5 Things to Know about Kumamoto Castle

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kumamoto castle
Source: tetedelart1855

Kumamoto Castle is one of the most beautiful castles in Japan. Located in the very center of Chuo-ku, Kumamoto, this impressive building is visited by thousands of tourists every year, especially during the cherry blossom season. Kumamoto Castle is often refereed as one of the three major castles in Japan and it is a beautiful historical monument that managed to keep standing throughout the centuries.

1. Cherry blossoms are gorgeous here

kumamoto castle
Source: Masahiko OHKUBO

With around eight hundred cherry blossom trees located in and around the grounds of Kumamoto Castle, this is a very attractive spot for tourists in April and May. The castle provides the perfect backdrop to a magical experience and you will be able to enjoy this fascinating event to its fullest.

2. Kumamoto Castle museum is a must-see

kumamoto museum
Source: Tzuhsun Hsu

This place has a very rich history and you will be amazed when you learn all the details about Kumamoto Castle. It was built in 1607 and since then, it was damaged and reconstructed a couple of times. The museum will provide you with all the details about both construction and renovation of this place and you will be able to see plenty of artifacts and photos that will give you a broader picture of this castle.

3. Honmaru Goten Palace is a thing of beauty

Honmaru Goten Palace
Source: TANAKA Juuyoh (田中十洋)

Honmaru Goten Palace was reconstructed for the 400th birthday of Kumamoto Castle and it is an impressive place that will blow your mind with the details and features. The original building was heavily damaged and eventually destroyed during Senian Civil War. The modern day builders used authentic materials during the reconstruction and managed to give this place a very accurate look.

4. Uto Turret is one of the oldest buildings here

kumamoto castle
Source: Sander van Malssen

Unfortunately, Kumamoto Castle suffered a lot of damage during the centuries and there are only a couple of buildings that date back to the time of the first construction. The Uto Turret is one of them. It is a very interesting place that looks almost otherworldly. Most importantly, it is open for tourists so you will be able to see the interiors as well.

5. Kumamoto Castle is third largest in Japan

kumamoto castle
Source: Yamaguchi Yoshiaki

As we have mentioned before, Kumamoto Castle is among the largest standing castles in Japan today. As a matter of fact, it is in third place right behind Osaka and Nagoya Castles. The structure includes masterfully build defensive walls, twenty-nine gates, and forty-nine towers. It is a mind-blowing complex that will impress anyone with its beauty and strength.

Kumamoto Castle is a gorgeous place you simply have to visit if you are in Japan. Unfortunately, the castle was damaged in April 2016 by a strong earthquake and it is currently closed for public. We hope that it will be repaired as soon as possible because Kumamoto Castle is a magnificent building everyone should see.

Have a good trip and travel!