10 Hotels You Must Stay in Nagasaki

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Nagasaki HotelsSource: Kenta Mabuchi

Nagasaki hotels and inns multiply as many tourists and travelers visit this historical city. There are different accommodations that you can find ranging from budget hotels to the more lavish hotels. So whether you are in Nagasaki for business or pleasure, Nagasaki has a place for you.

1. Best Western Premier Hotel Nagasaki

The Best Western Premier Hotel is a business hotel located five minutes away from the JR Nagasaki Station. Nearby tourist destinations like the Peace Park and the Dutch Slope are just a few minutes away. The hotel has standard rooms with basic interiors, spacious beds, and the basic amenities. The Sky Floor is for the guests who are not afraid of heights. These rooms are located on the topmost floors of the building. A Ladies Floor is exclusive for the Ladies. Suite rooms are also available on the Executive Floor. The Japanese Floor is styled like the traditional ryokans with lowered futon beds and tatamis.


  • Name: Best Western Premier Hotel Nagasaki
  • Address:2-26 Takaramachi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki, 850-0045 Japan
  • Price: ¥ 7000 –  ¥ 20,000
  • Access:  8min, from JR Nagasaki station by walk
  • Opening hour: 24/7
  • Phone: +81(0)95-821-1111
  • Website: www.bestwestern.co.jp

2. Garden Terrace Nagasaki Hotels & Resorts

Nagasaki HotelSource: Kenta Mabuchi

The Terrace Garden hotel sits on top of a hill on Mt. Inasa. It is not as close as the other hotels downtown, but this beautiful hotel is all worth it. What your eyes can see from this hotel are the sprawling valleys of Nagasaki, the great view of the harbor, and the vast ocean beyond the horizon. So you can just imagine the spectacular view at night that this place can offer. It is quite pricey but again, all worth it.


  • Name: Garden Terrace Nagasaki Hotels & Resorts
  • Address: 2-3 Akizukimachi, Nagasaki 850-0064, Nagasaki Prefecture
  • Price: ¥ 10,000 –  ¥ 40,000
  • Opening hour: 24/7
  • Phone: +81 95-864-7777
  • Website: www.jrk-hotels.co.jp

3. Victoria Inn

Victoria Inn Nagasaki, previously Holiday Inn Nagasaki is a contemporary Victorian hotel located in the heart of downtown Nagasaki. Styled with that old Victorian charm, the place is picture perfect with its wood furniture and dark brown hues. The rooms have poster beds, which are fluffy and enticing. For a good night’s sleep, we recommend Victoria Inn.


  • Name: Victoria Inn
  • Address: 6-24 Dozamachi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture 850-0841, Japan
  • Price: ¥ 8000 – ¥ 17000
  • Access: 5 minutes from JR Nagasaki station
  • 35minutes from Nagasaki Airport by car
  • 4minutes from the end of Nagasaki bypass
  • 1minute from “Kanko-Dori” tram stop on foot
  • Opening hour: 24/7
  • Holiday: +81 95-828-1234
  • Website: www.victoria-inn.jp

4. Toyoko Inn

Toyoko Inn Nagasaki is a 5-minute walk from the JR Nagasaki Station. Its proximity to the business district of Nagasaki makes it a perfect place if you are in the city for business purposes. The place is clean, the rooms are spacious, and a night’s accommodation is reasonable. Toyoko Inn is a budget hotel that is all over Japan.


  • Name: Toyoko Inn
  • Address: 5-45, Goto-machi Nagasaki-city, Nagasaki  850-0036  Japan
  • Price: ¥ 6000 – ¥ 10,500
  • Opening hour: 24/7
  • Phone: +81-(0)95-825-1045
  • Website: www.toyoko-inn.com

5. Hotel Monterey

Hotel Monterey Nagasaki has some great architecture with Portuguese fixtures intricately designed to give that old European feel. Enjoy the sea breeze when you stay in Hotel Monterey. This place is located a block away from the bay. Hollander Slopes, a tourist destination is close to the area.


