7 Ways to Enjoy Dotonbori in Osaka

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Source: Marufish

Dotonbori is one of the visited places in Osaka, Japan. It is popularly known as gastronomists’ town by both locals and tourists alike, and famous for its restaurant, shopping centres, cinemas and even the giant crab. Dotonbori is quite a large downtown place that nestles near the south bank of Dotonbori-gawa Canal.

1. Shopping

Source: Raelene Gutierrez

“Shop ‘til you drop” is a phrase that applies in Dotonbori shopping centres. There is a selection of hundreds of shops where you can do your shopping in the area. Looking for dresses, shoes, bags and the like? Drop by at any shop and you’ll definitely have plenty of choices.

2. Nightlife and entertainment area

Source: Aapo Haapanen

In a world full of stress and changes, you need to unwind and relax. Dotonbori offers a wide variety of entertainment for you to forget your problems. You may opt to visit the nightclubs and party all the way, dance until your heart desires or you may also watch theatrical shows.

3. Kuidaore­ including okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and kitsune udon

Source: Travis

Who doesn’t love Japanese food? Aside from the typical sushi roll, Dotonbori houses the famous Kuidaore with the okonomiyaki, takoyaki and even the kitsune udon which are authentically tasty and delicious. The aroma itself will make you want to crave for more. Choose and eat what you want. These are easily available alongside the street.

4. Kani Doraku Crab

Source: Banzai Hiroaki

Dotonbori is famous for its Kani Doraku Crab. You can easily spot Kani Doraku Crab because of the huge image of the crab in front of the restaurant. This is one of the visited places in Dotonbori and they serve food in a wide variety. You must simply try their crab as it is among the top selling dish.

5. Zuboraya

Source: Naoki Nakashima

Another place you must visit in Dotonbori is Zuboraya. This restaurant is wanted by many due to its eye-catching huge blowfish lantern. They do not only serve the typical Japanese food but, also offers sashimi, tempura, sushi and others. Be warned that it is quite expensive, however, it is worth every penny.

6. Illuminated signboards and neon lights

Source: Reginald Pentinio

Dotonbori is somehow similar to New York City Times Square where sign boards and lights fill the place. During the night, the place glows and it is always jam-packed with people. There are many illuminated signboards blinking and flashing against your eyes.  Those neon lights add more vibrant effect all over the scene.

7. Glico Man

glico man
Source: Aapo Haapanen

Glico Man is one of the common features you will easily find in Dotonbori because of the huge running man image. Glico displays an athlete, crossing a finish line. The illuminated signboard is full of colors and lights. Glico Man is one of a kind as it is considered an icon of Osaka.

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