7 Things to Know about Tokyo Motor Show

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Tokyo Motor Show
Source:Norio Nakayama

If you’re a car enthusiast, you will be happy to know about the different things to discover about the Tokyo Motor Show. This is a regular event in Tokyo. It is a well-attended show by locals from all regions of Japan. It is also a popular tourist attraction, with a lot of foreigners and international media.

1. Futuristic Sports Cars

For many folks and auto fans, futuristic sports cars are the undisputed main attraction at every year’s show. Though there are auto-drive cars that may well be the foremost star of the show, you will definitely follow the futuristic automotive revolution. We have to begin with the VIP celebrities of the Tokyo show. Sometimes, people have the tendency to specially mention a beautiful car like the gorgeous Mazda RX-Vision, which is a rotary-powered glimpse of the company’s upcoming sports auto car.

2. Out-of-this-world Souvenirs

If you happen to find your way here, you will have a big treat. Forget cheap towels, baseball caps and giveaway tee-shirts. You would definitely want to get an official Tokyo Motor Show gift packs! From premium branded donuts, cookies, strange plastic girl figurine, and quite oddly and uncomfortable, which as it turns out, souvenir figures of the cars. Tokyo Motor Show has some weird and surprisingly odd goodies you can take home.

3. Creative Hybrid Cars!

Created in simple colors, it may spin around with some annoying catchy music, but this creation was somehow the most creative you may have a tendency to see at the show. Organizers somehow made ultra hybrid cars look cool and sleek. Even those kind of sexy race cars at the Tokyo Motor Show is something you really want to see aside from the usual automotives.

4. Japanese Race Cars

The Japanese racecars are usually low, wide, loud, mean and vicious-looking. They have action in their veins. It can go non-stop in any race. They say seeing is believing, so go punch your way to a Super GT race. You don’t have to finish a story. Of course, bring along something. If you’ve never watched any Japanese Super GT race in Tokyo, then you should start finding one now! For years, Japanese GT race cars have been making the popular NASCAR appear as if it is just a soapbox bowler hat challenge.

5. Mighty Little Cute Cars

Daihatsu usually has plenty of big cars, but these mighty small machines can make you look again. This can even include the astonishingly rough, rugged and retro SUV. You may ask why they never bring the mini-sport car to the U.S. It’s awesome! You may not make a case for it, but you will have the tendency to love these micro cars. These are spread in area units, scattered throughout the show. The Daihatsu stand may literally explode with cars as well that may also rival the Gizmo on sheer scale and utter beauty.

6. Over-the-top light shows

You’ll see a smiling pretty lady on the front grille – at the side of a stark white cabin that basically changes color. You’ll see elegance in seconds. Seriously weird, but totally amusing you will be amazed of the light shows in Tokyo Motor Show. The event primarily can sum up the Tokyo show. Auto shows invariably have spectacular displays and Trick lighting. At some of the cars, however, it’s the car that can showcase the largest presentation. The auto conception of a box-shaped van with glimmering glowing panels on the outside would be bonus sight.

7. Two Wheels Greatness

Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, and Honda – all have shown off a vast array of bikes, scooters, motorcycles, retro throwback models, and speed racing bikes. The awesomely pretty Yamaha Resonator features actual wood trim on the tank! Some may not usually like to dwell on motorcycles. However, there is no obtaining around the proven fact that the Tokyo Motor Show includes some awesome and great bikes.

If you’re planning to visit the capital, you may want to schedule your visit during the time of the Tokyo Motor Show. There are many things to see here. You certainly don’t want to miss the cars, giveaways as well as the great crowd.

Have a good trip and travel!

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