7 Things to Know about Yuzawaya in Japan

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Splendid display
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Yuzawaya is the number one go-to fabric and handicraft store in Japan.Having started as a crocheting store in the 1950’s, it has blossomed into the biggest craft and hobby store. Its many outlets spread across Japan, are filled with a vast variety of fabric materials, office and art supplies.

1.A Vast and Diverse Textile Collection

The Yuzawaya stores boast an enormous amount of pieces of fabric for sale to its customers. The fabric is of different types and colors. They range from notions, DMC, embroidery, plastic flowers, thick rolls of yarn, beautiful pieces of silk, rows and more rows of multi-colored ribbons; just to mention a few. Also in plentiful supply are buttons, zippers, and needles since it started as a yarn dealer. You will also be able to find a few pieces of Japanese designer fabrics.


  • Website: http://www.yuzawaya.co.jp/

2. Various Store Outlets

There are seven major Yuzawaya outlet stores in Tokyo, namely: Shinjuku, Kichijouji, Machida, Ginza, etc. , these are out of its 62 retail stores. Each of the stores has a unique feature that distinguishes it from the others thus ensuring that the customer has a different experience at each outlet. Tsudanuma, a favorite of many, has a big model train section used for entertaining kids. Despite being unique, they are all accessible as they are situated close to train stations.


  • Outlet Names & location: Kamata store:  Ota-ku Nishi Kamata 8-4-12, Shinjuku store: Shujuku-ku Sangenjaya 5-24-2, Kichijouji Store: Kichijouji Minami 1-7-1 (Marui Building, 7th and 8th floor), Machida Store: Machida City, Hara Machida 4-1-17 (Mina Buiding, 5th floor), Kinshi City Store: Sumida Ku, Kotobashi 3-9-10, Shibuya Store (Meister by Yuzawaya): Shibuya ku, Udagawacho 31-2, Ginza Store (Meister by Yuzawaya): Chiyoda ku, Ginza 5-7-10 (Melsa 5chome store, 5th floor), Tachikawa Store: Tachikawa, Akebonomachi 2-12-2

3. Impressive Array of Material

One of the most impressive features of the Yuzawaya stores is the well-thought and elegant display of the stock on sale. The materials are different colors, but they are put together in a way that beckons to the customers. It’s not just a conglomeration of different colors, but one can tell that care was taken in the arrangement of the materials. Different sections are allocated with a particular piece so as to make your shopping easier.

4. Attend knitting classes

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5. A Melange Display of  Kimonos

kimono fabrics
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6.Exhibition For Creative Works

Japanese doll
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Yuzawaya provides handcrafts individuals with an opportunity to display their work to the public. This Exhibition event is held semi-annually and is divided into various segments. If you want your creations exhibited, or you just want to enjoy the different arrays of colors, this is the place to go. Furthermore, the exhibition is not limited to the locals. As an international event, this will ensure that your work gets massive exposure.

7. All Under One Roof

cute shop
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All fashion lovers, designers, painters and even tourists need to pay a visit to Yuzawaya.You will be spoiled for choice on what to buy. Be sure that whatever you purchase, will give you, your money’s worth and much more.

Have a good Trip and Travel!

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