress remained in the hold of the Naruse household. It was the private property of Naruse household till 2004 when possession of the building and grounds was transferred to a local civic foundation in Inuyama.

3. Wooden Structure

The castle stands on prime of a small hill subsequent to Kiso River. The principle hold’s construction is constructed almost totally with wooden and rocks, and its inside is fantastically preserved and retains an authentic feel without trendy add-ons that are reconstructed in the castles typically embrace, such as elevators.

4. River from Inuyama castle

River from Inuyama castleSource: Jeremy Eades

A conserved characteristic is the beautiful steep stairs, which guests can scale up 4 tales to get to the highest level and be rewarded with very awesome panoramic views over the citadel grounds and Kiso River. It is usually attention-grabbing to view the various chambers in the Castle, together with a lookout that was used to observe for approaching enemies and a room with many holes in the walls that might be thrown down the stones during occasions of enemy invasion.

5. Remove the shoes

You’ll have to take away your footwear earlier than coming into the Castle Hall, however once inside, the wood flooring boards and bare pillars speak volumes. That is the place Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and a bunch of well-known historic samurai figures have lived, they too have trodden these flooring. The architectural great thing about the castle is evident inside and outside.

6. Floors of the Castle

The primary ground is split into numerous chambers, one, utilized by the lord as a workplace of sorts, encompasses a set of doorways hidden within the wall. Behind these doorways. Climb a ground to see the armory the place arms and armor have been saved prepared for any assault. The third story additionally features excessive outer corridors to allow warriors sufficient room to run with weapons prepared. Above that, small balconies hid below triangular eves present wonderful views of the river and mountains.

7. Get There

The citadel will be reached in a 15-20-minute stroll from both Inuyama-Yuen Station or Inuyama Station the latter being slightly bit nearer. Each station is served by Meitetsu Railways. Inuyama is twenty-five km in the north of Nagoya City. By Tokaido Shinkansen, Nagoya is fifty-two minutes from Osaka and 1 hour forty minutes away from Tokyo Station.


  • Address: Aichi Prefecture 484-0082, Kitakoken-65-2 Inuyama, Japan
  • Hours: 9AM–4:30PM
  • Phone: +81 568-61-1711

Have a good trip and travel!

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