7 Movie Theaters to Go in Shinjuku

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Source: Dick Thomas Johnson

Most of the cinemas in Tokyo are extremely modern and comfortable and they are usually located in huge shopping centers. They mostly have multiple theaters and show a lot of different movies. Shinjuku in Tokyo is full of multiplex cinemas as well as some of the small, single-screen ones that still remain. The emphasis is on Japanese cinema, but some of them also play English language movies.

1. Piccadilly

Source: Dick Thomas Johnson

This is the largest cinema complex in Shinjuku. It has recently been renovated so it is also one of the newest and most extravagant multiplex cinemas in Tokyo. The biggest room inside the complex can accommodate up to 600 visitors, and the screen is really huge and impressive. It is always extremely clean. The cinema also provides a, so called, platinum seat, a date-friendly seat for couples where you can enjoy the time with your date and order some nice cocktails during the projection. There is also a private, extremely expensive platinum room to enjoy the show.


  • Name: Piccadilly
  • Address: 3-15-15 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-5367-1144
  • Website: shinjukupiccadilly.com

2. Musashinokan

The Shinjuku Musashinokan is one of the oldest movie theaters in Tokyo dating back to 1920s during the silent film era. It is located on the east side of Shinjuku Station. It was reconstructed in 1968 and still operates with three screens. This somewhat old-fashioned cinema cannot compete with some of the multiplex cinemas nearby, but very often they offer the best lineup of films. If you want to be sure to get inside, you should come earlier, especially when some of the most popular films are on.


  • Name: Musashinokan
  • Address: 3-27-10 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-3354-5670
  • Website: shinjuku.musashino-k.jp/

 3. Wald 9

Source: Dick Thomas Johnson

This is the biggest movie theater in Japan which screens not only movies, but also dramas, concerts and sports events. It is new and very comfortable, probably one of the most comfortable in the world. It can accommodate more than 1,800 visitors and it is good to get reservations in advance since it can get pretty crowded. The seats in the complex are perfectly arranged, so no head can get in your way unless someone really unusually tall sits in front of you. Its nine screens and audio are great and there are lots of toilets in the complex.


  • Name: Wald 9
  • Address: 3-1-26 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • Tel: 03-5369-4955
  • Website: wald9.com/index.html

 4. Toho Cinemas

Toho Cinema
Source: Manish Prabhune

Toho is a nice new cinema in the very center of Shinjuku. It is usually busy from the early morning until late at night. They play lots of English movies, too. It is a very clean movie theater with top notch sound and picture quality. If you go there for a 4D film, you will certainly have a great experience. The theater chairs are really comfortable with a lot of leg room between them. There is a huge concession counter at the cinema, as well as a store where you can buy some movie souvenirs. The staff members are extremely polite and helpful.


  • Name: Toho Cinemas
  • Address: shinjyuku toho building 3f – 1-19-1 kabukicho – shinjyuku-kutokyotk, japan160-0021
  • Tel: +81 50 6868 5063
  • Website: hlo.tohotheater.jp/

5. Waseda Shochiku

This is a small movie theater with only one room for not more than 200 people, but still one of the best premier revival movie theaters in Tokyo. It is one of the oldest Tokyo movies where you can see some of the finest films from all around the world. All shows are double-features. The theater offers a nice selection of classic and independent movies, and you can see Japanese films as well as foreign ones. The neighborhood is also quite nice, and you can find some really fine affordable bars and restaurants to spend some time before or after the film.


  • Name: Waseda Shochiku
  • Address: 1-5-16 Takadanobaba, Shinjuku 169-0075, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Tel: +81 3-3200-8968

6. Theater Shinjuku

Large theaters have become extremely popular in Shinjuku in recent years, but you can still find some nice small ones with a single screen. Theater Shinjuku is one of those old days theaters set in the basement of a building and not in a big shopping mall. It can accommodate about 200 people and is known to cater for more artistic Tokyo crowds. Most of the time they show Japanese as well as East Asian independent films. They have recently renovated the lobby and the ticketing space into a more modern look. This small and yet cozy movie theater provides spectacular light and sound and the atmosphere is really relaxing.


  • Name: Theater Shinjuku
  • Address: 3-14-20 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku ,Tokyo
  • Tel: +81 3-3352-1846

7. Shinjuku Milano

Source: Dick Thomas Johnson

If you want to see a film and get a chance of having fun in a game room, then Shinjuku Milano is a perfect spot for you. The movie theater usually screens big Hollywood movies, but you can also see some of the Japanese films from time to time. Along with the cinema, there is a bowling alley as well as a game room where you can spend the night with your friends relaxing after seeing a good movie. There is a nice convenience store nearby, so you can get some food or soft drinks there.


  • Name: Shinjuku Milano
  • Address:  1-29-1 Kabukicho | Tokyu Milano Bldg., Shinjuku 160-0021, Tokyo Prefecture
  • Tel:  +81 3-3202-1189

Whether you choose to go to a modern big movie theater or to a small old one, you will certainly have fun. ENJOY!

Have a good trip and travel!

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