  • Name: Hotel Monterey
  • Address: 1-22 Oura-machi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki, 850-0918, Japan
  • Price: ¥ 13,000 – ¥ 40,000
  • Access: From JR Nagasaki Station, take the tram bound for Shōkakuji (route 1). Change to the tram bound for Ishibashi at Tsukimachi (route 5)
  • Opening hour: 24/7
  • Phone: +81-95-827-7111
  • Website: www.hotelmonterey.co.jp

 6. Hotel New Nagasaki

Hotel New Nagasaki is a hotel near the Amu Plaza and the JR Nagasaki Train Station. All rooms in this 12-storey hotel are equipped with a minibar, television, and a work desk. The whole property is Wi-Fi accessible, and there are computers in the lobby to use free of charge. For a complete experience, visit the two restaurants located in the hotel. Nishikasabo Restaurant serves traditional Japanese cuisine. If you are craving for Chinese cuisine, the Torin Restaurant in the hotel is the place to be.


  • Name: Hotel New Nagasaki
  • Address: 14-5 Daikokumachi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture 850-0057, Japan
  • Price: ¥ 28,600 – ¥220,000
  • Opening hour: 24/7
  • Phone: +81 95-826-8000
  • Website: www.newnaga.com

7. Ana Crowne Plaza Nagasaki Gloverhill

Crowne Plaza Hotels and Resorts did not think twice about choosing a prime location to put the ANA Crowne Plaza Nagasaki Hotel in Gloverhill. Just three hundred meters, from the famous Glover Garden this hotel stands with classic elegance amidst the greeneries. This hotel sits on the hill of Minami-Yamate and as expected the view especially at night is simply astonishing. If you are a romantic, this hotel is for you.


  • Name: Ana Crowne Plaza Nagasaki Gloverhill
  • Address: 1-18, Minamiyamate-machi, Nagasaki, Japan
  • Price:
  • Access: Located on a mountainside in Nagasaki-Minamiyamate, the southern part of Nagasaki City
  • Opening hour: 24/7
  • Phone: +81 95-818-6601
  • Website: www.anacrowneplaza-nagasaki.jp

8. Forest Villas Nagasaki

Huis Ten Bosch is a popular destination in Nagasaki. It is a theme park with thousands of tulips and canals replicating a Dutch village in the Netherlands. Forest Villas Nagasaki is one of the hotels in Huis Ten Bosch. Since this place is a major destination, most patrons are those who would want to stay for a couple of days in this beautiful theme park. The hotel provides the necessary facilities after a tiring day of sightseeing. Enjoy the spa, massage, and the outdoor pool that will surely comfort your tired muscles.


  • Name: Forest Villas Nagasaki
  • Address: 1-1, Sasebo City, Nagasaki, Japan
  • Price: ¥ 50,000 – ¥ 85,000
  • Opening hour: 24/7
  • Phone: +81 570 064300
  • Website: www.english.huistenbosch.co.jp

9. Hotel Cuore Nagasaki Ekimae

Hotel Cuore Nagasaki Ekimae is a 2-minute walk from the JR Station. You can just walk the pedestrian bridge from the train’s station and reach the lobby entrance of the hotel. From checking in, get welcomed by the friendly staff. The rooms are equipped with basic amenities. Each room has a television, a desk, and a minibar. A women-only floor is also available. Free services include a welcome drink upon arrival, free Wi-Fi, Luggage Storage Service, daily newspaper, and many others.


  • Name:  Hotel Cuore Nagasaki Ekimae
  • Address: 7-3 DaikokumachiNagasaki-shi Nagasaki-ken Japan 850-0057
  • Price: ¥ 5000 – ¥ 13,000
  • Access: 2 min. on foot from JR railway or local tram station,
    1 min. on foot from the airport highway bus terminal
  • Opening hour: 24/7
  • Phone: +81 95-818-9000
  • Website: www.hotel-cuore.com/en

10. Hotel Wing Port

The Hotel Wing Port is a budget friendly hotel in downtown Nagasaki. It is a 3-minute walk from the JR Station. The best landmark would be the Yoshinoya Fastfood restaurant. The rooms are of modest size and just enough to get comfortable. Find this hotel if you just need a place to crash for the night.


  • Name: Hotel WingPort
  • Address:  9-2 Daikokumachi, Nagasaki, Nagasaki Prefecture 850-0057, Japan
  • Price: ¥ 4000 – ¥ 12,000
  • Access: 5 minutes of walking distance from Nagasaki JR station
  • Opening hour: 24/7
  • Phone: +81 95 833 2800
  • Website: www.wingport.com/en

There are also Japanese inns that have bathhouses or onsens for your authentic Japanese vacation. There are also Japanese inns that have bathhouses or onsens for your authentic Japanese vacation.

Have a good trip and travel!

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