7 Things to Know about Osaka Premium Outlets

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Rinku Premium Outlets is the famous factory outlets store in Osaka that has over 200 foreign brands of fashionable clothing, sportswear, electronics, food, and household goods. Items sold in outlet malls are known to be cheaper than the regular ones. Outlets often have a sale to further reduce prices. For tourists, most shops are offering tax-free shopping.

1. Shuttle bus from Kansai airport

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If you are landing at Kansai International Airport, you better head to Rinku Premium Outlets and do first-hand shopping. Shuttle buses are available that will directly get you to the mall. Tickets start at 100JPY for children and 200JPY for adults each trip. The bus holds up to 50 passengers and takes around 20 minutes to get to the mall.

2. Many famous foreign brands and some local brands

When traveling, shopping is also part of the routine. Here, you will not only get to buy items from foreign brands but, also local Japanese brands. It is not every day that huge discounts are offered by these brands so, take advantage. You will definitely be saving a lot of money.

3. Complete customer service counter

coin locker
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Ask for the services offered in the counter. You will then be presented with the services you wish to avail. These include coin lockers, pay phones for international calls, WiFi, stroller rental, and prayer room. Coordinate with the customer service specialist and they will be more than happy to assist you.

4. Good deals

No doubt, outlet malls are designed for shoppers to enjoy valuable prices of quality items. Some shops even give discounts up to 70-90%. This is a really good deal that you should not miss. The deals are also arranged to entice more customers, especially tourists, for a remarkably happier shopping experience.

5. Use coupon at cafes and restaurants in food court

Upon arriving, proceed to the customer service counter and ask for tourist booklet. Coupons are usually attached for you to use at cafes and restaurants in the dining area. Feed your hungry stomach after shopping. No need to go far as restaurants are also available in the mall to satisfy your needs.

6. Face cover at fitting room

All shops value their customers. They even go the extra mile in service for the customers. In most boutiques, face covers are available inside the fitting room to avoid the ladies’ makeup from being wiped out and stick to the fitted clothes. In Japan, it is essential to remove shoes before entering fitting room.

7. Pets allowed in designated areas

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Another great idea for shopping is when you can take your pets with you. Rinku Outlet allows pets but, in designated areas only. You can walk your dog at the mall while waiting for your girlfriend who is busy shopping. The mall is not only customer-friendly but, pet-friendly as well.

Have a good trip and travel!

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