15 Things to Do in Shinsaibashi

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Things To Do in Shinsaibashi
Source: Jackie.lck

Shinsaibashi is well known as the best shopping area with Japan. It is located within the Chūō-ku ward of Osaka. Even though shopping is fun and one can spend days doing that, there is much more to do in Shinsaibashi. Here are fifteen things we recommend during your next visit.

1. Dōtonbori

Source: Wei-Te Wong

One of the best-known things to do when visiting Shinsaibashi is venturing into the tourist destination of Dōtonbori. It now is the main spot for entertainment and nightlife. Catch a show, play some games, or go out for some karaoke until the night ends.


  • Name: Dōtonbori
  • Address: 1 Chome Dotonbori, Chuo Ward, Osaka
  • Website: http://www.dotonbori.or.jp/ja/

2. Shinsaibashisuji Shopping Arcade

If you want to spend even more time shopping, day or night, go to the Shinsaibashisuju shopping arcade. Rain or shine, you will get hooked. This area is covered and offers a local feel. Therefore, do not expect to see touristy souvenirs here. Don’t miss out on a meal as you hop from one shop to another.


  • Name: Shinsaibashisuju shopping arcade
  • Address: 1 542 0085, 1 Chome-5-15 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo Ward, Osaka
  • Website: http://www.shinsaibashi.or.jp/#_=_

3. Tonbori River Cruise

For a quick cruise of the area, hop onto the Tonbori River Cruise. It will take you around for 20 minutes as you enjoy the views of Osaka. Buy your tickets at the ticket office before they sell out – this is a popular one!


  • Name: Tonbori River Cruise
  • Address: 7-13 Souemoncho, Chuo Ward, Osaka
  • Price: 700 yen
  • Access: 5 minutes from Midosuji Line Namba Station
  • Website: http://www.ipponmatsu.co.jp/

4. Osaka Shochikuza

To see some performing arts while in Shinsaibashi, head to the Osaka Shochikuza Theater. There are many plays one can choose to see, and other Japanese stories brought to life called Kabuki. The selection of performances includes traditional Japanese and modern entertainment.


  • Name: Osaka Shochikuza Theater.
  • Address:  1-9-19 Dotonbori, Chuo Ward, Osaka
  • Website: http://www.shochiku.co.jp/play/shochikuza/

5. Hozen Temple

A great stop to make for locals or visitors is to the Hozen-ji Temple. This is a Buddhist temple and the most intriguing part about it is that there is a moss-covered statue of the deity Fudomyoo. The alley that brings one to the temple is also not to be missed.


  • Name: Hozen-ji Temple
  • Address:  1-2-16 Nanba, Chuo Ward, Osaka
  • Website: https://www.japan-experience.com/city-osaka/hozen-ji

6. Don Quixote Ferris Wheel

Don’t get tricked into taking a ride on the Don Quixote Ferris Wheel when visiting the city, because this ferris wheel actually no longer offers rides! It is still a sight to see, and you can purchase many tax-free items on items. Don’t skip on the delicious snacks.


  • Name: Don Quixote Ferris Wheel
  • Address: 7-13 Soemon-cho, Chuo-ku, Osaka
  • Website: http://www.donki.com/chirashi/?pre=le

7. Fukuro Cafe Lucky Owl

To experience something you can’t find probably anywhere else, go to Fukuro Cafe to check out the owls. This is home to more than a dozen owls. Be sure to follow the rules when you are there.


  • Name: Fukuro Cafe
  • Address: Japan, 〒542-0071 Osaka Prefecture
  • Price: 1,500 yen per hour
  • Access: 7-minute walk from Namba station
  • Opening hour: 12pm
  • Website: http://www.lucky-owl.com/

8. Konamon Museum

Head over to this museum for a foodie experience. Learn how “konamon” is made and how it has evolved. Konamon refers to any food made from flour. Try samples and even witness wax samples being made.


  • Name: Konamon Museum
  • Address: Chuwa Daiichi Bldg., 1-6-12, Dotombori, Chuo-ku, Osaka City
  • Hours: Weekday: 17:00-22:00/ Sat, Sun and holidays: 10:00-22:00
  • Price: Free
  • Website: http://www.shirohato.com/konamon-m/

9. Mittera Temple

Only a few blocks down from Dotonburi, you will find the small Buddhist temple of Mittera. Nearby, you can purchase prayer slips. At the temples, hand them to the monks so your wishes will come true.


  • Name: Mittera Temple
  • Address: 2-7-12 Shinsaibashisuji, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0085, Osaka Prefecture

10. Space Station

Even if you do not drink, head to Space Station for a bar night. The games are mostly video games, and everyone is sure to find something that fits their style. Arrive earlier as it gets busy at night.


  • Name: Space Station
  • Address: Nishishinsaibashi, 2 Chome-13-3, Chuo-ku,Osaka 542-0086, Osaka Prefecture
  • Hours: 7pm-2pm
  • Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GameBarSpaceStation/#_=_

11. Mitsuhachimangu Shrine

If you want to visit a shrine during your time in Shinsaibashi, head to Mistuhachimangu. This shrine was actually destroyed in the bombing of the city in 1945. Afterward, it was rebuilt and continues to stand today.


  • Name: Mistuhachimangu Shrine
  • Address: 〒542-0086 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, 中央区西心斎橋2丁目10−7
  • Website: http://www.jinjacho-osaka.net/osakafunai-no-jinjya/dai7sibu/tyuuou-ku/m01e_06_tyuou_mituguu.html

12. Amerikamura

America Mura
Source: Ore Sama

Do not mistake Amerikamura for America. This is an entertainment and shopping area which the locals and expats love. There is much to see which includes bars, restaurants, and fashion outlets. One of the best bars to visit is called Big Cat.


  • Name: Amerikamura
  • Address: 〒542-0086 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Chūō-ku, Nishishinsaibashi, 1 Chome−6 アメリカ村
  • Website: http://americamura.jp/en/

13. Alice on Wednesday

If you enjoy the story of “Alice in Wonderland”, then transport yourself to that world within this shop. You might be able to even visit “Alice” on some days. See the Chesire Cat designed accessories and decor of the place. You enter a fantasy world here.


  • Name: Alice on Wednesday
  • Address: 2-12-25 Nishi-shimsaibashi, Chuo-ku | Asahi Plaza Shimsaibashi 1F, Osaka
  • Website: http://www.aliceonwednesday.jp/

14. Sankaku Park

Sankaku Park is a locals favorite. If you did not know, “Sankaku” actually means “triangle” in Japanese which is the shape of this park. This is a great place to see live comedy, art shows, and performances. It is located close to Amerikamura which means you can make two stops in one day.


  • Name: Sankaku Park
  • Address: 中央区西心斎橋2-11-34, Osaka, 大阪府 〒542-0086
  • Access: 5 minutes from the Blue Line
  • Website: http://osakatraveldestination.weebly.com/sankaku-koen-triangle-park.html

15. Ebisu Bridge

If you enjoy bridges, take a stroll over the Ebisu Bridge. It is not too high or long of a bridge, only about 26 meters in length. This is a great spot for day or night shots of the city and you can combine it with a walk of the waterfront.


  • Name: Ebisu Bridge
  • Address: 1 Chome-6 Dotonbori, Chuo Ward, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0071,
  • Access: 3-minute walk  from JR Namba station
  • Website: http://www.city.osaka.lg.jp/kensetsu/page/0000021695.html

From all the things there are to do in Shinsaibashi, we hope you do them all. These recommendations will help you have the best time ever while in this city of Japan.

Have a good trip and travel!

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