15 Things to Know About Hiroshima Airport

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Hiroshima AirportSource: BriYYZ

 Hiroshima Airport is located 31 miles or 15 kilometers east of Hiroshima City. This is the largest airport in the Chiguko Region, with a runway area that extends up to 3,000 miles. The airport caters to many domestic and international flights causing a yearly influx of both travelers and tourists to drop by this busy airport.

Here are 15 things you need to know about Hiroshima Airport.

1. Terminal

The airport terminal has three levels. The first level is the Arrival Lobby and Information Center. The Departure Area and the Check-in Counters are located on the second level. The Observation Deck and restaurants are on the third level. There are seven gates for the Domestic and International flights. Labeled A to D gates is for the Domestic Flights while E through G gates is dedicated for the International Flights. Japan’s major carriers like the JAL and ANA have a separate waiting area for the passengers of domestic flights. All of three floors are accessible by elevators, stairs, and escalators. Every level of this facility has its own waiting lounges, shops, toilets, smoking areas, and many others.

2. Airlines & Destinations

Hiroshima AirportSource: calflier001

Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Hongkong Airlines, and Cathay Pacific are some of the carriers that operate flights to and from Hiroshima Airport. JAL and ANA operate domestic flights. Most of these flights go back and forth Tokyo, but there are also domestic flights from Okinawa, Narita, and Sapporo. International flights go to the airports in Hongkong, Taiwan, and Seoul. Charter flights to domestic and international destinations are also available. There are no flights departing and arriving between 12:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. (Hiroshima local time). It is best to contact the airline for details on flight status and schedules.


  • Airline: Air China
  • Phone: 00 81 3-5251-0711, +81(0)120-474-999
  • Airline:  Air Do
  • Phone: +81-3-6741-1122 (Tokyo Office), +81-11-707-1122 (Sapporo Office), 0120-057-333 (within Japan only)
  • Airline: ANA
  • Phone: 1-800-235-9262 (Toll-free), 310-782-3011 (charged)
    +81(0)570-029-333,  +81(0)6-7637-6675 (International Reservation)
  • Airline: Ibex Airlines
  • Phone:  +81(0)120-686-009, +81(0)6-7637-6688
  • Airline: Japan Airlines
  • Phone:  +81(0)570-025-071 (Domestic); +81(0)570-025-031 (International)
  • Airline:  Spring Japan
  • Phone: +81(0)570-666-118
  • Airline: Asiana Airlines
  • Phone: +81(0)570-082-555
  • Airline: China Airlines
  • Phone: +81(0)82-542-0882
  • Airline: United Airlines
  • Phone: +81(0)3-6732-5011
  • Airline: HK Express
  • Phone: +81(0)066-3386-8015
  • Airline: Dragonair
  • Phone: +81(0)120-46-3838

3. Ground Transportation

Hiroshima AirportSource: calflier001

There are busses, taxis, and limousines that connect passengers to the rail stations or to their destinations. This airport does not connect to any railway station, although its location is very near the Shiraichi station of the Sanyo Expressway. Anticipate city traffic if you choose to take the streetcars, busses, or limousines. If you are catching a flight from this airport, allocate more time to avoid traffic delays. The busses will politely refuse you if the bus is full. You will have to wait for the next bus.

4. Hiroshima Airport Hotel

A warm accommodation waits in the Hiroshima Airport Hotel and the Forest Hills Garden. Conveniently located next door the Hiroshima Airport, these hotels boast of great rooms with great views. The Hiroshima Airport Hotel is a 5-minute walk from the airport, and just for a 10-minute walk, you will already reach the Forest Garden Hotel. You can book the shuttle bus from the hotel if you need it. Airport hotels are best for heavy layovers. For those who would like to be at the airport on time, relax and avoid the rush by booking a room at these great hotels near the airport.


