7 Things to Know about Japan Matsuya

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Source: Sun Taro

Matsuya is a popular Japanese food chain which serves famous Gyuodon, Donburi, and curry. It has about 833 restaurants in all over the Japan. The restaurant was developed in 1966. In other words, it is a fast food chain which offers food without any pain and hassle and the best thing about Matsuya is that it is found everywhere in Japan. Some important information and things to know about Japan Matsuya are:

1. Famous Food items of Matsuya

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The most famous item of Matsuya is Premium Gyumeshi, Curry and ,Donburi. Gyumeshi which costs only 300 yen and is the most delicious item of Matsuya. It is made of seasoned beef and onion served in a rice bowl. By adding some toppings like red pickle ginger, mixed spices, and raw egg its taste can be enhanced. Other items in the menu are Kalbi Beef, Japanese Curry, drinks, set meals, morning meals, side dishes etc.

2. How to order food at Matsuya

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It is very easy to order food at Matsuya. There are vending machines available at all restaurants. So, you need not talk any person or waiter. Just put money inside the machine and press the food you want. By pressing the button you will get a ticket. You have to place your ticket on the table in front of you and the server will bring your food within a few minutes. There are pictures of food made on vending machines. So, for foreigners, there is no problem regarding language

3. Amenities provided at the Matsuya

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The main aim of Matsuya is to provide best services to its customers. For this purpose, they have created restaurants with comfortable atmosphere. They also provide lunch meals at local companies and organizations, stadiums, office premises nearby which are very beneficial for locals of Japan. Stylish interiors and high-class facilities all at one place are the main focus of Matsuya restaurants.

4. New Dishes and Restaurants by Matsuya

Matsuya food is focusing on the development of new dishes and places by expanding great tasting foods. It has developed Matsunoya where customers enjoy traditional pork with cutlet at very genuine price. Another place is Sushimatsu which is revolving Sushi Bar and is mainly located in front of stations and shopping streets. The third one is Fukumatsu where customers are offered fresh seafood.

5. Branches in Abroad of Matsuya

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The Matsuya food is developing its branches outside Japan so that people of other places can also enjoy their food. It has opened its branch in Shanghai, China in 2009. Other countries where Matsuya have expanded their branches are America, New York, and many other countries.

6. Production Factories of Matsuya

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The production factories of Matsuya group are environment-friendly and provide delicious foods by using leading edge technology. There are installed high-quality machines. Some of them are metal detector by which metal contamination is checked. The frozen individual meal series prepares frozen food. The flavors of curry and sauces are checked every time when cooked and are prepared under strict standards.

7. Company related other Information

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The Matsuya food was established in 1980 and total employees working here is about 1284. There are about 1036 restaurants in Japan and 7 restaurants abroad. The head office of Matsuya is in Nakacho, Tokyo. The company has also created a network which connects head office, restaurants, distributors etc on the Internet Data Centre.

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