10 Things To Do in Tama Japan

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Tama Things
Source: Tomohiro Ohtake

The Musashino, Tama area is less than an hour of travel using the train ride going west from the heart and capital of Japan. You will notice many desirable spots here, from places related to anime, meccas of subculture, and character-based theme parks that became popular around the world. The streets of Tama are filled with a refined ambiance.

1. Go and see animals at the Tama Zoo

Tama Zoo is like its better-known counterpart in Ueno. However, this park is run by the Tokyo local government. While it’s not stunningly as massive, the conditions seem additionally more humane than the older Ueno Zoo. Several western guests notice this downright. Th zoo is direct across the street from the doorway leading to the Tama Zoo.

2. Visit the Tama Center

Tama Center is a major store you may want to visit if you’re in Tama. The way you can take is from the central capital of Japan. You’ll find great prices whereas you do some searching here before going for a special trip all the way to far places like Ginza or Shinjuku. As Tama Center is one of the major destination for tourists and residents of western Tokyo, it has grown from a small shopping spot to a large shopping complex. This is now a neighborhood landmark. You will find musicians, actors, jugglers and other performers usually playing at the station.

3. See the scenic view at the Tama River

The Tama River is a major river that spans a basin of more than 1,240 square kilometers. It flows through Tokyo, with scenic river banks that include sports field, parks, and lines of cherry blossom trees. It is a wildlife protection zone, with a habitat of different animals such as carp, kingfishers, mandarin ducks, black-headed gulls, cherry salmon and more. The place is a popular kayaking spot and even conducts regular competition.

4. Go to the Tama Center Mitsukoshi

You should also visit a department store in Tama called Mitsukoshi. This department store is legendary for its historic and long-standing prestige. There are actually many branches of Mitsukoshi throughout Japan. There are five levels of the outlet, with restaurants at the top floor. There are more places to buy food in the lower levels and basement.

5. Go to the Sanrio Puroland

This is an indoor amusement park situated in the main Tama greater area in Tokyo, Japan. It is quite famous that it attracts over 1.5 million guests per year. The place opened on the 7th of December 1990. The theme park is based on the theme characters by the Sanrio company. The place hosts various musicals and shows. You will also see a lot of stores, restaurants, attractions, and theme rides using well-liked characters such Hello Kitty.

6. Visit the Tama Parthenon

You should also visit the Parthenon Tama, which is a huge Tama culture center located near or at the top of Temple Avenue. The building, as you will notice, is nicknamed to a structure created in Greece. As a result, its crest location houses a free repository and stage regarding the history of Tama city. Behind the Parthenon Tama lies the Tama Central Park which is widely known as Tama Chuo Koen. The spot is also close to the Shinto shrine.

7. Take a trip at Tama New Town

tama new town
Source: Wikimedia

The place has more than 21 neighborhoods, with more than 5000 houses. The area is within the rail station. It lies within the boundaries of Tama. The town has a good master plan in the urban development making sure to separate vehicles, cars, and motor traffic – from the pedestrian and biking traffic. You can readily see this from their construction of segregated lanes and paths all over the neighborhoods.

8. Go to the Tama Line Station

Tama Center Station
Source: Wikimedia

The place has different shopping complex, municipal buildings, and commercial establishments. This station has three main transit lines such as the Tama Toshi Monorail Line, Odakyu Tama Line, and Keio Sagamihara Line. Most often, you will see residents and locals from nearby houses and homes of the neighborhood of Tama New Town. The station has a main pedestrian mall at the south side or southern part of the station.

9. Visit the Tama University

tama univ
Source: Nikm (Public Domain)

Another place you may want to visit as well in Tama is the Tama University. This is a marvelous Tama institution in the heart of the city. There are some courses you can take here if you plan to stay for a couple of months in the Tokyo. If you will not stay long, you can just pay a visit and see the institution.  There are foundational courses, international studies and hospitality management. Kindly visit their site for more details.


  • Established: 1989
  • Address: 4-1-1 Hijirigaoka, Tama City, Tokyo, 206-0022 Japan
  • Website: http://www.tama.ac.jp/english/
  • Phone: +81-(0)42-337-7114

10. Visit the Tama Central Park

The place is known particularly for nature and cherry blossom viewing spots. This is a spacious metropolitan park, not far from Tokyo’s suburbs. You can take the Tama Station which has three transit lines. Bring your kids and the whole family to view the scenic views at the Tama Central Park.

There are many things to do in Tama. Bring along your partner or your kids so you can enjoy doing the activities and visiting the places. This can make you enjoy the travel even more. You certainly want to feel happy and have more fun in your visit in Tama.

Have a good trip and travel!