  • Name: Hiroshima Airport Hotel / Forest Hills Garden
  • Phone: International : +81-848-60-8111 FAX : 0848-60-8222  International : +81-848-60-8222
  • Opening hour: Check-In 14:00 Check-Out 11:00
  • Website: http://www.h-airporthotel.co.jp/eng/
  • Airport ⇔ Facility: Free shuttle bus (operating on time schedule) Please call Forest Hills Garden at TEL : 0848-60-8211

 5. Observation Deck

The third floor Observation Deck is a prominent area of the airport. It overlooks not just the runway, but also the surrounding hotels and gardens in the vicinity. The restaurants surrounding the Observation Deck offer a great ambience for dining. A wide selection of food ranging from Japanese to international culinary is available. To complete the picture, music events are held here. Live performances from local bands and choir groups convene in this area for events.

 6. Food & Beverage

Hiroshima AirportSource: ayustety

For those who are just arriving and famished, there are few restaurants located in the first level of the terminal. For those who have more time to spend while waiting for a flight, more restaurants are on the third level. Those who just have enough time to linger, Cafes or coffee shops are strategically located on the second level of the terminal. These cafés offer a variety of snacks and drinks for a quick bite or for to go.


  • Name: Mellow Brown Coffee
  • Place: 2nd Floor Domestic Departure Lobby
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 – 20:00
  • Phone: +81 (0) 848-86-8188
  • Name: Kanawa Hiroshima Airport Shop
  • Place: 3rd Floor
  • Opening Hours:  breakfast service from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

7. Open Play Area for Children

An open play area for small kids is available on the second floor of the domestic lobby. Although located in the domestic area, this playpen is accessible for International passengers as both areas nearby each other. This activity area would sometimes have entertainment for kids attended by the airport’s lovable mascots. If you have little tots with excessive energy to burn, head them to this area.


  • Location: 2nd floor Domestic Departure Lobby next to security check

 8. Sankeien Garden

For some Zen, head to the Sankein Garden or the Chisenkai-yushiki Teien. This garden is outside the airport just around the corner of the Hiroshima Airport Hotel and the Forest Garden Hotel. It is a Japanese style garden with an area of 175,000 sq. meters. Hundreds flowers and trees are planted in this area which resulted into a very beautiful landscape. The “Maple Festival” in the autumn season is held in this area. This made the garden a major tourist attraction and a destination in the Kanagawa Prefecture.


  • Name: Sankein Garden/Chisenkai-yushiki Teien
  • Address:58-1 Honmokusannotani, Naka Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0824, Japan
  • Opening hour: Sat-Sun 9AM-5PM
  • Phone: +81 45-621-0634

9. Shops

There are several shops located on the second level of the terminal. These shops sell souvenirs, clothing, and delicacies from the region. The shops display Soramy items. Soramy is the airport’s mascot, a character often used to promote Hiroshima Airport. You will find Soramy printed on bags, shirts, caps, and other souvenir items. The biggest shop in the airport is Duty Free located near the waiting area of the International Waiting Room. Duty Free sells items from souvenirs to electronic item tax-free.


  • Name: Hattendo Hiroshima Airport Shop
  • Place: 2nd Floor Domestic Departure Lobby
  • Opening Hours: 10:00 AM
  • Main Products: Japan’s delicacies: Cream Buns and Jam Buns
  • Name: Nishikido
  • Place: 2nd Floor
  • Main Products: Momiji-Manju and other confections; Soramy Bags and other items
  • Name: Kusuri No Wellnes
  • Place: 2nd Floor
  • Main Products: Drugstore
  • Name: Wazabi Collection
  • Place: 2nd Floor
  • Main Products: Denim Store, Clothing Store, Shirts, Caps, Bags
  • Opening Hours: 7:00-20:00
  • Tel: +81(0)848-86-8801

 10. Foreign Exchange

Hiroshima Airport Source: Japanexperterna.se

Currency exchange at the airport is a standard feature. There are currency booths on the second level of the terminal in the International Flights’ departure area. This place is nearby if you want to exchange your money to other currencies before flying to an international destination. The Hiroshima Bank and Travelex will attend to your needs. There are two locations of Travelex. One is located in the International Departure Lobby and at the International Departure Gates.


  • Name: Hiroshima Bank
  • Phone: +81(0)848-86-8051
  • Place: 2nd Floor Domestic Departure Lobby
  • Opening Hours: 7:00am-3:00pm, Other 9:00am-3:00pm (Closed on Sat, Sun and national holidays)
  • Name:  Travelex
  • Phone: +81 (0) 848-60-8277
  • Place: 2nd store at International Waiting Room of Hiroshima Airport /Travelex Hiroshima Airport Int’l Departure Gate
  • Opening Hours: Mon-Thu/ Sat 8:00-15:00 Fri/Sun  8:00-15:00,19:30-21:00

 11. Tourist Pass

Hiroshima Airport Source: calflier001

Get a Tourist Pass when visiting places in Hiroshima. This pass will help you get around Hiroshima hassle-free. The Tourist Pass will serve as your fare in streetcars, ferries, bus and express bus. The Hiroshima Airport Information Counter will sell you a three-day Tourist Pass. You can get a Tourist Pass for trips within the city. This will cost you around 1000 Yen. Traveling around the Hiroshima Prefecture would cost around 3000 Yen


  • Name: Tourist Pass
  • Price: Small Area (Hiroshima City and Miyajima Area) / JPY 1,000 and Wide Area (Hiroshima Prefecture) / JPY 3,000
  • Sold at: Information Counter in Hiroshima Airport, Transportation Information at JR Hiroshima Station South Exit, Swallow Travel in JR Hiroshima Station (Shinkansen side, 2nd Floor concourse) and Hiroshima Bus Center

 12. Tourism

Hiroshima AirportSource: Toomore Chiang

The airport in itself is an advertising medium of Tourism in Hiroshima. This prefecture flourished gifted with perfect weather, well-preserved heritage sites, and beautiful sceneries. The airport’s information counter is the place to be if you need maps, brochures, and expert advice on destinations. You will also see wall advertisements and show windows all around the airport terminal. There are also exhibits in the lobby area that display Japan’s products.

 13. Baggage and Lost & Found Items

Hiroshima AirportSource: jessicahtam

Report Lost and Found items in the appropriate counters responsible for the area where the item was missed or recovered. The Terminal Information Counter will assist for items reported lost or found inside the terminal building. If the item is reported missing in the aircraft, you may reach the airline directly. For items lost or found in the parking area, offices of the Government-operated Airport Car Park and the Prefectural Airport Car Park are able to assist. Another area handles baggage claims.

Information on Lost Baggage during Transit

  • Name: Baggage Claim Yamato Transport Co. ., Ltd, Hiroshima Airport Branch
  • Phone: .+81(0)848-86-8750

Information on Lost Articles

  • Name: Terminal Information Counter
  • Phone: 81(0)848-86-8151
  • Opening hours: 8:00am-9:15pm
  • Phone: .+81(0)848-86-8750
  • Name: Government-operated Airport Car Park
  • Phone: +81(0)848-86-8131
  • Name:  Prefectural Airport Car Park
  • Phone: +81(0)848-86-9400
  • Name:  Masahiro Car Park
  • Phone: +81(0)848-86-0400

14. Exhibits and Shows

The airport collaborates with artists, schools, businesses, and other sources to promote culture and art. Display spaces for exhibits that may vary from season to season are prominent in the area. Located on the second level is a Display Space near the Domestic Gate Lounge. The atrium on the same level houses the Porcelain Panel Painting by Hiyarama, a local artist from Hiroshima.

 15. Hiroshima Incentive Program

Hiroshima Airport
Source: galki

The Hiroshima Airport Incentive Program helps students get around the world. This program subsidizes part of the cost for overseas studies and training tours. This program is for the students of schools holding overseas studies and training tours inside or outside Hiroshima Prefecture. A subsidy amount of 2000 Yen per individual or 100,000 Yen for a group of ten is dispensed once a year.


  • Name: Hiroshima Airport (HIJ)
  • Address: Japan, Yubinbango729-0416 Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture Hongo-cho, Zen’nyuji 64-31
  • Phone: + 81 848-86-8151
  • Opening hour: Sun-Sat 6AM – 10PM
  • Website: www.hij.airport.jp

Have a good trip and travel!